How To Replace Ignition Switch Without Key? [Complete Guide]

The ignition switch is one of the most significant parts of your vehicle. Imagine if your ignition switch becomes defective and you can’t start your car.

That could be one of the most annoying experiences for a car or truck driver when they are in a hurry.

So, to fix a faulty ignition switch, you need to remove it and then replace it with a new one. But how to replace ignition switch without key?

Don’t worry, you need not panic because we have got you all covered. For knowing what to do to replace the ignition switch without a key and also a bonus for you, and that is to guide you on how to remove ignition lock cylinder without key, you have to stay tuned with us till the very end.

What is an ignition switch?

We already have mentioned that an ignition switch is one of the most crucial parts of your car, haven’t we?

It basically is the mechanism that has the responsibility to start your vehicle by providing power to the engine and other specific areas. 

Although it’s one of the most important parts of your vehicle, it’s also one of the parts that gets broken all the time. We had to use the ignition switch even more than the gearstick. So, it’s a given that it will get damaged sooner or later.

That’s why you have to replace the switch very often. There are more reasons why you need to learn how to do it, right?

How to replace ignition switch without key?

Here is a short tutorial on how you can remove and replace your vehicle’s ignition switch without any sort of key.

Drilling a hole in the ignition cylinder

Firstly, turn on the power drill and use it to make a hole in the ignition cylinder’s key slot. Make a hole big enough to enter your pliers or hacksaw or screwdriver and then drill another hole in the back.

Stop the cylinder from starting

Now, once you have a hole, insert a paperclip that has been straightened out into the notch left to the ignition cylinder. It will lock the ignition cylinder, so it won’t start when you will be removing the switch.

Removing the switch

Now, put the screwdriver or the pliers into the hole that you’ve drilled before in the ignition cylinder and turn the screwdriver as hard as you can to the right.

After that, pull both the pliers or screwdriver, whatever you’ve used on the hole and the paperclip that you inserted to stop the cylinder from starting simultaneously. It will pull out the switch and you’re mission will be accomplished.

Replacing the switch

Replacing the switch isn’t as hard as you might think. Just put the switch in the slot of the ignition cylinder and press it down. And then you will have a successfully replaced ignition switch without using any keys.

How to turn ignition without key?

Although this might be very helpful to you when you’ve lost your key or your key is broken or malfunctioning, sometimes it might become handy to the car for motor vehicle theft. Still, let us see how to turn the ignition on without a key anyway.

Locate the steering column stabilizer screws

First, you need to locate the screws that keep the steering column in its place. Once you find them, remove them and keep them safe

Removing the plastic trim

Now, to get access to the ignition of your vehicle, you need to remove the trim. 

Start the ignition

Then, enter a screwdriver or pliers into the tumbler. Turn the screwdriver gently to engage the ignition. After that, the car should get started.

The next step you should be taking is going to the car dealership or a locksmith to get or make a new ignition key for your vehicle.

How to remove ignition lock cylinder without key

Previously we’ve known about how to lock the ignition cylinder, right? Now, let’s see how we can remove the entire ignition lock cylinder without a key.

For demonstration reasons, we will be choosing a Ford car like Ford Aspire 1997 to show you how it is done.

Ford ignition lock cylinder removal without key

Disconnecting the battery

To avoid getting an electric shock, you need to disconnect the battery of your vehicle first. To do that, you will be needing a negative cable terminal.

Removing the steering wheel

To get complete access to the ignition cylinder, you have to remove the steering wheel of your car, which is in this case, a Ford Aspire 1997. Gently remove all of the screws from the steering wheel and pull it out. Now disconnect the horn wires to get the access you need.

Removing the wipers and indicators 

You need to locate them first and once you find them, remove the screws and pull them out. You can find them using the car manual of Ford’s.

Removing the mounting bolts

Take a screwdriver or a wrench to remove the mounting bolts from the ignition switch. You need to unbolt the switch congregation and the housing to remove the lock cylinder.

Removing the ignition lock cylinder

You need a paper clip that has been straightened out, enter it into the slot and turn it to the left. This is how you can lock the ignition cylinder like before when we showed you how to replace the ignition switch.

Take a screwdriver and enter that into the ignition lock cylinder. Now, turn in to the right as hard as you can. After that, turn the paperclip in the clockwise direction as far as you can. Following these steps correctly will ensure that your ignition lock cylinder has been pulled out successfully.

Final words

Now you know how to replace ignition switch without a key, so you don’t have to worry when you’ve lost your key or the key is being malfunctioned. 

Still, we would recommend you not to use this method more often, it’s because this might damage your vehicle’s mechanics. So, go to the car dealership and get a new key as soon as possible.

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