How Can I Cover My Car Windows for Privacy?

We sure are pretty concerned about our privacy. Honestly, who isn’t worried about people prying into our lives or looks. 

Privacy matters in every event occurring in our life. It also matters when we are in our car. You probably have encountered a situation where you just mind your own business in the car but the people outside are looking at you.

And sometimes, even if people don’t pry, we think we experience insecurity due to not having privacy in our cars. So, how can I cover my car windows for privacy?

Covering your car windows will be helpful when you are trying to ensure your privacy. Right now, we will be discussing how you can properly do it. To know all about covering your car windows for privacy stick with us till the very end.

Why should I cover my car windows?

As you have read earlier, why people prying into our lives is often annoying and frustrating. Well, it’s not like we are doing some really personal things in the car on a daily basis. But there are some necessary things we shouldn’t let the outside world know.

For example, we often change our clothes in the car when we are late for our baseball game and we didn’t get enough time to change at home. 

And sometimes, people like to eat in their cars.  Many people are actually concerned about their diets and they don’t want others to know that. 

The people outside the car can easily see us through the car windows if we don’t cover them up. The most cliche thing we could do in a rush situation is cover them up with a cloth or towel, but that’s not a permanent solution, is it?

How to cover up car windows for privacy?

We’ve known why we should cover up our windows earlier, right? Now let’s see how we are going to do that. 

Let’s break it down into two parts. One is for market-bought accessories and the other one is for DIY accessories.

How to cover car windows for privacy market-bought accessories

1. Window Tints

Tinting your car windows would be the most helpful way to ensure privacy. It keeps the temperature cooler inside the car. You can watch outside the car while the window is up, where the outside world can’t see you through it.

Tinting the windows cost a bit much than other protections and the best window tints will cost a lot more. But some regions have a restriction on window tints. In 2014, there was an incident that occurred in Narayanganj involving murder. That’s why the Bangladesh High Court has issued restrictions on window tints in Bangladesh except for a few high-profile personalities who require high-level security.

2. Luxury Car Curtains

This may not be the most protective way to ensure your privacy, but it gets its job done properly. And if you think that the curtains are going to ruin your car’s glamour, then you are absolutely wrong.

The luxury car curtains are of awesome designs and they protect us from UV radiations, sunshine, heat, peeping eyes, and many more disastrous conditions.

You can easily slide them away when you want to look outside and drag them in whenever you want. The only drawback of this method is that you can’t look outside without the outside world looking at you. And you should know that luxury car curtains are expensive.

3. Ultra-magnetic Shades

Ultra-magnetic shades are similar to window tints. But ultra-magnetic shades aren’t restricted to any regions.

When we drive down the highway, we don’t want people looking at us enjoying the drive. For that reason, this car privacy tool was invented. The best ultra-magnetic shades will cost you the same as the window tints.

You can enjoy the ride as much as you want because you will be the only one who can see through your windows, whereas the others outside the car won’t be able to see you. You can remove them whenever you want and install them very easily. Although the shades wouldn’t cover the entire window. Some areas are going to have gaps where anyone can see you from outside.

4. Blackout Covers

The car window blackout covers are also similar to window tints. You can see through the window from outside, but the outsiders can’t see you inside.

Although there is a minor difference between the window tints, ultra-magnetic shades, and blackout covers. The installation process of all of them aren’t identical. Tints are installed permanently on your windows, you can’t remove them afterwards.

The shades are like curtains, you can easily install them and remove them anytime you want.

And the covers are like tints but they aren’t permanent, you can remove them and install them again. And the fun fact is that the best blackout covers won’t cost you as much as the window tints will.

How to cover car windows for privacy DIY

1. DIY Curtains

Sadly here we can only recommend you for only one item. DIY products for car windows protection and privacy aren’t easy to make.

The reason for that would be the scarcity of the items used to make window tints or blackout covers. You can’t get your hands on the ingredients that can let you make the transparent for only one side protection except you are a professional crafter.

Any normal curtains would do fine for securing your privacy in your car. Just put on some curtains with a curtain rod on top of your car windows and you are good to go.


Although the items we use for ensuring our privacy in the car are necessary for us, some malicious criminals and assassins use them for committing crimes.

The window tints, ultra-magnetic shades, and blackout covers are used for executing assassinations, murders, kidnapping, and many other things, just because we can see through through them from inside but outsiders can’t see us.

So, watch out as not everyone is using the privacy ensuring materials properly, but you should.

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