How To Get More Power Out Of My 4.7 Dodge? (Solved)

You are using a 4.7 Dodge engine and are somewhat okay with your vehicle’s pace. But like any other person, no one escapes the desire of having that immense, powerful engineer who gives you great speed while driving. 

So if you are thinking of giving up on your desire, how about upgrading your existing 4.7 Dodge engine. But now, the question in your mind would be how to get more power out of my 4.7 Dodge. 

Well, don’t worry, we have the answer to your question. You must install a cold air intake system and a performance exhaust to get more power. Other materials will also help you upgrade 4.7 Dodge, so to learn about them, stay with us. 

Get More Power Out Of My 4.7 Dodge:

Now let us tell you all about how you can get more power out of the 4.7 Dodge. 

Ways Of Upgrading 4.7 Dodge 

As we are discussing ways of upgrading your 4.7 dodge, it is essential to remember that while the up-gradation is going on, we must not sacrifice the fuel economy for the power. 

The fuel economy and power are two important facts regarding upgrading or getting more power out of 4.7 Dodge. Let’s look at the facts that will help you without delay.

Installing Cold Air Intake System

To increase the efficiency of your engineer, the foremost and the known way is to cool down the temperature of the air before it enters the cylinder. Installing a cold air intake system in your engine is recommended. 

As we know, cold air is denser than warm air, so before entering the cylinder, if the air is cool, it will expand more, enabling more pressure in the cylinders. 

The more pressure is created, the engine will have more profound ignition, power and acceleration. Other than that, it also works for fuel economy. The excess air that the cold air intake system gets from the outside helps not use extra fuel for more power. Therefore you must install a cold air intake system immediately.

Performance Exhaust

The exhaust system is an essential part of your vehicle. The work of the exhaust is to flow out gas, so your vehicle gets energy. It is also responsible for getting the gas out of the cylinder by reducing the back pressures.

 If your performance exhaust is clogged for some reason, it will take too much energy to push out the gas from the cylinder, leaving much less energy for your engine to work efficiently. 

It can create back pressure reducing the output of the engine. To increase your engine’s power and save energy, you must upgrade your performance exhaust for a better and higher one. 

Doing so will help reduce the back pressure of gasses in the engine. The process will be done with the help of high flowing pipes, high flow mufflers and high flow catalytic converters. These types of systems are called cat-back systems from Magnaflow and Borla.

Performance Control Module (PCM)

Controlling the fuel-to-air mixture by installing the performance control module is scouted as another best way to increase the efficiency of your 4.7 Dodge. 

The chips and the turners in PCM control the fuel-to-air mixture; this allows you to own the mixture from the compartment of your vehicle. 

If you want better fuel economy, then the performance control module is the proper process for you, as the PMC can be customized according to your needs. As for fuel economy, you can lessen the amount of fuel injected inside your engine’s cylinders. 

And if you want more power for your engine, then you can set the PCM chip to make a richer mixture of fuel to air to boost the power. 

Turbo Charger

If you can somehow initiate more airflow in the cylinder, we can increase the power flow of the engine. To make it happen, we need the engine equipped with a turbocharger. The task of the turbocharger is to pressurize the incoming airflow to corrugate more fuel/ air mixture into the cylinder.

Using Lightweight Pistons

The usage of heavy-material in the engine consumes a lot of energy which leads to reduced engine power. Therefore, a lightweight piston is recommended because it helps increase the engine power.

Increasing Compression Ratio

A simple way to increase the power of the 4.7 Dodge is by increasing the compression ratio. The more the piston will compress the mixture of air/fuel, the more power it will produce for the engine to run.

Boost Your 4.7 Dodge’s Performance Infographic

Boost Your 4.7 Dodge's Performance Infographic

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is 4.7 dodge a good engine?

The 4.7 Dodge engine may be smaller than its other types, but it is known for its stability, which leaves a lasting impression on those driving jeeps. But it also has its downfall compared to its modern engines today. 

All the engines can have problems with their cooling system, but when it comes to 4.7 dodge, some of the parts of the cooling system like a thermostat, cooling fan, and coolant hoses can quickly wear and tear. 

Also, the radiators and hoses can have cracked with age. Then comes the head gasket failure; it gets overheated very quickly compared to other engines. It is tough to say if it is a good engine or not. 

2. How many cubic inches is a Dodge 4.7 L?

4.7 L is available in V6 and V8.2867 cubic inches, cast iron with aluminium heads, a bore and a stroke of 3.66×3.405, and horsepower starting with 235. It can be more, but it will depend on your model.


Hopefully, the answer we have provided to your question on how to get more power out of my 4.7 Dodge has satisfied you. Everyone wants to increase the speed of their car. So the ways we have stated above will help you increase the power of your 4.7 Dodge without much difficulty. So, therefore, enjoy the immense speed and power with a bit of up-gradation of some components. 

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  1. I hear people say that the 4.7 is junk all the time but I have a 2007 Dodge ram and use it as a work truck and I have put 347,000 miles on it without a single problem.. I maintain my vehicles properly so I’m guessing that’s the difference..


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