How To Remove Studs From Tires? (2 Method)

It’s a simple, easy and low-cost process. All you need is shampoo and a screwdriver or stud-removing tool. You have to carefully put the screwdriver to the side of the studs and twist it. The studs will come out instantly. You can follow the same rule for each stud.

Studs in your car tires are a common thing now in areas where roads are covered with snow most of the time during winter. There are several names associated with them, like tire studs, stud tires, and winter tires.

They came quite handy if you drive regularly on snow-covered roads. Good or not but you have to remove them as summer starts. Removing studs from tires is an effortless and low-cost process which you can also do at home.

The question of how to remove studs from tires can be answered in two ways and both can be done DIY. One method requires a special but easily available snow tire stud removal tool and the other method uses a common domestically available tool.

All About How To Remove Studs From Tires

Can you remove studs from tires? Yes, you can and it’s not rocket science. There are a few simple steps for removing tire studs so you don’t have to struggle even if you’re a beginner-level troubleshooter. But the process needs to be done in a proper way or else you can easily damage your tires.

As mentioned there are two methods associated with it and we have explained each method fully.

1. Removing With Common Tools

There are several steps involved which will provide ease while removing studs and you need to follow these steps properly.

  • Firstly, you need to buy a shampoo any shampoo will work so be as cost-effective as you can.
  • Mix half a litre of water with 200 ml of shampoo in a bottle. The shampoo will lose its thickness and become more slippery than normal.
  • Now apply that newly made shampoo on to tire studs and let it rest for 5 to 10 mins.
  • The solution will enter the inner surfaces of the studs and make those a bit slippery.
  • Set the screwdriver on the side of a stud and push gently. The screwdriver will enter into the surface and pressurize the stud. 
  • Twist the screwdriver and the stud will pop out smoothly.

If you find difficulties pushing the screwdriver on the studs, you can use a hammer. Be careful and hammer gently or else you can damage the tires.

Method 2-Removing With Stud Removal Tool

So, how to remove tire studs using a stud removal tool? This method is pretty straightforward and less time-consuming than the previous method. You can purchase a stud removal tool from any hardware shop. But, select one of the good brands since they are reliable with enormous durability. Later on, follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Firstly, make a shampoo solution like the previous method. Now apply it to the studs and let the solutions sit for a while, like 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Secondly, use the stud removal tool by keeping the hooking part on the stud and pushing it. The stud will automatically stick with the device. 
  • Eventually, twist the removal tool, and the stud will pop out with no effort.

Now, you know two effective ways of how to take studs out.

Remove Studs From Tires Infographic

Why Should We Remove Studs From Tires?

Stud removal is an ordinary task for people who live in an area covered by snow. And there are several reasons behind the removal.

Broken Stud

The primary task of a stud on the tire is to create more grip than an average winter tire. These studs are made of metal for strength. Due to the friction, studs depreciate enormously and eventually break or lose their capabilities. So, when you face the broken studs, you must change them as early as possible. 

Change Of Season

The second prime reason is the change of the season. In winter roads are covered with ice and it is hard to make a grip on the road with normal tires, so we use tires with studs. 

But, when the temperature rises and the ices begin to melt, we must deploy the normal tires that are without studs. The reason behind this is the studs can cause damage to tires when used in summer. Moreover, being a metal-made tool, it can cause slip on the road during summer.

Therefore, when the ices begin to melt, we must remove the studs so that no harm may occur on the roads. 

Replacement Of Old Studs

The last reason for replacing studs is installing the new studs. Studs make an excellent grip on ice-covered roads but their depreciating is enormous. 

So, before the old studs stop working entirely, we must use new studs on our tires by removing old ones and installing new ones. But how to install the new ones? Let’s see!

How to Install Tire Studs

Fortunately, installing studs in tires is not that difficult. But yes, you must follow the right way with full attention and go through the steps carefully to avoid messing things up. Here’s how to install studs in tires. 

  • Use a variable-speed power drill for the job rather than using an impact driver.
  • Take a stud and insert it into the tip of the power drill. The auger end of the stud should face outward.
  • Now, place the end of your stud’s auger against a thick knob of the tire.
  • You need to apply gentle pressure straight down and screw the stud into the knob slowly at the same time. Continue pressing it until the prongs on the tool make a hole in the rubber. Make sure the studs are adequately sunk into the rubber otherwise, they’ll come out.
  • That’s it. Now, repeat the process of installing the remaining studs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to remove studs from tires?

Answer: Installing or removing studs from tires is acceptable and safe. The stud tires are a type of winter tire. You can remove the studs and convert them into general winter tires whenever you need them. 

2. How Much Does It Cost to Remove Studs from Tires?

Answer: The cost is utterly zero if you follow DIY tire studs removal. But, if you are taking help from a professional, it may cost you some money, and the total cost ultimately depends on the professional and your location. You need a screwdriver or a stud remover to remove the studs from the tires.

3. Can you replace the studs in a studded tire?

Answer: The studs are made of metal; consequently, they depreciate while driving on average iced roads. Therefore, removing the old studs and installing new ones is a prevalent thing to do. 

Moreover, you must remember that removing studs from a tire is easy, and a screwdriver is enough. But, to install new studs, you will need a stud installer machine or tool. 

4. How long will studded tires last?

Answer: There are two factors you must consider while finding the lifespan of a studded tire. The first is the lifespan of studs. Generally, the studs are made of metal to create friction on icy roads and have a depreciation. So, it completely depends on how you drive. The average mileage for the studs is 13,000 miles

Nonetheless, the tires are winter tires. So, you can rely on them to cross 45,000 miles. Some companies are offering more mileage. You must check the studs frequently if any of them is broken.


After taking all into account, now you know how to remove studs from tires effectively and efficiently. It is also noteworthy that this task requires a great effort, so you should always stay back from stud removing until any problem arises. And about installing new tire studs, it is best to ask for a professional’s help.

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