How Can I Cover My Car Windows for Privacy?

Thinking about how can I cover my car window for privacy. There are four different options for you, Window Tint, Luxury Car Curtains, Ultra Magnetic Shades, and Blackout Covers. Any one of these will do the work for you but each has its own working, level of privacy offered, advantages and limitations. Selecting the best one for you depends on your need, budget, vehicle type, privacy type, and local vehicle laws.

Need some privacy and so thinking about how can I cover my car window for privacy purpose. This can be due to a lot of reason like, you feel sleepy in middle of journy and need to cover window to get some sleep, your are parked in busy area and planed to tea in carm your which you think its better to cover car windows.

This can also be done to hide your valuable items but how exactly to do it. This article is all about different methods that you can use to cover a car windows for privacy.

Why should I cover my car windows?

There are alot of reasons for which you many need to cover your car windows. We have developed a complete list of all possible cases where you many need to cover your car windows.

  • You need to block view from outside to inside of your car for privacy
  • You need to protect your valuable item placed inside the car
  • You need to block view from inside of car to outside
  • You need to block sunlight from entering into car

How Can I Cover My Car Windows for Privacy?

There are several ways in which one can cover car window for privacy. Option you adopt for depends on your need, budget, vehicle type, privacy type, and local vehicle laws. One can selection any one of the following option.

  • Window Tint
  • Luxury Car Curtains
  • Ultra Magnetic Shades
  • Blackout Covers

1. Window Tints

Window Tint is just a simple very thin drak color plastic sheet that is block the view through the surface on which it is applied. There are several grade option avaiable base on the need. Driver can select how much light and view he/she want to block throught its car windows.

Tinting your car windows would be the most helpful way to ensure privacy. It not only block the view from outside but also keep the temperature low inside the car by blocking a great portion of sunlight. Window tint only block view from the outside and you will be able to see clearly from inside to outside.

This tint sheets are very very thin just like a paper sheet and does not take any extra space, care, maintenace and working when once installed properly. They are fixed and you need to discard them if your thinking of replacing them or need any other type of cover.

These tints are so good in their working that some countires band them based on their law. Only draw back of these tints is that they only work with your windows up. So no fresh air is possible with this tint protection.

2. Luxury Car Curtains

Just like the regular home curtains these car curtain are for car windows and they work exactly like the regular home curtains. Some differences are that they are manufactured from very high quality fabric and need to tailerd for each customer need.

They are usually plan mean no designing on them with quite a wide range of colors to select from. The luxury car curtains are an awesome product and they protect us from UV radiations, sunshine, heat, peeping eyes, and many more conditions.

Just like home curtains you can easily slide them away when you want to look outside and drag them in whenever you want. The only drawback of this method is that you can’t look outside without the outside world looking at you. And you should know that luxury car curtains are expensive.

You can use this protection even with your window down specially when parked or stuck in traffic and need to down your window. You cannot use them with window down while driving as wind will make them literaly useless and very difficult for driver to drive .

3. Ultra-magnetic Shades

Ultra magnetic shade also known as the car sun shade is thing that try to cover both prespective that is of tint and curtains. They are made exactly as per window shape and size and have a fine porous cloth covring the extire window area.

They get fixed on window metal part with help of their magnetics rather than glass. This means you can use them with even windown down and while driving too. Their porous cloth allow wind to pass easily while drive or at parking.

One draw back is that they are not as good in blocking sight or sunlight as tint or curtain and that is due to their porous structure. One great advantage of these magnetic shade is that you can remove them whenever you want and install them very easily.

4. Blackout Covers

Blackout covers are just like car protection cover but they just work for inside to block sight and sunlight. They ar made from varity of materials but mosts high strenght fabric or plastic sheet that totally back on one side and has shinly light reflector material on other side.

Black side of the cover remain inside while shiny light reflector side is always kept directing outside. From all types of covers these are best in blocking sunlight and are mostly used for parked cars or when driver wants to take a nap on highway (while car is parked).

These covers are also used on front wind screen too and can easily be installed and remove when evern needed. Although there is a minor difference between the window tints, ultra-magnetic shades, and blackout covers. The installation process of all of them aren’t identical.

Cover up car windows for privacy infographic


Although the items we use for ensuring our privacy in the car are necessary for us, some malicious criminals and assassins use them for committing crimes.

The window tints, ultra-magnetic shades, and blackout covers are used for executing assassinations, murders, kidnapping, and many other things, just because we can see through through them from inside but outsiders can’t see us.

So, watch out as not everyone is using the privacy ensuring materials properly, but you should.

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