Honda Accord Automatic Transmission Won’t Go Into Gear! (Solved)

It could be a real pain in the neck when our car transmission won’t change between gears. Sometimes, it could be very dangerous for our safety on the road.

Imagine not being able to switch from 3rd gear to 2nd or 1st gear when the cops are following you, and also, suddenly pulling the brakes at high speed will tarnish your car’s mechanical parts completely.

It’s more of a headache when the car is Honda Accord. What happens when the Honda Accord automatic transmission won’t go into gear? And what will you do in those circumstances?

No need to worry because we are here to let you know and answer all of your questions regarding this matter. So, have patience and stick with us till the very end.

Why the Honda Accord transmission won’t go into another gear?

There might be several reasons why your Honda Accord’s automatic transmission won’t switch gears. 

Issues with the gearbox and the gearstick

The most common reasons for your transmission to get stuck in a gear would be the gearbox and the gearstick getting stuck. Although, it mostly happens with manual transmissions. Let’s see what are the issues with the automatic transmissions.

Having a stuck solenoid

The solenoid is the part that makes the car’s computing system aware of the switching of gears. If your solenoid gets stuck because of any particular reason, the transmission is most likely to get stuck.

Activating the ‘Limp Mode’

Our cars have a sensor that has readings when you try to switch between your gears. But if those sensors get faulty readings, it will go on the so-called
‘Limp mode’. It happens when some dust and debris get stuck in the solenoid and it doesn’t give the computing system proper readings.

What to do when the Honda Accord transmission gets stuck?

Now, you know why your car’s transmission would be stuck. Let’s see what you ought to do in those scenarios.

Full Repairment

Firstly, we would recommend a full repair of the car. Although it isn’t the only thing you can do, the best option would be this one.

The Honda Accord repair cost would be 600 US dollars to 1,200 US dollars. And the best service center in the United States would be the North Star Auto Repair Center

If you think you don’t want to involve your money here, then you can follow our next steps to take measures when the transmission of your car goes off.

Also, you can go to the Honda repair shop to fix your transmission. This would be the best option for you for your Honda Accord.

2nd Gear Troubleshoot

When your gear gets stuck on the 2nd one, don’t pull off the brake immediately. You need to keep driving your car. There is a speed limit in your Honda Accord that won’t cross no matter what.

So, keep the car going and steadily slow down the car by pulling off the brake steadily. Once you’ve reached a minimal speed, you can pull off the brake instantly. This won’t harm your car.

1st Gear Troubleshoot

We don’t always drive in our 1st gear on a highway, right? We only drive in 1st gear when there is a speed limit below 10 km/h or we are driving through a narrow road.

So, whenever we experience transmission not going to gear from 1st gear, you can pull off the brakes immediately. This won’t harm your car much. You can also follow the steps mentioned for the 2nd gear. That would be a safe option for you.

3rd Gear Troubleshoot

The 3rd gear problem solving can be a bit of a tricky one. It’s because the maximum speed limit in the 3rd gear is about 35 km/h for most cars including the Honda Accord. 

When your car’s gear gets stuck in the 3rd gear, you should pull off the brakes instantly. Driving your car at 35 km/h without slowing down could be horrific. Instead, pull off the clutch and brake simultaneously. This will resolve the problem.

How to know that your Honda Accord’s transmission is faulty?

Yes, we already know why would your car’s transmission won’t go into the gear and how to handle it. What you might not know that how to know if your Honda Accord’s transmission is faulty or not and which part is faulty?

Notice the Engine Check Light

Almost every Honda car now comes with an engine check light. It gives you a preview of the car’s conditions and statistics. So, try checking the engine check light to see if anything is wrong with the transmission.

Clunking noise symptom

The engine starts a humming or buzzing sound when there is something wrong with the transmission. Usually, the clunking noise comes from under the hood. The best thing you could do in that situation is to get your car to a repair shop and let them fix it up.

Delay in gear switching

You might notice a delay when you try to switch between the gears very often. Well, sometimes the delay is a bit long which often irritates us. When this sort of thing happens, it’s clear that there is a problem with your transmission. 

The transmission didn’t get stuck in gear just because the dust and debris have started piling up. Once they make a barricade big enough to destabilize your transmission, it will not go into gear.


We are aware of how annoying it could be when your transmission is stuck on a particular gear. It’s more of a problem with the Honda Accord because the only way to fix it is to repair it by automobile engineers.

It’s pretty expensive to repair the transmission of a car, and repairing a Honda Accord’s transmission is way costlier.

You can just take some measurements but fixing it for long-term use might not be a cup of tea for you.

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