Who makes ACHILLES Tires? [Achilles Tires Review]

Achilles tires are manufacture by PT Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk under the control of Michelin. Michelin the French tire manufacturer have more than 80% control of Achilles tires brand that are manufactured in Indonesia. These tires brand is considered to manufacture one of the best tires in the world.

The popularity of Achilles tires spread all over the world, and the curiosity of knowing about this brand has increased significantly. Now people from different parts of the world want to know who makes Achilles tires, where they are made, and many more things.

These information about any tire manufacturer will help the new buyers of that brand. If you are one of that group and want to know every detail of Achilles tires, then this discussion is for you. Let’s explore everything.

Who Makes Achilles Tires?

Before 2019, the Indonesian tire giant PT Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk made Achilles tires. But later, the popular tire manufacturer Michelin took 80% control of this brand. Since then, Michelin had a lot of impact on their manufacturing.

As a tire manufacturer, Multistrada Arah Sarana (MASA) has a very long history and reputation. The tire’s quality is thought to be more than any other brand near it. Even they can be said one of the greatest manufacturers of tires in Asia. 

After its establishment in 1988, Multistrada Arah Sarana started producing high-quality road and off-road tires. Then it became one of the leading providers of motorcycle tires in the world. Now, MASA has two popular brands on the market. One of them is Achilles, and another one is Corsa. 

Makers of ACHILLES TIRES Infographic

Why Knowing Achilles Tires Manufacturer Important?

If you’re looking to buy an Achilles tire, it is important to know the manufacturer. This will help you determine if their tires are good or not. In the same way, you will get a history of that brand and reveal all its achievements. These will provide you with some confidence to buy their tires.

Knowledge of the manufacturing process will also give you an idea of how safe the tire is for your vehicle. For example, if the tire manufacturer had some previous history of using bad rubber to produce tires, then it will be time to think again.

In addition, knowing who manufactured a particular tire can lead to better customer service should something go wrong with your purchase later on down the line.

Does A Tire Quality Depend On Its Manufacturer?

This remark is true in some respects and false in another perspective. While there is some variability in the quality of tires from different manufacturers, overall, most tires are made to a certain standard. 

This standard varies depending on the country or region in which the tire is being manufactured, but generally speaking, shredded rubber and air bubbles are not allowed. Tires that meet this standard typically offer good traction and wear over time.

Where Is Achilles Tyre Made?

Achilles Tyre is made in the town of East Cikarang, located in Indonesia. Even they have one of the largest manufacturing hubs in Asia. Their two big tire manufacturing factories in Indonesia are sized as 140 acres and 320 acres. Their main manufacturing operations are done here.

But when Michelin took control of this brand, everything changed, including manufacturing places. Though they continue producing in East Cikarang, some other factories joined the list. Among the new factories, Michelin’s own factories in Europe are the main.

So, we can say still Indonesia is the main place where Achille tires are made. With that, Michelin’s own manufacturing hubs join in the production.

Is Achilles A Good Tyre Brand?

Achilles is a good tire brand because for so many reasons. Achilles has a wide range of tires that are suitable for all types of driving. This brand offers quality products at affordable prices. Their tires are designed to provide optimal performance in both wet and dry conditions, making them the perfect choice for drivers who rely on their vehicles for work or pleasure.

They also offer diverse warranty options that cover everything from flat tires to blown-out valves. In addition, Achilles also has a strong reputation for customer service, which makes it easy to get replacement parts when needed. There are some more good qualities of this brand tires that make it a good brand.


Q: Is Achilles Owned By Michelin?

Ans: The answer to this question is perhaps not as clear-cut as one might think. Because the first owner was Multistrada Arah Sarana, but after 2019, Michelin took ownership. Now Michelin is the owner of Achilles tire.

Q: Do Achilles Tires Last?

Ans: Depending on the type of Achilles Tires you are using and how often you drive them, they can last anywhere from 1-4 years or 35,000-mile. However, it is important to take regular care of these tires for long-lasting.

Q: Are Achilles Tires Made In China?

Ans: No, the main production of Achilles tires is done in Indonesia. This is the main production hub of the Achilles brand. But besides this, some other European countries are producing this brand of tire. 

Q: Are Achilles Tyres Noisy?

Ans: No, the design and building formula Achilles follow to manufacture their tires are really high quality. Even some big companies also not near Achilles in terms of these. So, there is no chance of creating noise in the tire.


That was the confusion-clearing discussion on Achilles tires. We hope now you know who makes these tires and where they are made. If you are planning to buy a tire from this brand, we think you will get a positive overview of this brand. You may trust Achilles without any hesitation.

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