How to Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy?

Need to know how to reset transmission control module of Chevy. Its simple, put the key in on position, press the gas pedal for 10 to 15 second, turn the key in off position, and then release the gas pedal. Wait for 5 minute and do not engage any of Chevy system. Start the car and drive with an average speed. Your Chevy TCM is reset.

Like all modern cars Chevy has it own complete electronic setup that is specifically designed to facilitate its owner. One of those electronic setups is a transmission control module (TCM) that is responsible for shifting gears and manage transmission related work.

This TCM have a computer code in it that enables it to monitor driver input and convert into an action by signaling other transmission components what to do. Some time this TCM starts making trouble and its mainly due to error in the code.

A simple reset of of Chevy TCM can help remove this error and set your vehicle transmission back to normal. If the trouble code does not go or reapper shortly then its a hardware problem and you should consult your mechanic for repair.

This article will be all about Chevy TCM, signs of bad TCM, cost of replacement, and how to reset TCM by yourself.

Signs of a Bad Transmission Control Module Chevy

Transmission control module TCM is such an important part in modern vehicle that its almost impossible to neglect a bad TCM. A bad TCM if not corrected shortly after it turn bad, will make it impossible for drive to drive the Chevy.

So when you see the following symptoms in your Chevy, you should understand that there is a problem with the TCM and try to solve the problem asap.

  • Check Engine Light
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Unpredictable shifting
  • Car stucks in neutral or first gear
  • Problems shifting at higher speeds
  • Downshifting problems
  • Delayed shifting

How to Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy?

If your experiencing any of the above symptoms of a bad transmission control module in your Chevy then try to simply reset it. Its simple, can be done in minutes and involve only 5 effort less steps. These steps are described below.

1. Turn the Key in On Position

To reset TCM, the first thing you need to do is change the key position to on. There is no need to turn the ignition or engine on at this moment. Check Chevy’s dashboard and if the lights are visible then proceed to next step.

2. Press the Gas Pedal

Now your job is to press the gas pedal and hold the pedal down. Be sure not to step off the gas pedal. If you remove the foot from the gas pedal, the process will fail. Now you have to wait for about 10 to 15 second. 

3. Turn Off the Key

Now you have to put the in off position but you have to do it while holding the gas pedal down. So hold down the pedal and turn the key off. You need to keep the key in off position and do not remove it. Fail to do so may fail this entire process.

However, there may be some exceptions to this rule in some model. In some Chevy models, such as the 2000 Chevy Silverado, the whole process will fail if the key is removed while resetting the TCM.

4. Release Gas Paddle

Finally, it’s time to take your feet off the gas pedal. After bringing the key back to off you can remove the pressure from the pedal by removing your foot. Remember that you have to remove the pressure from the gas pedal as soon as you bring the key to off but not along it. 

Now you have to wait again. Give your chevy time after removing the foot from the gas pedal. Wait for about 5 minutes and do not engage with any of the car electronics or any other system during this wait time.

5. Test Drive the Chevy

OK, you’ll be glad to know that your Chevy’s TCM reset is nearing completion. Now when driving, both its Engine Control Unit (ECU) and Transmission Control Unit (TCU) will work together because you have done both. The two units will carefully monitor your driving pattern and strategy.

In the initial stage, it is okay to drive for 15 to 20 minutes. At this time, you have to keep in mind that you are driving the car and training the engine. So do not drive in a hurry but maintain a decent speed. 

In a word, maintain normal driving speed. Be sure to choose the smooth transmission so that the transmission can be transferred effortlessly.

Many Chevy users wonder how important it is to have a TCM program. The answer is very important to drive safely and comfortably.

Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy Infographic

Cost of Replacing a Bad Transmission Control Module Chevy

The cost aspect should be considered before taking any action on automotive issues. Replacing the Chevy TCM may cost you around $500- $1000. However, with the benefit of a discount, you can reduce the cost to $400- $700.

Will a Bad Transmission Control Module Chevy Throw a Code?

The answer is yes. If you scan the system with an OBD-II scanner to check TCM, it will show error TCM codes like P0706, P0700, P0613, etc.


After reading our extensively researched article, we hope you have a clear understanding of how to reset the transmission control module on a Chevy. You Just need to be a little careful and the steps have to be followed properly.

This whole process takes a maximum of 25-30 minutes- 15 minutes to reset and 15 minutes to drive. Then we hope there will be no more transmission-based problems if you use your key carefully.

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