How Much Do Tractor Tires Weigh?

The tractor tire weight range depends heavily on the size of the tractor and its dimension. Small tractor tires weigh less than 300 pounds, whereas extra large tractor tires weigh more than 1000 pounds. Other than the tractor size, the tire weight will also vary by the load index and the aspect ratio. 

The tractor tire weight is also significant when it comes to the overall cost and the performance of the tractor. To find out more about the tractor tire size, read this article. 

Different Size of Tractor Tires

The size of a tractor tire directly affects tire weight. The table below shows a brief comparison of different sizes of tractor tires and their weight. 

Tractor Size TypeTractor Tire Dimension(Section width/Rim size)Tractor Tire Weight (lbs)
Small Size Tractor Tires17.50 x 25 ft300 
Medium or Mid-Sized Tractor Tires20 x 25 ft300 – 400
Large Tractor Tires23.50 x 25 ft400 – 800
Extra Large Tractor Tires26.50 x 25 ft800 – 1000

As the table above shows, there is a direct correlation between the tire dimension and the tire weight. Tire weighs influence the overall vehicle as well. For example, if an extra large tractor tire weighs about 1000 lbs each then the total weight will be around 4000 lbs. 

Now, let’s get an idea of each of the tractor size types separately and see the tractor tire weight range. 

Small Size Tractor Tire

Following is the tractor table weight for a small size tractor tire.

StandardRadialMetric (Width/Aspect Ratio/Rim Size)Tire Weight (lbs)
9.5 x 24 9.5R24250/85R2460 – 77
11.2 x 2411.2R24280/85R2471 – 87
11.2 x 2811.2R28280/85R2880 – 82
12.4 x 2412.4R24320/85R24137 – 140
12.4 x 3212.4R32320/85R32147 – 150
12.4 x 3412.4R34320/85R34140 – 182
13.6 x 2413.6R24340/85R24143
13.6 x 2813.6R28340/85R28152
13.6 x 3613.6R36340/85R36187
13.6 x 3813.6R38340/85R38175 – 193
14.9 x 2414.9R24380/85R24177 – 196
14.9 x 2814.9R28380/85R28180 – 184
14.9 x 3014.9R30380/85R30182 – 218
14.9 x 3414.9R34380/85R34207 – 247
14.9 x 3814.9R38380/85R38234
16.9 x 2816.9R28420/85R28238 – 239
16.9 x 3416.9R34420/85R34289
16.9 x 3816.9R38420/85R38289
18.4 x 2618.4R26460/85R26243
18.4 x 3018.4R30460/85R30267 – 286 
18.4 x 3418.4R34460/85R34293 – 298
18.4 x 3818.4R38460/85R38327 

As you can see that the table has weight ranging within 300 lbs for small tractors for different metrics. 

Medium or Mid-Size Traction Tire

Following is the table that shows the weight of the mid-size traction tire. 

StandardRadialMetricTire Weight (lbs)
20.8 x 3820.8R38520/85R38404 – 426
20.8 x 4220.8R42520/85R42465 – 513
20.8 x 4620.8R46520/85R46479

As observed, the tractor tire weights are around the range of 500 lbs. 

Large Tractor Tire

Following is the table that shows the weight of the large tractor tire. 

StandardRadialMetricTire Weight (lbs)
23.6 x 3023.6R30600/70R30381 – 440
24.4 x 4624.4R46620/70R46443 – 569
25.6 x 3225.6R32650/75R32492 – 568

As observed, the large size tractor tires are within the range of 400 lbs to around 600 lbs in this table. However, if the aspect ratio is higher than the tire weight gets as high as 800 lbs. 

Extra Large Tractor Tire

Following is the table that shows the weight of the extra large tractor tire. 

StandardRadialMetricTire Weight (lbs)
27.95 x 3827.95R38710/70R38649 – 760
27.95 x 4227.95R42710/70R42728 – 740
31.50 x 3231.50R32800/65R32766
35.43 x 4635.43R46900/65R461120 – 1147

As observed, the extra large tractor tires are within the range of 650 to over 1000 lbs. Of course, the weight of the tractor tire depends a lot upon the aspect ratio as well. 

How To Find the Tractor Tire Weight?

To find the traction tire weight you need to read the tire information on the sidewall. This is because unfortunately, it is not possible to physically measure the tire by yourself. Since, the tire itself is so heavy and huge. 

Alright, so if you head over and read around your sidewall there will be a 5 digit number in it. This number provides you with the tire dimension information and based on this data you can find out the tractor tire weight. 

For example, let’s consider the tractor tire size 14.9 x 38. Here, 14.9 refers to the tire’s width from one side to the other and it is denoted by inches.

38 is the tire’s rim diameter measured in inches. So, the typical weight for this tractor tire size is around 230 lbs. 

Now, depending on where you live or the type of tractor, this tire size information will be portrayed a bit differently. Following are the methods of representing the tire size. 

  1. Standard – 14.9 x 38
  2. Radial – 14.9R38
  3. Metric – 380/85R38

Here, Metric seems a bit different compared to the other because it is used for European tires. In Europe as with the rest of the world, the metric system is used and therefore instead of inches the tire width is measured in millimeters.

85 is the aspect ratio, which is the ratio of the tire width percentage to its height. 

So, based on the reading on the tire sidewall, you can find the tire weight. 

Is Heavier Tire More Costly?

Yes, heavier tires tend to be more costly. This is because larger and heavier tires have more materials, expensive tooling and are costlier to transport. The table below shows the comparison of the tire size along with its weight and cost. 

Tire SizeTire Weight (lbs)Product Cost (as of February, 2023)
11.20 x 2471 – 87 $250 – $595
12.40 x 28110$275 – $515
13.60 x 28152$425 – $862
16.90 x 24143 – 156$656 – $2400
16.90 x 30164$560 – $2950
18.40 x 30267 – 286$700 – $2305
20.80 x 38404 – 426$1112 – $5116

As observed from the table, usually as the tire gets bigger, it is heavier. Heavier tires are more costly.

Therefore, that’s the main idea behind the tire weight based on different tire sizes. Of course, the cost is directly related to the tire weight. 


Is Heavier Tractor Tire Bad For Fuel Economy?

Yes, heavier tractor tires are bad for the fuel economy. This is especially a problem if the tire has low air pressure as well. That means it becomes more prone to sink into the soil, increasing rolling resistance and thus the fuel economy. To avoid such a problem, you can balance the weight distribution of the tire for better performance. 

How Much Does a 18.4-38 Tractor Tire Weigh?

A 18.4-38 tractor tire weighs around the range of 180 to 250 lbs. Of course, the exact range depends on the manufacturer and the generation of the tires. For Firestone’s traction field and road tires with newer 6 ply the weight is around 180 lbs but for older 6 ply it is as high as 200 lbs. However, Firestone SAT weights around 220 to 250 lbs. 

Can I Use Tractor Tires For Flipping? 

Yes, you can definitely use tractor tires for flipping. If you are an athlete or just want to do tire flipping for exercise purposes then the tire should be a minimum of 20 inches or 51 cm thick. 


So, now you know how much do tractor tires weigh. Before finding out, keep in mind about the different types of tractor tire sizes before finding out the weight. Also read the sidewall, to find out about the tire weight easily. Finally, check how much does your tractor cost before you go to buy them. 

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