How To Remove Scratches From Black Plastic Bumper? Step-By-Step Process

Want to know How To Remove Scratches From Black Plastic Bumper? Well all it need is a cleaning cloth, masking tape, sandpaper, plastic restorer and polish. You need to clean, mask and then sandpaper the scratched bumper area. Then clean it again, apply restorer, and polish the surface. Its all done.

First impression of any vehicle is its exterior and among the exterior, a black plastic bumper is an important part. Car bumpers are usually subjected to extreme conditions and they easily get scratched even by small a accident.

Well, the good news is that it is not that hard to get the scratches out! All you need to know is how to remove scratches from black plastic bumper.

There are multiple soultion for this problem and this is something you can do it yourself at your gurage. You does not need much dedicated tools or things to remove scratches from black plastic bumber. You can use sandpaper, rubbing compound and a little bit of polishing.

How To Remove Scratches From Black Plastic Bumper

Do Car Insurance Cover Scratches?

It all depends on your car insurance policy. All car insurances do cover damage done in an accident and that include bumper too but not all car insurances cover scratches on car bumper that bumper get over time, not in accident.

So you need to know your car insurance policy or you may consult your car insurance customer care for quick answers.

How To Remove Scratches From Black Plastic Bumper

If your car insurance does not cover bumper scratches then you can remove them by yourself with some easy steps. To make it more easy for you we have develop a complete and easy to understand working guide. Just follow the following steps as mentioned.

Step 1: Gather the essential stuff  

To start the scratch removing process you need to gather follow so the process can be done in one sitting and without any delays.

  1. Cleaning Cloth
  2. Masking Tape
  3. Sand Paper
  4. Black Plastic Trim Restorer
  5. Car Polish

Step 2: Clean the Area

First thing to do after gathering all tools is to clean the effected area from all types of dust, debrie, must and any other unwanted thing. You can use any regular cloth wet or dry depends on situation. If needed you can use car cleaning solutions to get maximum result.

Step 3: Mask the Surrounding Area

To protect the surrounding area from any kind of damage you need to mask the entire surrounding area of scratch. You can use any masking tape you find easily. You can also use any other solution that help mask surrounding area.

Step 4: Use SandPaper

Now its time to use sand paper to plain the scratch area. Any scratches on plastic bumper will produce rought and sharp edge line on its surface and these lines needes to be plained with sandpaper.

Care is needed here and try to work as smoothly and uniformly as possible. Do not over do this or damage the surrounding areas. Stop this process as soon as you feel the all scratches are now plained and ready for next step.

Step 5: Cleaning Again

After plaining scratches with sandpaper you must clean the entire area using a dry clean cloth, no wet cloth this time. Rubbing sandpaper produce very fine grains of plastic and they need to be removed before next step.

Step 6: Use Black Plastic Restore

Now its time to repare the bumper and for that you need to apply the black plastic restore on affected area. Restore will help cover up all the cracks produce as result of scratches. You need to be smooth and unifrom in this step and do not try to over do this.

Step 7: Polishing

Now its time to polish the affected area as well as the surrounding area so entire bumper look the same. You can use any car polisher you like and try to uniformly polish the entire bumber with that.

Its all done and you are ready to go.

Remove Scratches From Black Plastic Bumper Infographic

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Scratches On The Bumper By A Professional?

It a lot depends on youe vehicle value, labor cost and what quality of work you want. However for minor scratches on bumber it can cost you between $75 and $150 for repair, and deeper bumper scratches repair can cost around $200 – $300.

How Much Do Plastic Bumpers Cost?

A new bumper can cost somewhere between 100 and 1000 USD. But that is not all! You need to spend between 200 and 600 USD for the painting and installation.

Final Words

As you can see, learning how to remove scratches from black plastic bumper for faint and minor scratches is pretty straightforward.

You just need to go through a couple of steps and work with a few materials. Although learning the process for major scratches is undoubtedly possible, the steps are a bit too complex and tedious.

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