P0700 Code – What Does It Mean & How To Fix It

Different types of problems with Chevy vehicles are manifested by different types of codes. P0700 is an OBD-2 code among the error codes. The code can be detected on your vehicle for several reasons. It has some signs by which you can recognize the code.

To reset the P0700 code you will need to perform a thorough diagnosis. Most of the time it is not that easy to accomplish. Anyway, in this article, we are going to learn about the P0700 error code and how to fix it.

What Does the P0700 Code Mean on Your Vehicle?

What Does the Code P0700 Mean?

Simply put, the P0700 code means a transmission control system (TCM) malfunction. The TCM is part of the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). 

TCM’s responsibility is to maintain the transmission system. The TCM will store the P0700 error code and indicate it on the dashboard if a potential malfunction is detected.

Common Causes of P0700 Code 

Now the question is what causes the P0700 error code to be detected in your Chevy vehicle. Let’s find out the reasons.

  1. Serious problems with the transmission;
  2. Short circuit or disconnected connection;
  3. Trouble in ECM;
  4. Defective or damaged TCM.

Common Symptoms of P0700 Code 

When the P0700 code attacks your vehicle you will see some visual symptoms. They are not too complicated and can be understood with a little attention. The symptoms are:

More Gas Consumption

A notable symptom of the P0700 error code is that your vehicle is running out of fuel relatively quickly. When vehicle efficiency decreases, the engine consumes more gas.

Problems During Shifting

If there is a problem with the TCM your vehicle will have problems shifting gears. Because the said module is responsible for gear shifting of a vehicle. The vehicle jerks when you go to change gears.

Engine Shutdown

A vehicle’s engine and transmission have a close relationship. So a P0700 can cause the engine to shut down i.e. stall or even die.

How to Fix the P0700 Error Code?

When OBD-2 code P0700 is detected on your vehicle, it needs to be diagnosed using a scanner. If you do not know automobiles, take the help of a skilled mechanic. Below is a neat solution on how to fix the P0700 error code.

Step 1: Check If There is an Additional Error Code

This type of vehicle does not come alone at times, but other codes appear. Yes, a defect may also be detected in your vehicle due to an error. So you need to first diagnose whether you have any other possible error code.

Step2: Check Freeze Frame Data

P0700 is an error code with which a possible solution can be found by monitoring the detected codes. For this you need to check all the freeze frame data related to the code and logically. Try to understand the difference in input and output speeds of the vehicle’s transmission to check if there is any excess torque converter slip.

Step 3: Run a Visual Inspection if No Errors Are Found

If no errors are found after performing the above tests, perform a visual inspection from start to finish. Try to check thoroughly for faults like any short circuits, open or loose wire connections, frayed or damaged wires, etc. Check the harness from one end to the other. Check the transmission sensors for any damage.

Step 4: At One Point, Check the Transmission Fluid

Since the P0700 error code is directly related to the vehicle’s transmission, checking the condition of the transmission fluid becomes very important here. Check whether it is at the correct level, burnt too much, or at full performance, etc. Overuse causes the fluid to darken in color which is a bad sign.

Step 5: Check for TCM Update

If your vehicle’s TCM is backdated, the P0700 code may be detected. If it’s the case that you’ve run the tests above and haven’t found a solution, you probably need to update the TCM.

P0700 Code Symptoms Infographic

Common Errors When Diagnosing the P0700 Code 

There are several mistakes you can make when diagnosing the P0700 error code. You might skip straight to scanning to save time or make the job easier. Doing this will not work because you must go through a chain of steps.

On the other hand, TCM is a very subtle substance. If you mess with it unknowingly, it will cause more problems which will be costly later. That’s why you need to run Diagnose carefully the right way.

Can I Drive With a P0700 Code?

The P0700 code may not be serious at first, but can become major later. If you take the code lightly and ignore it, after some time you will not be able to drive your vehicle.

Since a bad transmission system changes a vehicle’s gear shifting, you may have trouble shifting while driving. Major accidents can also happen in such situations. So, driving with the P0700 error code is not recommended at all.

Last Thoughts 

Like the other error codes, the P0700 code can become a concern for you. When the TCM of your vehicle is damaged, the P0700 code is identified. The code can be fixed by a correct and tidy diagnosis.

We will have advice for you that if you have not made a lot of ideas about automobiles, never diagnose alone. If the P0700 code is combined with another error code, you may have to face a big problem.

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