How to Put the Jack Back in Silverado?

Almost every vehicle is equipped with certain equipment and released by the auto companies in the market. Chevrolet Silverado trucks also include a jack kit with equipment. 

This device is often intentionally detached to avoid the rattling noise of the truck. This dissociation is that the Silverado jack has a vital position in the jack assembly, which allows you to drive the truck without any rattling noise. 

It may be easy to separate the jack kit from the vehicle but assembling it is quite complex and requires a lot of patience. If you have never done this, you can ask a mechanic to understand the situation. 

However, from our article, you can learn how to put the jack back to a Chevrolet Silverado so that no rattling noise can bother you. Rattling becomes annoying while driving. So let’s go ahead and continue reading.

Where Is the Jack Kit on Chevy Silverado Situated?

Normally, many people don’t know exactly where the jack is in a Chevy Silverado. For the first time for those of us, this is where the kit is located. Just follow the directions.

There is a metal box in the panel on the floor at the back of the truck right next to the driver’s seat. Now make a U-turn to open the tire iron. The jack may be located on the passenger side or the left side of the rear cab.

How to Put the Jack Back in Silverado?

As we have said before, it is easy to open the jack kit of a vehicle but quite difficult to put it back. So know that you have to be very careful to complete this process.

Step 1: Spot the Jack Kit

Although we know in the previous point exactly where the jack kit is located. However, it needs to be discussed in a little more detail because our first step is to identify the Jack Kit. 

Since many types and models of vehicles are being developed at present, the kit may be available in different locations in different vehicles. What’s more, only Silverado vehicles are offered in different versions. 

So what we have seen is that in most cases the jack kit is mounted in the space given above. If you still have trouble finding this tool, check out the vehicle’s manual. 

If you see that the kit is located at the place we mentioned, then the back seats need to be folded. There you will find the jack. 

See the kit has a base that is attached to the floor with a plate holder. The edge of the pad is towards the end of the bracket. 

Most jacks in Silverado are black. The handle is yellow which makes it easy to identify. Use the handle to move the jack from there.

Step 2: Take Out the Jack Kit

The second step is to remove the jack kit from the truck. There is a process to remove it. Since you have already identified the jack handle, which is yellow, you can remove the kit with it. 

Hold the handle and turn it clockwise. At the same time loosen the screws that surround the jack. What happens is that the jack will slowly open from the top edge. However, the location of the jack kit must be kept in mind, otherwise, it may be a problem to put it back later. 

However, once the kit is removed you will see everything inside it. After opening the jack, it will release from the cupped part and that part is attached to the wheel chock. Make a note of the system if you think you may have forgotten the relationship with the hook. 

Now if you decide to install a new jack, unscrew the old one from the cupped part. Then release the cylinder from the cupped angle. Now get ready to install the new one.

Step 3: Reinstall the Jack Kit

If you want to install a new jack kit you need to change the cylinder, otherwise, there is no need. However, by changing the cylinder you move on to the next step i.e. the jack kit has to be put back on the Silverado.

Note that the jack kit is mounted with a tire iron. So don’t rush, don’t bother. Otherwise, tire friction will occur. The tire iron is mounted on the bottom of the passenger seat most of the time. The tire iron will be visible when the seats are lifted. Then you attach the kit tightly to the cupped angle. 

Tighten the kit so that it does not shake. If the kit is fitted properly, it can be set with a wheel chock. Now rotate the handle of the jack again and do not let it rattle. 

You may occasionally feel a jolt after putting the jack kit back on, which may be due to rotten wheel chocks or damaged tire iron. If you can’t fix it yourself, get help from a skilled mechanic. However, do not damage the truck by waiting.

Cost to Jack Up a Truck

If you want to jack up a truck, the cost can be divided into three parts. First, standard-level jack kits cost around $200- $1,000 depending on the market. 

Second, small-scale jack kits cost about $400- $12,000. Of course, the price depends on the manufacturer. These kits can lift vehicles to two to five inches. 

Third, larger-scale jack kits cost about $10,000- $15,000. These can lift a vehicle from a minimum of six inches to even higher. So the choice is yours according to need.


So this was our article about how to put the jack back in a Silverado. You can compare this task to adjusting the suspension of a vehicle or changing a flat tire. So at least you shouldn’t worry about it.

Everything about putting the jack back on a Chevy Silverado is covered in this article which will enable you to get it done. However, our last piece of advice to you is that if you can’t solve any problem related to automotive by yourself, then you must consult an expert.

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