Learn To Unmarry SCT X4 Tuner Without Car – Stock Return!

Turning software and accessories to improve car speed and velocity is only possible with an SCT X4 tuner. This device is married or locked to a truck (mostly Ford, GM, and Dodge models). 

In case you have sold your truck but want to use an old tuner, it needs to be unlocked. So, how to unmarry SCT X4 tuner without car?

To remote unmarry (SCT X4 tuner), the part numbers right now available are not much. These are:

7015PFS, 7015P, 7015PE, 7015PSR, 7015PBD, 7015PBE, 7015PID, 7015ID, 7015SR, 7015E, 7015, 7015FS, 7015PV, 7015BE, 7015BD, & 7015V.

Let’s learn SCT X4 how to unmarry methods to apply in real life!

Uncover How to Unmarry SCT X4 Tuner Without Car.

Using inside options of SCT X4 tuner you can unmarry it easily though this will need time. On the other hand, paying a little attention to get in-depth info about the technique will be a timesaving method.

As you are about to return the car to inventory, it’s time to discover how to unmarry SCT tuner without car in the easiest and most explained way. Follow the given procedure:

  • Go to the main menu. Then, click on Program Vehicle.
  • Select the Return bar and press it.
  • Shift the key to the On position then you’ll see a flash popping. That’s when you need to confirm the allowance, meaning click on Continue. It’ll reset the function (PCM to factory tuning) which can be seen in the progress indicator.
  • Finish the inventory recovery system by shifting the key to the On & Off position. The SCT X4 tuner you own is now unmarried.

How To Unlock SCT X4 Tuner Yourself – Shortcut Technique!

Looking at the heading you can guess what I’ll describe. Now, here’s how to unmarry SCT X4 by yourself:

  • Reset the SCT tuner.
  • Type https://sctflash.com/unlock on the search engine’s box to buy the unlock.
  • Fill in the details of your car (like the year, make, model, and engine) then give the serial number in the bottom box. Click on Search for device bar.
  • Hit on Continue on the Device Found page. Then, give all the payment details and click on Complete Purchase.
  • You’ll get an email with a confirmation number. Now you can unlock it by turning the Device Updater on your PC.
  • Plug the tuner in and hit on Automatically Check for Updates. Wait for it to complete.
  • After completing the procedure, the SCT X4 tuner is unmarried.

Caution: You have to use Windows PC to do the task well.

Learn-To-Unmarry-SCT-X4-Tuner-Without-Car Infographic

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my SCT X4?

Start by, turning off the tuner. Click the reset button and hold it for some seconds. Continue holding the button as you’ll see the status LED indicator is bouncing in a 1 – 5 – 1 or 1 – 1 – 1 pattern. Wait for 30 seconds and then release the button. Then reboot the device to finish up.

Can you Unmarry a SCT tuner without car?

As an SCT tuner can be VINs locked meaning married or linked to a car (single), it is possible to unmarry it without any vehicle. 

How much does it cost to Unmarry a SCT tuner?

In most cases, it would cost around $150 to $200 to unmarry the SCT tuner. If counting other costs like labor, tax, and so on, the charge will be more.  

How do I know if my SCT tuner is married?

In the SCT tuner, locate the upright edge and see if the checkbox of the ‘Married’ is filled or not. If yes, then the tuner is married or locked to a single car. However, it mightn’t be locked if the checkbox is unchecked.

How to Check if Your SCT X4 is Unmarried/Unlocked

Ending Note

That’s all for today with a quick step-by-step explanation about how to unmarry SCT X4 tuner without car. I have also given some useful pieces of info in case you are a first-timer and don’t have clue about the topic well.

Do you find this guide handy or still looking for the answer? Hope this content has solved your trouble with unmarry situation of SCT X4. See You Soon!  

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