Are Ford F-150 Beds Interchangeable?

Yes, F-150 beds from the same generation (i.e., model years that share the same body style) are generally interchangeable. However, there may be slight variations in bed length, trim level, wheelbase and bed configuration between different F-150 models. So it is important to confirm compatibility before attempting to swap beds.

In this article, we’ll explore whether Ford F-150 beds are interchangeable and what factors to consider before attempting to make a switch. So, read on to learn more!

What Years Are Compatible With The Ford F-150 Bed?

In general, Ford F-150 beds are compatible within the same generation years.

The following table lists down the different F-150 generations along with their bed sizes.

Generations Years of Production Bed SizesInterchangeability
11th2004-20086.5ft, 8 ftInterchangeable Without Any Modifications
12th2009-20145.5 ft, 6.5 ft, 8 ftInterchangeable Without Any Modifications
13th2015-20205.5 ft, 6.5 ft, 8 ftInterchangeable, May Need Modifications
14th2021-Present 5.5 ft, 6.5 ft, 8 ftInterchangeable, May Need Modifications

So, the table shows that 11th and 12th generations are relatively more interchangeable. Let’s go through them in detail. 

11th Generation [2004 – 2008] 

11th generation Ford F150 beds are not compatible with 10th generation Ford F150 beds. However, the bed of a 12th generation Ford F150 might be a better fit. 

Between generations, there may be differences in body lines, taillights, and tailgates.

It is worth noting that despite these variations, the physical dimensions of all Ford F150 truck beds remain the same. Thus, all Ford F150 truck beds are available in 5.5-feet, 6.5-feet, and 8-feet sizes.

12th Generation [2009 – 2014]

The 12th generation Ford F150 beds are easily interchangeable with the 11th generation Ford F150. 

All Ford F150 truck beds have the same physical dimensions, which means you can choose from three sizes: 5.5 feet, 6.5 feet, and 8 feet. This makes them interchangeable, so you have options to suit your needs.

If you go for the 5.5-foot bed, you’ll get around 52.8 cubic feet of space inside, with a length of a little over 67 inches. 

The 6.5-foot bed provides nearly 79 inches of length, giving you a storage space of about 62.3 cubic feet. And if you need the most space, the largest option is the eight-foot bed, which has an interior length of 97.6 inches.

13th Generation [2015 – 2020]

Yes, the bed of a 13th generation Ford F150 can be used interchangeably with other F150 models. But keep in mind that there might be some variations in body lines, taillights, and tailgate designs. 

However, one thing that remains consistent is that all Ford F150 truck beds have the same physical dimensions. So, make sure to check properly before you go for interchanging. 

14th Generation [2021 – Present] 

The latest of the F150 also comes with a bed that is 5.5, 6.5 and 8 feet in length. Once again, making it compatible for interchanging with other generations of F150. 

However, keep in mind to check the bed size of your F150 and the one you are about to exchange before going for the final shift. 

Factors That Affect F-150 Bed Interchangeability

If you’re looking to swap out your F-150 bed, there are several factors and measurements you need to match before making a purchase. Those factors are discussed below.

Factor 1: Bed Size 

F-150s come in various bed sizes, including 5.5′, 6.5′, and 8′. When replacing the bed, it is crucial to ensure that the replacement bed matches the original bed’s size for proper fit and function.

Feature 2: Wheelbase 

The F-150 comes with different wheelbases and it varies based on the trim, cab type and year. Such as the XL trim of F-150 wheelbase size: Regular cab (122.8–141.5), SuperCab (145 inches), and SuperCrew (145 inches). It is important to ensure that the replacement bed matches the original F-150’s wheelbase for proper fit and function.


Feature 3: Trim Level 

Trim level refers to the different options and configurations offered for a vehicle model. Each trim level of the Ford F-150 comes with unique features and equipment, including variations in bed length and width. Therefore, it is crucial to know the model year and specific trim level to determine if beds can be interchanged.

Feature 4: Position of Bolts

The position of bolts that attach the bed to the frame can vary from model to model. Ensure that the replacement bed you choose has bolt holes that align with the holes in your truck’s frame.

Feature 5: Wiring and Taillights

The wiring and taillights of your truck bed need to be compatible with your F-150. To install tail and reverse lights in your truck bed, they need to fit into specific slots and have compatible wiring and height. If there are any differences, the wiring connections can be modified to make them work.

Feature 6: Rear bumper and Tailgate

Bumpers and tailgates are separate parts that can be easily plugged in and played. However, it’s important to ensure that the tailgate size matches the bed size for a secure fit. The bumper should also have a hole that lines up with the spare tire location.

Feature 7: Bed Configuration 

The Ford F-150 pickup truck has two types of bed styles – Styleside and Flareside. The Styleside bed has straight, rectangular edges. On the other hand, the Flareside bed has rounded edges with wheel arches that extend outside of the bed’s perimeter.

It is not possible to interchange the bed of a Style side F-150 with a Flare side F-150 or vice versa without extensive modifications. The two bed styles have different shapes and dimensions, and the mounting points for the bed to the chassis are also different.

How to Interchange Ford F-150 Beds

If you have confirmed that your replacement bed is compatible with your F-150, here are the steps to swap the beds.

Step 1: Gather The Necessary Tools and Equipment

You will need a socket wrench, socket set, and possibly a torque wrench. Also, any other tools required to transfer components from the old bed to the new one.

Step 2: Remove The Old Bed

Start by disconnecting the taillights, fuel filler neck, and any other electrical or mechanical connections that are attached to the bed. Use your socket wrench to remove the bolts that attach the bed to the frame. Lift the bed off of the truck and set it aside.

Step 3: Transferring Tailgate, Bed Liner to Install the Replacement Bad

If your replacement bed did not come with a tailgate, remove the old tailgate from the original bed. Then install it on the replacement bed. Transfer any other necessary components, such as the bed liner, tie-downs, or other accessories.

Step 4: Install The Replacement Bed

Position the replacement bed on the truck frame and align it with the mounting points. Use your socket wrench to secure the bed to the frame with bolts.

Make sure that the bed is level and properly aligned. Reconnect any electrical or mechanical connections that you previously disconnected.

Step 5: Test The New Bed

Once the replacement bed is installed, test it by loading and unloading cargo. Ensure that everything is secure and functioning properly. Check that the tailgate latches properly and that all accessories are working as expected.

That’s it! Interchanging the bed on your F-150 can be a bit of a project. With the right tools and a bit of patience, it is definitely doable. The following video will help you in interchanging the F-150 Bed:

Ford F-150 Bed Replacement Cost

The cost to replace a Ford F-150 truck bed can range between $1000 and $2000. It depends on several factors such as the model year, the overall condition of the bed, and its length.

Can You Interchange the Ford F-150 Truck Bed with F-250 and F-350 Beds?

No, you cannot interchange the Ford F-150 truck bed with those of the F-250 and F-350. While they may look similar, the F-150, F-250, and F-350 have different bed lengths, widths, and mounting points. Each truck model has its own specific frame and suspension components. These are designed to handle the weight and load of that particular model.

Using a truck bed from a different model can result in improper fitment. It can cause safety issues and damage to the vehicle. It’s important to use the correct parts for your specific Ford truck model to ensure proper fit, performance, and safety.


Are Ford F-150 And F-250 Beds The Same Size?

No, the Ford F-150 and F-250 beds are not the same size. While both models have a variety of bed lengths to choose from, the F-250 is typically larger and has more options. The 2021 Ford F-150 offers three bed lengths: 5.5 feet, 6.5 feet, and 8 feet. The 2021 Ford F-250 offers two bed lengths: 6.75 feet and 8 feet.

Which Ford Truck Has The Biggest Bed?

The Ford F-350 with a long bed option has the biggest bed among Ford trucks. The long bed option is 8.2 feet in length, providing plenty of space for hauling cargo and equipment.

How Much Weight Can I Put in The F-150 bed?

The maximum weight that an F-150 bed can safely carry ranges from approximately 1,410 pounds to 3,325 pounds. It depends on the specific model and configuration. It is important to consult the owner’s manual or manufacturer’s website to determine the exact weight limit and to avoid overloading the bed.


To conclude, beds of the same generation of Ford F-150 are interchangeable. However, slight variations in size, bed configuration, wheelbase and trim levels require compatibility confirmation. 

Different bed features and accessories may also differ between model years and trim levels. So, It is crucial to research and match the bed carefully with the truck’s specifications to ensure interchangeability. Good luck!

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