How to Put the Jack Back in Silverado?

Chevrolet Silverado trucks are equipped with a Jack kit that can be found under the rear passenger seat on the driver side. These Jack kits are not easy to install so we have developed three step guide. It only involve assessing your jack kit, taking it out, and installing it back on Chevrolet Silverado trucks.

Almost every vehicle is equipped with certain equipment when released by the auto companies in the market. Chevrolet Silverado trucks also include a jack kit with equipment. 

This device is often intentionally detached to avoid the rattling noise when driving. It may be easy to separate the jack kit from the vehicle but assembling it is quite complex and requires a lot of patience. If you have never done this, you can ask for a mechanic help to handle the situation. 

However, from this article, you can learn how to put the jack back to a Chevrolet Silverado when needed. So let’s go ahead and continue reading.

Where Is the Jack Kit on Chevy Silverado Situated?

Normally, many people don’t know exactly where the jack is in a Chevy Silverado. This section is particularly for those people, so just follow the directions.

It all depends on the model and year of release of Chevy Silverado but usually it is located under the rear passenger seat on the driver side of the vehicle.

To asses the Jack kit, open the rear passenger door and lift the seats, on the driver side you will sea a tool box recessed into the panel. Unbolt & open it and you will find the jack kit.

How to Put the Jack Back in Silverado?

As we have said before, it is easy to open the jack kit of a vehicle but quite difficult to put it back. So know that you have to be very careful to complete this process.

Steps To Put the Jack Back in Silverado Infographic

Step 1: Spot the Jack Kit

Although we know in the previous point exactly where the jack kit is located. However, it needs to be discussed in a little more detail because our first step is to identify the Jack Kit. 

Since many types and models of vehicles are being developed at present, the kit may be available in different locations in different vehicles. What’s more, only Silverado vehicles are offered in different versions. 

So what we have seen is that in most cases the jack kit can be located in above mention place. If you still have trouble finding this tool, check out the vehicle’s manual. 

If you see that the kit is located at the place we mentioned, then the back seats need to be folded to asses the jack. 

Most jacks in Silverado are black. The handle is yellow which makes it easy to identify. Use the handle to move the jack from there.

Step 2: Take Out the Jack Kit

The second step is to remove the jack kit from the truck. There is a process to remove it. Since you have already identified the jack handle, which is yellow, you can remove the kit with it. 

Hold the handle and turn it clockwise. turning the knob clockwise will be enough to loose the jack screw. This will extend the jack kit and will gradually make the other end of the jack easy to release.

Step 3: Reinstall the Jack Kit

Reinstallation of the Jack Kit starts with the alignment of the jack kit with the recessed angle. You need to tight the jack kit tightly with the recessed angle so it does not move during operation.

After the jack is secured you can set the wheel hook or you can chalk to your liking. Now rotate the knob in counter clockwise rotation until it connects with the chalk. Connection should be secure enough that jack does not rattle when it is not being rotated.

Check once the jack kit rattles or not. If it does not then assembly is complete.

Cost to Jack Up a Truck

If you want to jack up a truck, the cost can be divided into three parts. First, standard-level jack kits cost around $200- $1,000 depending on the market. 

Second, small-scale jack kits cost about $400- $12,000. Of course, the price depends on the manufacturer. These kits can lift vehicles to two to five inches. 

Third, larger-scale jack kits cost about $10,000- $15,000. These can lift a vehicle from a minimum of six inches to even higher. So the choice is yours according to need.


Everything about putting the jack back on a Chevy Silverado is covered in this article which will enable you to get it done by yourself. However, our last piece of advice to you is that if you can’t solve any problem related to automotive by yourself, then you must consult an expert.

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