How Much Does It Cost to Tint Car Windows?

Beneficial customization is the glass tinting process of car windows. It enhances the outer look of a car and helps the glass to block sun rays by several degrees. 

So, how much does it cost to tint car windows? The average cost of tinting car windows starts at as low as $50, which can surge up to $500. There are several factors behind this. 

The wrapping of the glass of a car completely depends on the quality and darkness of the paper. Another factor that works behind the price is the type of tint paper. 

Today we shall disclose all the relative information regarding tinting the car windows. After that, you decide whether it is worth it or not. 

How Much Does It Cost To Tint Car Windows?

When you own a car, there are plenty of options that you can purchase to make your car look great. Some of the customizations only make the car look amazing, and some are beneficial besides the look. 

Without further delay, let’s jump into the deep. 

Types Of Tinting Process And Their Cost

There are several types of tinting processes available that you can own. Yet, the primary classification is five, and those are,

Dyed Tinting

Dyed Tinting is immensely popular nowadays. It can block almost 70% to 80% of sun shafts through the car windows. The basic process of dyed tinting includes the use of dyed films. Moreover, there are different shades of this dyed film. The minimum dark will cut off around 10% of the sun shafts, and the darkest can cut up to 90%. 

Among those shades, the medium-dark is the most popular, allowing 50% to 60% of sunshafts to enter the car. Yet, due to other various tinting processes, dyed tinting is becoming less desirable. Moreover, the UV shield is not that robust in dyed tint. As a result, it helps meagerly control the car’s inner temperature. 

Along with the variety, the dyed tinting option is the most affordable that you can own. The average cost of dyed tinting of sedan car windows is $50 to $150.

Metalized Or Metallic Tint

After hearing the name, we can guess this tinting process. It contains metal to build the tinting shield. And metals are formed as microplates here. The metalized tint reflects all the sunshafts when the sun rays on the car windows. It doesn’t absorb the rays like the dyed tinting. As a result, it doesn’t allow the heat and UV light to enter. 

Moreover, the metalized or metallic tint can work as scratch-resistant. And it also helps to avoid minor accidental injuries. When you apply the metalized tint on the car windows, it creates a shiny cover to the windows. 

It will enhance the beauty of your car by several degrees, especially when your car’s color is gray or silver. It also looks amazing on black cars.

One general problem of this tinting process is since it contains metallic microplates, it can be a slight barrier to the GPS and radio system. The average cost of this tinting process is $100 to $200.

Hybrid Tint

Another unique and exquisite tint system is hybrid tinting. It is the hybrid version of the previously mentioned Tinting processes, dyed and metallic. The hybrid tint version was developed to cut the pitfalls of both metallic and dyed tinting processes. 

The overall process of adhering to the hybrid tint includes several steps. First, we need to stick the adhesive part to the and after that, the metalized and dyed tint paper. Both papers are attached so significantly that it seems like a single paper. The hybrid tinting process is the most effective option. 

There is a conflict between the darkest dyed tint and the hybrid tint. People assume that the darkest dyed tint is more adequate than the hybrid tint, which is utterly incorrect. The darkest dyed tint only blocks the lights, not the heat. 

On the other hand, the hybrid works against both light and heat. Moreover, it is not as shiny as the metallic tint; therefore, it does not reflect light enormously. 

Regarding the cost, it is more efficient than a metalized tint and more costly than a dyed tint. Like the other advantages, the price also lies between dyed and metalized tint prices. And the price is around $100 to $150.

Carbon Window Tinting

Another most liked tinting process is carbon tinting. There are enormous slight layers of polymer and carbon, which assist the glass in stopping the light and heat from reaching the interior. 

The best part of this tint is it provides a matte finish to the glass and enhances its beauty by several degrees. Moreover, it is pretty dark to avoid the sun’s rays. 

What makes the carbon tinting more special is its durability of this tint. Unlike the other tinting processes, it is more durable in rigidness. And there is no sign of metal in this tinting process. If we discuss the advantages of this tint shortly, the majors are,

It doesn’t reflect light or image. It gives an extraordinary look to the glass, which looks like the glass is black. 

The polymer and carbon layers adequately absorb the heat and light, and your interior remains cool.

Since the advantages are unique, the price is higher than any tint. The price is around $150 to $400, depending on the quality. 

Ceramic Tint

Ceramic tint can serve you with the best experience of the tinting process. Yet, it is not that prevalent due to its cost. It is the most expensive option you can own for your car windows.

The ceramic tint can absorb heat and light by two or three times more than any tint. It is also as durable as the carbon window tint and does not reflect any light or image. The best part of the ceramic tint is it allows a great vision from the internal sight. 

The average cost of the ceramic window tint of a sedan car is $400 to $500. SUV or other car car windows can cost you more to coat by ceramic tint.

Cost To Tint Car Windows Infographic


1. What is the darkest window tint?

Answer: There are many options you can own while tinting your car windows. If you are out of budget, you can go for hybrid tinting. If it is not, go for the ceramic tint. And choose the 50% darkness for the average and fruitful tint. 

3. How much do tinted windows cost UK?

Answer: It depends on the workshop and how expert their professionals are. Yet, the average cost of tinting a sedan window is £100 to £200. While tinting an SUV’s windows, the price may surge. 

3. What is the darkest legal tint in the UK?

Answer: You can tint your car windows by 75% darker than the average in the UK. Yet, it is wiser to dark not more than 70% so that you can get a clear vision from inside.


In the end, now we can assume the overall answer of how much does it cost to tint car windows? Due to the variation of states and other factors, the price can be different. Yet, we can estimate the price from the article above. 

All the options are amazing according to their price range. But, we recommend you select the ceramic tint if you have a few more budgets. Other than this, a hybrid tint is an amazing option.

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