How To Reset Clicker Garage Door Keypad Without Code? (Solved)

If your have forget or need to change your clicker garge door keypad, then its a simple three step process that can be completed in five minutes. You need to locate your motor unit, press and hold the learn knob until light stop illuminating. Enter the new code and press the learn knob once again. You are done and new password has been set.

Its raining heavly and you are in your car outside the garage, trying to open the garage door with cliker greager door keypad. Your are trying over and over again but keypad does not work and you wounder How to reset clicker grage door keypad without codes.

Clicker garge door keypads are designed for user comfort, so you neither have to came out of your car to open garage door nor you have to wait for someone to come and open door for you.

For security these devices need a code to enter on keypad but sometime it happen that you forget your security code. Now you can’t unlock door with keypad untill you reset it to erase old code.

The process of resetting the keypad without code isn’t complicated at all. You just have to follow some steps in order to make it done. To know those steps, stay with us till the end.

What is a clicker garage door keypad?

We already talked about it earlier that a clicker garage door keypad will allow you to control your garage door wirelessly within a range. You can open up your garage door without getting out of the car. It will save a great deal of time and energy.

It has a set of codes and different LED color panels on the button or keypad to make it understandable for us. There are many renowned companies dedicated to manufacturing these clicker garage doors like LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman, etc.

How to reset clicker garage door keypad without codes?

Cliker garage door keypads are quite an innovative products and have proper relearn function or setup in them for a reset. Usually they can be reset with very simple steps. These devices have a special button (relearn knob) for this reset process and all you have to do is to press that reset button and its all done.

Follow the below mention steps to reset clicker garage door keypad

  • Reaching for Motor Unit
  • Find and Press the Learn Knob
  • Set the New Code

1. Reaching for the Door Motor Unit

To find the garage door motor unit, you have to get to the top of the door opener of the garage. You can take the help of a ladder or tool to get there. Once you reach the motor unit, its time for next step.

2. Find the Learn Knob

The learn knob will let you erase your current password. So, first, you have to locate your learn knob around the motor unit area. It will most likely be on the left or right side of the motor unit.

Once you’ve found it, press and hold the learn knob. Hold it until the lights stop illuminating. Now your previous password has been erased and you are good to set a new one. Be careful here and reset the new password imidiately as after reset door can be open without need of code.

3. Setting up a new code

This is the last step to reset clicker garage door without code. For this one, you have to press and hold the learn knob again until light illuminate again. Then go to the keypad and set your new password.

Remember, your password would be the only security obstacle the thieves will be facing. An easy password will let them make into your garage easily and steal your car. 

Assuming you have set your new code into the keypad, the lights surrounding the motor unit will blink a few times. It means you’ve successfully reset your code. Now, press the learn knob again and your garage door should open up.

As you know Liftmaster and Chamberlain are one of the best manufacturers when it comes to the clicker garage doors. So, let’s see how to reset Chamberlain clicker grage door keypad to get a better point of view.

How to reset clicker garage door keypad without code chamberlain?

  • You have to press and hold the star * and the # (pound button) at the exact same time to make it work. Then, you will see a red light blinking a few times. Hold buttons until light stop flashing.
  • Now put the new code from the keypad and press the pound button
  • Now hit your garage door opener type, in some cases its five and hit pound button again.
  • Now move to your garage door remote unit and press that red button present at the back end of remote. You will see a light being illuminated.
  • Now get back to door opener keypad and put in the new code and press zero. Your remote light will flash. That the sign that new code is accepted.
  • Press zero and your door will close. To open the door reenter the code and press zero and your grage door will open.
  • This is How to reset clicker garage door keypad without code chamberlain

As for the ones who are wondering: How to reset clicker garage door keypad without code LiftMaster? We can assure you that the process of resetting the keypad of the Chamberlain clicker door is the same as the LiftMaster clicker garage door. You can follow the instructions mentioned above.

Reset clicker garage door keypad infographic


We hope that you’ve learned how to reset clicker garage door without code by now. 

Well, we did say that it isn’t complicated at all. And most of the clicker garage doors have the same procedure to reset their passwords. That’s why you shouldn’t face any problem even if you’re accustomed to only one garage door opener.

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