How To Clean Mass Air Flow Sensor Chevy Silverado? (Solved)

The cleaning process of the mass air flow sensor of the Chevy Silverado 1500 is pretty simple. Firstly, locate the sensor, its between the air filter and intake manifold. Then you need to unplug the wires from the sensor and uninstall it using a screwdriver. After that, clean the sensor with an air flow sensor cleaner and reinstall the sensor.

A vehicle is a combination of various electronic elements, and a mass air flow sensor is one of those related to fuel injection systems. The prime task of this sensor is to determine the mass air flow rate of the air being delivered to the internal combustion engine. 

However, we often face difficulties when cleaning out Chevy’s mass air flow sensor. So, today our disclosure is on how to clean mass air flow sensor Chevy Silverado.

The mass air flow sensor in installed in between the air filter and engine air intake manifold. The method of cleaning the air flow sensor is pretty straightforward and quick. However, there are some steps you need to follow.

How To Clean Mass Air Flow Sensor Chevy Silverado

There are about five steps in safely removing and cleaning the mass air flow sensor of Chevy Silverado. You have to follow these steps with great clear as any damage to this sensor can prove quite heavy on your pocket.

Following are the steps to clean mass air flow sensor Chevy Silverado.

  1. Firstly, open the bonnet of your Chevy Silverado and locate the air filter. After locating the air filter, you will notice a pipe connected to it. Pipe is the engine air intake manifold.
  2. At the joining point of pipe and air filter, you will see the circular tool, that the mass air flow sensor. 
  3. You need to unscrew the screws that keep the mass air flow sensor tightened with both the air filter and pipe. 
  4. The air sensor will pop out automatically after loosening the screws with a flathead screwdriver. 
  5. You will also notice a set of wires connected with the mass air flow sensor. Unplug the wire carefully. 
  6. Finally, after removing the mass air flow sensor, use a cleaner to clean it. There are enormous mass air flow sensor cleaners in the market. Don’t use a general cleaner to wash your mass air flow sensor. It may harm your sensor.

Moreover, using a brush, wipe or other elements is not required. You should cleaned the mass air flow sensor of your Chevy Silverado after driving for 20,000 to 30,000 miles.

Cleaning of a mass air flow sensor Infographic

After Cleaning The Mass Air Sensor

When your cleaning process is complete, you also need to wash the air filter and the intake tube. 

The cleaning of the air filter requires a different cleaner, and for the air intake tube, you can use a wipe. After doing these tasks, you can reinstall the entire setup.

To reinstall the setup, first place the air filter on its place and then attached sensor at its place on manifold. You need to plug-in the wires of the sensor and tight the screws to assemble the setup.

While installing the air filter, you must observe the dryness of the filter. Do not install a wet air filter. It can damage the mass air flow sensor and create a clog in the intake tube.

When Should You Clean Your Mass Air Flow Sensor?

Several symptoms indicate the cleaning of a mass air flow sensor. If you face one of these, immediately start cleaning your Chevy Silverado’s Sensor.

Reduced Performance

You will observe low performance from you engine specially in terms of torque and speed. This is more prominent when you need high torque or try to drive at high speed. This indicates that sensor is giving wrong information of the system and system is not working optimally.

Problem Accelerating

When your Chevy’s mass air flow sensor does not work correctly, you will notice the engine is not powering up at high acceleration. Reason is same as the reduced power and only solution is to clean the sensor for proper working.

Difficulties While Starting

A dirty mass air flow sensor will cause difficulty while you start your Chevy Silverado. Sometimes your engine may not start at all.

There are some other issues that may require a change of the mass air flow sensor after driving for 25,000 miles. The optimum solution is that you may offer your Chevy Silverado an entire check-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the symptoms of a dirty mass air flow sensor?

Answer: Several symptoms will indicate your dirty mass air flow sensor. The first symptom is your engine will lose of power, difficult in acceleration, and difficulty in starting engine.

2. Can I clean my air mass flow sensor with any cleaner?

Answer: No you cannot clean you air mass flow sensor with any cleaner. You need dedicated cleaners for this. Using regular cleaner of any wrong method can do more harm than good. So be careful else it can prove quite heavy on your pocket.

3. Can you clean a mass air flow sensor my yourself?

Answer: Yes, one can clean a mass air flow sensor by following several steps mentioned above. There is no complicated work or task associated to it.


It is undoubtedly essential to clean the mass air flow sensor. About you query of how to clean the mass air flow sensor Chevy Silverado, we hope you don’t have any mystifications now. The method is quite easy, but it can help your vehicle serve healthy performance.

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