How To Compress Brake Caliper With C Clamp? Is It The Best Method?

Compressing brake caliper or piston is done in order to reduce or eliminate the noise that frequently occurs when braking. By compressing the brake caliper, it becomes easier for your brakes to stop quickly and without screeching. 

Additionally, this procedure may also help prevent brake pedal fade or slippage over time. But do you know how to compress brake caliper with C clamp? This is going to be a tutorial discussion on this. So, read every line carefully.

Can You Use C Clamp To Compress Brake Piston?

Yes, you can use a c clamp to compress the piston. Even C-clamp is the best method to get this job done fast and perfectly. But it’s important to be safe when working with equipment, so take proper precautions before compression is attempted. 

Make sure that the area surrounding the brake pedal is clear and that there are no obstructions in the path of the wheel or pedals. In the next section of the discussion, you will see how to compress brake caliper with c clamp step by step.

How To Compress Brake Caliper With C Clamp?

Compressing a brake caliper with a C clamp is an easy way to squeeze the pads and reduce wear on your brakes. This step is often required when replacing your brake pads or if you have discs that need to be rebuilt. There are a few ways to compress the brake caliper with a C clamp. But here, we are going to show the easiest method.

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Step 1: Remove The Wheel

To compress, your wheel needs to have a dual-piston caliper. In this step, first of all, you have to remove the wheel from your vehicle. This will free the space to work easily. Moreover, in some cases, you will not be able to compress the caliper without removing the wheel.

Step 2: Attach C-clamp

Next, use a C-clamp to attach one end of the clamp to one side of the disc while holding onto the other end with pliers. Placing the C clamp can be tricky if you have never tried this at home. We recommend you to watch a video that is given at the last step. 

Step 3: Tighten Up The C-Clamp

Tighten up the clamps until they’re snug against both sides of the disc. This can be said to be the most important part because you can’t make it too tight. In the same way, a loose C-Clamp will not get the job done. So, tighten up carefully. Finally, reattach your wheel and drive away!

What Size C Clamp To Compress Brake Caliper?

When you’re repairing or replacing brake calipers, it is important to use the correct size clamp. This will ensure that the caliper is held tightly in place while you are working on it, preventing it from moving and causing further damage. 

There are three common sizes of clamps used for this purpose: small, medium, and big. The size of clamp you need depends on the dimension of your brake caliper. However, for big-size wheels, You need a big size c clamp. Most people use a 6” c clamp for their small trucks and cars. This is considered to be a big size c clamp.

Why Need To Compress Brake Caliper?

There are so many needs for compressing a Brake Caliper. But some common causes behind this maintenance task is ensuring that they’re working properly and reducing drag while braking. 

Another reason is that brake calipers are used to measure the thickness of the brake pads, and they need to be compressed for this measurement to be accurate. These are the most common reasons behind compressing vehicle brake calipers. 

You must fit everything well, even after using a new caliper or piston. To fit them well, you need to compress them. For all these reasons, compressing the vehicle’s brake caliper is needed.

Is C Clamp The Best Way To Compress Brake Caliper?

We know you can compress the brake caliper in a number of ways. In this case, a screwdriver, channel locks pliers, compressor tool, and C clamp will help you directly. All will work as an alternative to another to compress the brake caliper. But all are not the best method.

Then which one is the best method? As we are talking about the c clamp, this can be said to be the best tool to compress the brake caliper. You will find our remarks true when you personally apply them in your own work. This will give you the best outcome with less effort.

Any Other Method To Compress Brake Caliper

There are a number of methods to compress your vehicle’s brake caliper. Among them, you know all about c clamps. Three more methods are listed below.

  • Compress Tool
  • Screwdriver
  • Channel Locks Pliers

You can take any method according to your need. But we can say you will enjoy the c clamp in this task a lot.


That was all about the process of compressing the brake caliper with C Clamp. If you are having trouble with your brake piston clamp, You must read this discussion and try it at home. 

There are some more discussions on our site about different problems and their solution related to cars. You may read them too to solve your regular issues. Thanks for reading.

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