How To Slash Or Puncture Tires Quickly: Try These 5 Ways!

In order to restrict the tire movement to stop tire blowout or settle the score, it’s essential to know the right method to slash.

Now, how to slash or puncture tires quickly without causing further issues? You can slash by stabbing them at the correct force and angle by using a sharp object like a utility knife, box cutter, screwdriver, ice pick, nail & bottle cap, and valve tool.

It will be easy for folks who have intermediate skills in using sharp objects. But for beginners, it will be a bit confusing at first.

To help you with the process, I’ll explain 5 techniques that are simple and safe to try. Keep On Reading …

Exactly How to Slash or Puncture Tires Quickly!

To know exactly how to slash a tire silently and quickly, you might need to know the mechanism of slashing tires. Only then, start following a technique at a time to safely slash or puncture the tire!

Slashing Tire with A Knife or Box Cutter.

  1. Before asking how to slash tires with a knife or box cutter, mark the tire sidewall surface with a pencil or marker.
  2. Grab a reliable knife with you and use force but not excessive to hurt the interior.
  3. Quickly make a strike using the knife or box cutter.
  4. Strike again but go deeper.
  5. Pull the knife or box cutter out to the side.

Pro Tip: In case you run out of knives, try using the geometric compass or pin to get it done in a secure way.

Puncturing The Tire with A Screwdriver.

  1. Take out the cap from the stem. Rotate the cap from the left to the right side.
  2. Locate the metal pin inside the middle area of the stem.
  3. Get the pain screwdriver and insert it inside the metal pin and press deeply to quickly deflate the tire halfway.
  4. After that, grab the star-shaped screwdriver.
  5. Use a strong grip by keeping your thumb on the end of a screwdriver. This will help avoid slip issues.
  6. Aim the sidewall of the tires.
  7. Put pressure and insert the screwdriver deeply.

Popping The Tire with Ice Pick.

  1. Grab the ice pick to slash tires.
  2. Use the force on the sidewall with the ice pick.
  3. Quickly strike on the sidewall and again do the same thing.

Using A Nail & Bottle Cap to Slash the Tire.

  1. Insert the nail on the bottle cap using a hammer.
  2. Place it on the floor under the target car tire.
  3. Drive the truck over it.
  4. Let the truck tire rest for around 15 – 20 minutes.
  5. It’ll slowly puncture without making a loud noise.

Piercing The Tire with A Valve Tool.

  1. Deflate the tire halfway.
  2. Take a car valve tool like the Slime 20088 4-Way Valve Tool that has a long and sharp head.
  3. Use pressure to slash the sidewall. You’ll need to hit again and again to reach the puncture-like tire.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much force does it take to slash a tire?

It will require around 30 – 35 PSI (pounds per square inch) to slash a tire by force. However, the weather does matter and affects by causing the tire air to raise due to the high temperature of 50°. In that case, you’ll need to lower the force.

2. Are slashing tires loud?

Yeah, it can pop by making a loud noise if you don’t care about the temperature of the air inside. To avoid this kind of sound, it’s better to depressurize aka deflate the tire, and then slash the tire which won’t make a terrible noise.

3. Is it illegal to slash tires?

It depends on whose tire you are going to slash. If it’s about someone else’s tire, then you might have to go to jail or pay a fine for doing so. This is an act of vandalism. However, if it’s about you, then it is legal.  

Ending Notes

No matter if it’s about insurance facilities or random reasons, the above technique will help to simply slash the tires in a quick, safe, and noise freeway.

I hope you have a good reason behind it and won’t harm other drivers’ cars just for fun or to take revenge. This can cause you big trouble so please avoid that. Plus, be sure to wear safety equipment to prevent mishaps in your first trial.

Hopefully, this guide about how to slash or puncture tires quickly is detailed and easy enough for you to try in the real world. If you like this guide, don’t forget to check other too! Have a nice day.

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