Which Company Makes Kirkland Motor Oil?

Kirkland motor oil is an early position holder on the list of famous automotive lubricants. It is unmatched in increasing the efficiency of an engine by preventing thermal breakdown and reducing wear.

But the question is who brings this great motor oil? This is a very common question that is very difficult to find a proper answer to. 

However, in this article, we are going to know who the manufacturer of Kirkland motor oil is and various information about this motor oil. So, be patient and keep reading this essay.

Which Company Manufactures Kirkland Motor Oil?

Warren Distribution company is the manufacturer of Kirkland motor oil. The company is essentially a giant blender of oil on a particular label.

This company manufactures engine oil for Costco’s various stores and a handful of other popular brands around the world. It also makes grease, heavy-duty engine oil, industrial oil, etc.

About Warren Distribution Company

Warren Distribution Company was founded in 1922. It was originally a family business founded by a man named James Schlott. His grandson Robert Bob Schlott is currently the company’s CEO.

Although the company’s primary purpose was to supply a variety of agricultural products and lubricant oil to Omaha and its environs. However, James’s son later joined the company, and in 1930, the ancestral business began to expand.

They decided to make the oil blending process as their first step. They decided to produce a private-level oil called Gold Bond Lubricants. This initiative of theirs later brought huge success.

So, what is the current state of the company? Warren Distribution is currently one of the North American largest private label lubricant manufacturers. As well as it is a giant automotive chemical contractor company with an annual oil production of about 140 million gallons.

The company exports its products to more than 45 countries. These activities are executed from the corporate office in Omaha that is situated in Nebraska. They have more than 750 associates. They have more than 25 years of experience and are going to satisfy customers.

What Varieties of Kirkland Motor Oils Are Available?

Most of the motor oils that the Kirkland Company has brought to market are completely synthetic. They have divided their motor oil into several types in different concentrations.

  • SAE 0W-20
  • SAE 5W-20
  • SAE 15W-40
  • SAE 5W-30

The oils you will get options in quantity and size based on 1-quart jugs and 5-quart jugs. However, depending on the size of your jugs, you can also get oil in the form of 2, 3, 4, or 12 sizes.

What Sort of Oil Is It?

The motor oils produced by Kirkland are mainly of premium synthetic type. It is difficult to match the equivalent of Kirkland synthetic motor oil to sustain an engine in the long run and increase performance. 

Not only are they 100% sure about their products, but they are also very conscious about their packaging. Packages made from 100% recycled materials protect nature from contamination.

Properties of Kirkland Motor Oil

It has always been proven that Kirkland motor oil is capable of extending the power of an engine. The synthetic configuration of this oil is smoother than any distinct motor oil you can find on the market. 

In addition, it does not allow building up into the engine and hinders the growth of slime. It is normal for an engine to decay as a result of use. But Kirkland motor oil does not allow that corrosion to occur unnecessarily. 

This motor oil ensures decent use of fuel used in cars. Those who use Kirkland motor oil instead of petrol can enjoy more benefits and savings.

Pros and Cons of Kirkland Motor Oil

Ok, since we’ve already talked a lot about Kirkland motor oil, we know some of the properties of this motor oil, so now we can determine the pros and cons of this motor oil.


  • Keeps the engine healthy;
  • Premium addition package;
  • More fuel economy;
  • Overall performance is better;
  • High mileage advantage;
  • Very reliable;
  • API and Dexos certified;
  • Provides great wear protection;
  • Affordable compared to other well-known brands and competitors.


  • It is not yet a well-known brand;
  • Does not provide maximum protection against temperature problems;
  • Not designed to deliver top-class performance with luxury cars;
  • Not as good quality oil as premium synthetic oils.

Price of Kirkland Motor Oil

Nowadays if you want to replace ordinary oil with your car filter you may have to spend at least $35 to $75. Even then, the cost will vary by area and vehicle model. On the other hand, if you look at synthetic oils, the cost will increase from $65 to $125. 

Currently, Kirkland motor oil is sold at fair prices in most repair shops or auto parts stores, including Costco or e-commerce platforms. If you want to use Kirkland motor oil instead of ordinary oil then 5 liters-1 pack and 10 liters, a total of 1 barrel will cost around $2,499. 

Mobil 1, on the other hand, has 6 bottles, valued at $4,782. Now, compare Mobil 1 and Kirkland motor oil at your own risk and see for yourself the difference and the savings. What, are you surprised?

How Safe Is Kirkland Motor Oil?

In the automotive sector, it is important to ensure the safety of any product before using it. If one considers the price aspect of Kirkland motor oil then one would be confused about its quality. They may go on to wonder how credible such cheap oil is. 

According to the consumer society, Kirkland motor oil is undoubtedly an excellent quality oil. It is safer and more affordable than other brands on the market. This brings with it the promise of improved wear protection and increased longevity of the engine.


So, we came to know that Kirkland motor oil is produced by Warren Distribution Company and they are marketing this product in the market. The company is a self-reliant private one. 

Especially in the North side of America and around the world, they have been successfully supplying their products since the beginning. Buyers are more likely to be attracted to high-quality products and lower prices. 

And most vehicle drivers around the world know how much good quality synthetic oil plays a role in keeping an engine healthy. So always stick with good motor oil to make your hobby car more durable.

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