General Grabber ATX Vs BF Goodrich KO2: Which Is The Best Tire?

The two most notable tires in the automobile world are the ATX and the KO2. Both tires are top competitors for their quality and high-end features. That’s why people often search the internet to pick one of the two.

There are a few things you should consider when choosing a tire – the tire should ensure better grip on both on and off roads and comfort in almost all types of terrain. Anyway, since this article is about ATX vs KO2, let’s go deeper.

ATX Vs KO2: Detail Comparison

To discuss ATX and KO2 tires, we will discuss the factors that should be considered when buying a tire.


ATX tires are equipped with excellent design. Their thin, small grooves and blocks give a different look. If you want a beautiful-looking luxury tire, don’t hesitate to choose ATX.

The design of the KO2 tires is a bit bulky. Their grooves and blocks are wider, thicker, and larger. If you want strong, dynamic, and attractive tires, then KO2 is for you.

Tread Structure

Tire circumference refers to the part of the tire that touches the ground. KO2’s trade pattern is designed for long off-road driving. It uses chip and tear-resistant material which makes the tires tough and long-lasting.

Meanwhile, ATX tires are provided with a trade cushioning system with lugs to ensure smooth and flexible driving. In addition, ATX tires offer a lifetime of 60,000 miles.


The KO2 tires come in about 87 several sizes. In terms of load range, KO2 tires are available in C, D, E, Q, R, S, and T variants.

ATX tires, on the other hand, are available in 54 extents ranging from 14-20 inches and 27-37 inches diameter. C is very common in load ranges, but D, E, and XL ranges are also on your list of favorites.


Proprietary compounds have been used in KO2 tires. As a result, they can show extreme performance both on and off roads. These are the Anthem off-road Avenger tires which increase the performance of the cars to a higher level.

In contrast, ATX tires provide reliable tread and strong sidewall. Thus, drivers provide a smooth drive and excellent performance. They also increase the durability of tires by up to 20% for their stable trade technology. The application of a three-rubber layer by DuraGen technology on ATX tires makes it extremely tough.

Comfort & Noise

How much comfort you get from a tire depends on the level of noise it produces. In the case of on-road, the zero ratios of KO2 are relatively high, which makes it noisier than ATX. But the narrow groove of the ATX produces less noise.

However, in the case of off-road, the result is different. The comfort of this tire is high for the low footprint of KO2. This reduces noise production. The impact of the shock on the wide groove is absorbed by the tire.

Compared to that, ATX’s narrow notch doesn’t provide much comfort off-road. However, for the depth of the trade, it ensures a comfortable ride by absorbing the impact of the shock. Noise production of ATX tires is higher than KO2.

On-Road Traction

Both ATX and KO2 are great competitors in various fields. When it comes to on-road or paved roads or highways, KO2 results are excellent. Its thin and relatively shallow grooves provide less noise and more comfort.

But given the ATX tires are larger than KO2, it creates more noise in the case of on-road due to deep grooves. Comfort levels are also lower when driving with ATX on paved roads or highways.

Off-Road Traction 

Both KO2 and ATX tires perform well on light to diminish off-road. However, a detailed discussion is needed to choose which one is better.

Rock Terrain

Both tires provide excellent grip on rocky off-road. They have no problem running on rocks because of their large lugs and soft compounds. The difference, however, is that since KO2’s grooves and tracks are relatively large, they provide extra grip than the ATX.

Snow Terrain

Both the KO2 and ATX tires are extremely efficient on snowy terrain. First, the wide and deep grooves of KO2 hold the grip in the snow with extreme acceleration so that it does not slip. The deep grooves of ATX tires, on the other hand, hold water and snow so they can retain rhythm in icy geography.

Sand Terrain

KO2 tires have strong sidewalls. That’s why these tires perform well in the sand- one of the hardest terrains. ATX tires, on the other hand, do not perform very well in sandy environments for their aggressive trade patterns.

Mud Terrain

There is no problem with KO2 and ATX in muddy terrain. KO2 tires enact well on muddy roads but are occasionally slippery on extremely wet and muddy roads. However, the ATX is far ahead of this because it possesses a powerful thread layout of 5-way that holds an extreme grip on muddy roads.


In terms of price, ATX is relatively cheap and KO2 is expensive. Although KO2 tires are more expensive, they can meet more needs than competitors.

Pros And Cons of KO2 


  • Contains a solid rubber sidewall;
  • Good traction in all types of terrain;
  • Quiet and comfortable tires on both roads;
  • Great wear and tear resistance;
  • Off-road traction capability;
  • Has a long-running life;
  • Fit for all seasons and weather.


  • Relatively expensive.

Pros And Cons of ATX


  • Comfortable in all-terrain;
  • Optimal off-road performance;
  • Good trade life;
  • Rigid traction and hard surface stability;
  • Long trade ware warranty;
  • Affordable costs;
  • Smart grip technology;
  • Contains Duragen technology.


  • Lack of maintenance indicators;
  • Unresponsive to handling on the dry tarmac;
  • Noise on the highway.

Which One is Better- ATX or KO2?

This is the hardest time to decide which tire is better- ATX or KO2. KO2 and ATX are both tough rivals. These two tires are the best of all the sectors that need to be considered to consider a tire ideal.

If you want a tire that is comfortable off-road, performs well on rocky roads, provides high traction on snow and muddy roads, and has high hydroplaning resistance, then you should choose KO2.

On the other hand, if you want comfortable tires on the road, with good grip on ice, high walking depth, and good traction on the road, then ATX is perfect for you.


This article discusses in detail the ATX and KO2 tires so that you can easily decide which one is better. Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing a tire as an ideal.

If you want to ensure less noise, better comfort, and better ride from your car then you have to keep in mind the price, on and off-road performance, design, size, etc. If you want tires that give an equal performance in all terrain then both KO2 and ATX tires are perfect.

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