How To Put Air In Tires Without Gauge – The Easy Way!

Pressure gauge is an important device that help to check tire air pressure. There are other methods that help to check tire air pressure and enable the driver to inflate tires with proper air pressure. You can your hands thumb to press the check air pressure in tires or you can visually inspect tire condition.

Setting the proper air pressure in a vehicle tire is very important for tire life and stable driving experience. Inflating tires with proper air pressure is very easly when we use related pressure measuring gauge.

Tire pressure measuring gauge is standard equipment which each and every automotive workshop had but you every wounder how to put air in tires without gauge. Yes, its possible to inflate tires with approximate air pressure without gauge.

There some reliable methods to do this and in this article we will dicuss them in detail.

This is How To Put Air In Tires Without Gauge!

There are two main setups or process that you can follow to properly inflate tires with air. These methods may not be as accurate as a standard pressure gauge but they do offer help in the case you don’t have gauge at hand or have a broken one.

Method #1: Using Your Hand & An Air Pump

This method can be very help full when you are inflating tires in a middle of your journy when there is no workshop near by. This process can be effective for bike tires or tires of small cars.

  • Press the tire using your hand. Use your thumb to press on the tire side wall.
  • You really need to press well here to check the air pressure inside the tire.
  • Inflate the tire using hand air pump or small car battery powered air pumps available in maket
  • Use your thumb to check for the pressure.
  • If it seems soft and fluffy-like, then this means the tire pressure is low. The hard-core tire which seems hard to press indicates an overinflated air level.
  • You may need to inflate or deflate tire based on what you feel/observe with your thumb.
  • Check again after inflating or delfating tire.
  • Once you fell the tire air pressure is good to go, repeat the process for other three tires.

Method #2: The Digital Tire Compressor

  • Start by, placing your vehicle on flat and even ground. It will be difficult to get correct pressure reading on inclinded surface.
  • Inspect the 4 tires (both front and back side). Any driver can easily tell which tire is deflated, which one is properly inflated and which one is over inflated.
  • For any deflated tire, use a digital tire compressor that has around 80 – 100 PSI rating like the AstroAI Air Compressor.
  • Turn on the vehicle engine.
  • Insert the inflator pump plug into the 12V outlet of your vehicle.
  • Connect the pump outlet nozzle onto the tire air inlet valve.
  • Set the required PSI on the pump and then start he pump for tire inflation
  • All modern pumps will automatically stop when pressure value reach the predetermined value.
  • Wait for a while until it automatically stops.
  • Turn off the inflation switch and remove its nozzle.
  • You are all done.

Note: Always inflate tires based on the pressure recommended by the car or tire manufacturer. This is easily be found on user manual.

Methods to Put Air In Tires Without Gauge infographic

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to put air in tires at gas station?

In order to put air in tires at the gas station, just follow the given steps which would require no tools. Here are the instructions:

  1. Drive to the local gas station’s air compressor area.
  2. Ensure the tires are cold (always do tire inflation at beginning of the journy)
  3. Remove the plastic valve protection cap from the air valve.
  4. Adjust the PSI level on the machine.
  5. Insert the air compressor hose mouth in the valve stem.
  6. Fill air till the required pressure is obtained (initially set of the machine)
  7. Remove the hose and insert the valve protaction cap.

2. How to tell which tire needs air?

To tell if the tire needs air or not, it can be done by using the tire pressure gauge. Other than this tool, using your hands and eyes to closely inspect the tires will help to know the approximate air level.  

3. How much air do I fill my tires with?

Nearly all passenger cars have a specific tire air rate to put air for around 31 – 32 PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch) in a cold state. However, if talking about modern cars, the tire recommended air rate is 32 – 35 PSI on average.

Wrap Up

Facing a flat tire when you don’t have a pressure gauge to check the pressure is not always a annoying thing if you know how to use the above methods.

Ensure that the tire isn’t overinflated as this kind of situation will give a puncture experience. Plus, be careful about the weather, especially in winter and summer which affects the tire pressure. Hopefully, this guide about how to put air in tires without gauge helps you. See You Again!

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