265/65R17 Vs 265/70R17 Tire Size: What Are The Differences?

Before you replace your 265/65R17 or 265/70R17 tire with a new one you need to be sure about the new tire over all diameter, circumference, sidewall height, section width, rim size needed, tire revolution, and construction type. 265/65R17 Vs 265/70R17 Tire Size comparison they have some parameter in common but alot of other factor very different from each other.

You are looking for the best tire for your car as your old tires had gone their useful life but you do not have any idea what does this 265/65R17 or 265/70R17 means in tire size. You simply does not know who to read tire size.

265/65R17 and 265/70R17 are two most used tire size in the world and they are not so different. People usually try to do 265/65R17 vs 265/70R17 tire size comparison but got completely lost in the process as they do not know all terms associated with tire size.

Therefore, let’s not waste any more of your time and describe all the things you need to know regarding the topic.

26565R17 Vs 26570R17 Tire Size infographic

What Do The Terms Mean?

So, when it comes to 265/65R17 vs 265/70R17, you first need to get a proper idea about the terms. In case it was not clear, there are four different pieces of information in the index. They are:

  • 265: This indicates the tire width in millimter
  • 70 or 65: This number means that your tire has an aspect ratio of 70% or 65%. This means your tire’s sidewall height is 70% or 65% of the tire width.
  • R: Both the 265/65R17 and 265/70R17 have the letter R in them. This letter describes the construction type of the tires. In this case, both tires are radial.
  • 17: The last number, which is 17, indicates the diameter of the rim. It is in inches. So, for both tires, the rim diameter is 17 inches.

What Is The Difference Between 265/70R17 and 265/65R17?

In case you did not know, the 265/70R17 is an updated version of the 265/65R75. Now, the real question how they are different from each other and what similarities these tires sizes have?

Overall Diameter

Comparing the diameter of tires the 265/70R17 tire has an overall diameter of 803 millimeter mm, the 265/65R17 diameter stands at 776 mm. Although the difference is just 27 mm, this small difference makes up for another large difference between the tires. What is that? 

That is diameter define the size of the wheel and bigger the diameter bigger will be the tire and bigger the tire heavier it will be. For example, a wheel with a comparatively larger diameter will be heavier in comparison. As you might know, the tire’s weight can affect the vehicle’s speed.

In short, the 265/70R17 has a large wheel diameter than the 265/65R17. So, that means that the 265/70R17 is a bit heavier than the 265/65R17.


Circumference of the tire define as the liner distance tire will cover for one complete rotation of tire. A tire with bigger circumference will cover more distance as compared to the one that has small circumference.

Nonetheless, in terms of the 265/70R17 and 265/65R17, the 265/70R17 has a 2522 mm circumference, whereas the 265/65R17 has a circumference of 2439 mm. The difference between the two is 83 mm.

Sidewall Height

The difference that lies between the 265/70R17 and 265/65R17 in terms of the sidewall height is 14 mm. That represents a difference of about 7.7 percent. 70 has sidewall height of 186 mm whereas for 65 tire has sidewall height of 172 mm.

Generally, a taller sidewall provides a smoother overall ride. It also reduces the possibility of the wheel flexing too much when hitting a curb or pothole.

So, again, the 265/70R17 is the winner!

Revolution Per Mile

For the 265/70R17, the revolutions per kilometer are at 396. In comparison, the 265/65R17 stands at 410 revolutions per kilometer. So, the difference in terms of revolutions per kilometer is 14 revolutions.

Now, when it comes to what the impact will be, the vehicle’s fuel efficiency will be different with each tire. Fuel efficiency is also get effected by tire weight so bigger tire means more miles in a single revolution but at the same time being heavier means more fuel needed to rotate tire.

What Are The Similarities Between The 265 70R17 and 265 65R17?

It is not only about the differences. There are some similarities between the two tires, which you should definitely know!

Section Width

width of the tire is one of the most important factor you should conside while purchasing a tore. Tire section width effect the tire noise level, grip, overall comfort while driving, and the outlooks of the tires.

The good news is that the 265/70R17 and 265/65R17 tire has same width and that is 265 mm. That means you can expect them to perform pretty much the same on the factors that I have mentioned above.

Construction Type

Both the 265/70R17 and 265/65R17 are radial tires. This type of tire provides superior performance in terms of traction. However, they are not a suitable pick for off-road adventures. And the story is the same for both the tires highlighted here.

Wheel Size

Another similarity between the 265/70R17 and 265/65R17 is the wheel size. They are both 17 inches. So, both will excel in terms of providing a quiet and comfortable ride.

Final Words

So, what is the conclusion regarding the topic of 265/65R17 Vs 265/70R17 tire size? Well, the 265/70R17 is truly an upgrade to the 265/65R17. And if you are asking yourself the question of can I use 265/70R17 instead of 265/65R17, you can and should! But do check whether your vehicle is compatible with the tire or not!


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