Why Does My F150 Beep Twice (When I Lock It)?

Mainly, the F150 beeps twice as a safety feature. For example, a warning for forgetting the key in the ignition or low temperature. It also indicates problems like faulty ignition switches, door chimes, and fob issues. Faulty seat belts, headlights, and door ajar might be responsible too. 

But, that’s not all. Keep reading this article till the end to know all the details. 

F150 Beeps Twice- Reasons And Solutions

There are a bunch of reasons why the F150 might beep twice. Here, we’ll discuss all of them. But, first, here’s a brief table presented for you: 

As a safety featureFollow the safety measures
Faulty ignition switchReplace the ignition switch
Faulty door chimeFix contact with the lock cylinder
Fob battery downReplace fob battery
Faulty seat belts, lights, door ajarFix Seat Belt, repair and maintain headlights, spray WD40, or replace the door switch

Now, let us discuss all these factors in detail. 

Reason 1: As A Safety Feature

Mainly, the double beep works as a safety feature for your car. For example, the car will honk if you leave the engine running while leaving the car. Though, it’s not true for a car equipped with keyless entry. 

Also, if you leave the key in the ignition while leaving, the car will honk. The same goes if the door isn’t fully closed or properly closed. 

Next, in some newer models of the F150, there’s a feature called a keyless entry system. Due to it, the vehicle will alert you if you forget the fob inside the truck. It does so by the two beeps. 

This feature is called the Intelligent access system. When you forget the fob inside the car, the vehicle doesn’t lock the door. It beeps twice so you can take the fob out. 

You’ll also hear the honking if the outside temperature drops below 4 degrees Celsius. Here, basically, the truck warns you about the possible ice ahead. 

Solution: Follow Proper Safety Measures

The solution here is to adhere to the safety measures. Don’t leave the engine running or the key in the ignition while leaving. Properly lock the vehicle door before leaving. Don’t forget to take the fob with you while leaving. 

Also, if there’s a possibility of snowing or icy roads ahead, take proper measures. For example, be sure your tires are compatible with snowy roads. Also, drive more carefully than normal. 

Reason 2: Faulty Ignition Switch

The ignition switch itself might be faulty and cause the truck to beep. If the ignition switch is indeed faulty, the truck will stall while driving. Also, the engine won’t start sometimes. You’ll face issues in powering different accessories. Sometimes the key might get stuck in the ignition. 

Solution: Replace The Ignition Switch

If the ignition switch is faulty, just replace it with a new one. Sometimes the switch is ok but only the key tumbler where the key is connected is faulty. 

Thus, the key gets stuck. So, replacing only that part is enough. For convenience, we’re going to show both processes to you. But, first, get these tools:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. A slim paintbrush
  3. Marker

Following are the steps of replacing the ignition switch on a 2002 Ford F150.

Step 1: Begin by removing the panel that covers the ignition switch. Access it by detaching the fuse cover and removing the 7mm screws that are securing the panel. Make sure to peel away the trim slightly to access the screws.

Step 2: Remove the bracket that holds the panel using 8mm screws. Gently lower the bracket to clear the way for any ignition switch.

Step 3: You should see the ignition switch now. Grab a light source to see it more clearly. It should be within the bracket and wiring.

Step 4: Now, before you remove the old ignition switch ensure that the key is out of ignition and turned to position zero. 

Step 5: Grab a 7mm wrench to unscrew the connector that is attached to the ignition switch. The connector will come away allowing you to pull it out when it is sufficiently loosened.

Step 6: Detach the ignition switch by unscrewing the two Torx screws (T27 or T30) holding it in its place. The switch should be free to remove. 

Step 7: Take note of the position of the old ignition switch since the new must be in the same position. 

Step 8: Align it correctly by matching the slot on the switch with the slot on the column. If the new ignition switch comes with an adapter plate check if it is suitable or not. If it is not, just pry it off and put a suitable adapter plate.

Step 9: Bolt in the new ignition switch into the place using the Torx screws.

Step 10: Reattach the connector by pressing it in and then turning the bolt to thread it onto the switch. Make sure to apply some pressure while turning to ensure a secure connection. 

Step 11: Now, test the ignition switch by turning the key and checking if the position works correctly. If it does, start reassembling the components in reverse order.

Step 12: Test the ignition switch again after reassembling to verify its smooth functioning. 

For a visual guidance, check this F150 Ignition Switch Replacement video.  

You can also get it replaced with a professional for about $135-$250 in total. 

Reason 3: Faulty Door Chime

You’ll hear the beeping sound if the door chime contact next to the cylinder falls out. Over time, the contacts inside the door chime become loose. Corrosion especially helps to weaken the connection. 

The constant vibration from the ignition cylinder or steering column can also dislodge the chime contact. In some cases, the switch itself is poor quality. Thus, it’s exceptionally susceptible to wear and tear. 

Solution: Fix Contact With The Lock Cylinder

Here, you’ll have to fix contact with the lock cylinder. Locate the wire that provides the current flow to enable the key. It has a metal probe. It contacts the lock cylinder to activate the key in the ignition chime. 

Source: www.youtube.com 

If the metal probe is bent, it’ll constantly be grounded and cause the problem. Straighten it properly. Reattach the steering column and trim piece. After putting the lock assembly in, reconnect the straightened chime ground. It should fix the problem. 

Reason 4: Fob Battery Down

If the fob battery is dead or near-dead, the fob will function abnormally. Thus, the truck will think that someone is trying to steal the vehicle. 

Solution: Replace The Fob Battery 

If the fob battery is worn out, simply replace it with a new one. And, be sure to take the fob with you when you leave the car. You can watch this video if you’re unsure how to change the fob battery: 

Reason 5: Faulty Seat Belt, Lights, Door Ajar

If the seat belt, light, or door ajar is faulty, it may also trigger the problem. A faulty seatbelt won’t fasten properly. The retraction won’t be smooth and have a slow retraction rate. These problems mainly happen due to faulty buckles and retractors.

The lights in your car will appear dim if they are faulty. There might also be wiring issues that cause the bulbs to malfunction.

If the door ajar switch is faulty, the interior lights will stay on. Thus, the battery drains faster. You’ll always hear a constant warning chime. Even after pressing the lock button, the doors don’t seem to lock.  

Solution 1: Fix Seat Belt

Mainly, there are two parts in your seatbelt that need fixing. They are the buckle and the retractor. Sometimes there’s nothing really wrong. Foreign substances like dirt build up on the belt and cause it to malfunction. It can be solved just with some cleaner. 

Sometimes the seat belt buckle mechanism gets stuck. Here are the steps of replacing a seatbelt on a 2007 Ford F150. 

Step 1: Find the seat belt assembly on your Ford F150.

Step 2: Remove various components to access the seat belt assembly. Take off the panel covering the assembly. The panel must be inside the vehicle. You should also make sure to remove the cover underneath the panel.

Step 3: Disengage the handle attached to the seat belt assembly. Just pry the small clip away and pull up the handle to remove it.

Step 4: Gently detach the cover concealing the seat belt assembly. The cover must be secured with three screws. 

Step 5: Lift up the seat cover. There is a mechanism holding the seat cover in place. Detach it from an attachment point underneath the seat. 

Step 6: Pull the seat cover up and away to reveal the seat belt assembly underneath. Be careful of the Velcro attachments that might make it sound like you are tearing the seat. 

Step 7: Find the attachment points securing the seat belt itself. The points will be bolted in place. Remove the bolt holding the back part of the seat belt assembly.

Step 8: Take off any screws holding the assembly. This will allow you to release the entire seatbelt assembly.

Step 9: With the old seatbelt assembly disconnected, install the replacement assembly. Follow the steps in reverse order. Slide the new assembly down to the bottom and attack it the same way you remove the old one.

Step 10: Reattach all the components removed earlier. Ensure everything is properly bolted and secured in place. 

Step 11: Test the new seatbelt assembly and ensure that it works properly. 

For a video reference check this 2007 F150 Seat Belt Replacement. 

If you take professional help, it’ll cost about $100-$200 in total. 

Solution 2: Repair And Maintain Headlight

Repairing a headlight is an easy process. First, unscrew the bolts that hold in the headlight then you can get it out. Take the old bulb out from the headlight. Put the new bulb in like before and reattach the headlight. With that, your headlight should be fixed. 

Solution 3: Spray WD40 Or Replace The Door Switch

First, you can try spraying some WD40 on the door latches. Open and close the door a few times after spraying it like this. If that doesn’t fix the ajar warning light, probably, the door ajar switch needs to be replaced. 

You can test and replace the door ajar switch yourself by watching this video:

But, if it feels too complicated, hire a professional to do it for you.

How To Turn Off Double Beep Feature In Ford F150?

As the double beep works as a safety mechanism, it isn’t advised to turn it off. Regardless, there is a way to permanently turn it off. Here, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download Forscan on your laptop. Then, connect an OBD2 adapter to the OBD2 port and your laptop.

Step 2: Go to the ‘BCM’ module from ‘Module Programming’. From the ‘Base Configuration section, find the ‘Horn Double Honk’ option. 

Step 3: Disable the feature. Save the changes and exit. Unplug the adapter and the double beep feature will be permanently off. 

You can also watch this video for instructions:


Why Does F150 Beep 5 times?

The F150 beeps 5 times mainly because of a faulty airbag warning lamp/ SRS. Here, mostly the airbag warning lamp comes out on the gauge cluster. Different components in the SRS module might also be faulty and cause this problem. 

How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Car Honk?

It can cost about $50-$350 to fix a car honk. It depends on the model of the vehicle. Also, the labor costs are different based on where you get it fixed. If you decide to fix it yourself, purchase a car honk for about $70. 

Can A Car Honk By Itself?

Yes, a car can honk by itself for some reasons. A faulty steering wheel or airbag control module can cause this. If there are any wires exposed to wet metal, it can create a short circuit. A faulty key fob might also cause the problem. 


Hope you liked our article about why does my F150 beep twice (when I lock it). Still, I’d like to mention one last thing. If your car doesn’t beep at all when you lock it, check if the alarm was disabled. Thanks for reading.

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