What is the Fastest Shifting Transmission? – [Explained!!]

The fastest shifting transmission is Dual Clutch Transmission. It has a shifting time of 8ms-100ms. The second type is Automated Manual Transmission and it has shift time of 50 and 250 milliseconds. The next transmission type is automatic and manual. Their shifting times are 0.2–0.5 and 500–1 seconds, respectively.

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Fastest Transmission Based on Transmission Type

As we’ve mentioned, in terms of shifting time, dual clutch transmissions are the fastest. Here, we’ve mentioned the shifting time for the other transmissions for you to verify.

Transmission TypesShifting Time
Minimum Shifting TimeMaximum Shifting Time
Dual Clutch8ms100ms
Automated Manual50ms250ms

Now, let’s explain in detail about all these transmissions. 

How Fast Does a Dual Clutch Transmission Shift?

Dual clutch transmissions are the fastest with a minimum shifting time of 8ms. The secret behind its speed is its mechanism. It uses two clutches for its gears shifting mechanism. One is used for the even gears shifting and the other for the odd gears shifting.

Using these two clutches, it can swiftly change the gears during driving. It uses the associated clutch when you’re shifting from 1-3-5 to 2-4-6 gears respectively. Thus, it has reached a whole new level for automatic transmissions

The DCT is compact and lightweight. This helps to provide this exclusive speed and easy gear shifting. Since it’s lighter, it can be easily mounted with transversally installed engines. Thus, making it an outstanding choice for high-performance front-wheel-drive models.

How Fast Does an Automated Manual Transmission Shift?

After dual clutch terminals, automated manual transmissions reign the chart with a minimum shifting time of 50ms. Even though the driver has to switch the gears manually, its automatic actuation does the main trick.

After the driver manually shifts the gear using lever, the sensors and actuators do the rest. They are connected to the microprocessor or TCU, which operates the clutch and throttle. Thus it can match the revs in milliseconds by re-engaging the clutch.

Even the torque and power transfers to the wheels are automatically controlled. In modern automated manual transmissions, the driver can also skip gears. Thus, the shifting time is greatly decreased.

How Fast Does an Automatic Transmission Shift?

Usually, automatic transmissions have a minimum shifting speed of approximately 0.2s. Compared to some other transmissions, this may be slower. But it also has its own conveniences. 

For example, the automatic transmission is easier to operate. Because it only has the brake and accelerator and no clutch pedals. So when the driver shifts the gear to ‘D,’ the gearbox automatically shifts.

Modern automatic transmissions use 8-10 speed boxes. With more gears, the transmission can use the engine’s power more efficiently. Thus, it greatly covers up for the lack of shifting time by providing a greater driving experience.

How Fast Does a Manual Transmission Shift?

Next are manual transmissions with a minimum shifting time of 0.5s. Here, the high level of driver control helps to reach the speed. 

Unlike automatic or dual-clutch transmissions, the driver must operate everything manually here. From pressing the clutch pedal, disengaging the gearbox, and choosing gear to engage the transmission, everything is done manually. Here, the key is driver skills. 

A skilled driver can execute all these tasks in a short time using modern transmissions. Thus, they are still used in many sports cars to generate the analog feel. Although, for an unskilled driver, the shifting time will increase dramatically.

Now, let’s move on forward and talk about which car you’ll get the fastest experience.

Cars with Fastest Transmissions- Why?

Now we’ll learn which cars have the fastest transmissions. Analyzing based on their specific features and capabilities, we’ll know why they’re the best.

Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing

So, the fastest shifting manual transmission in our list is the Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing. (1) It’s the last manual transmission Cadillac provided. But for a manual transmission, it provides exceptional speed.

The Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing contains a six-speed manual transmission. It has six forward gears and one reverse gear. Among them, the first three gears are underdrive gears.

Camaro ZL1

Moving forward, the fastest-shifting automatic transmission is the Camaro ZL1. The Camaro ZL1 is the fastest due to its ten-speed automatic transmission. It has four gear sets. 

The distinctive feature that makes it faster is the six clutches. On the eight-speed transmission, five clutches are used. Thus the added clutch in the ten-speed transmission causes the added speed. 

Another great feature is it’s not heavier than an eight-speed transmission. Thus, the speed of the car isn’t affected by its weight. 

Lamborghini Huracan

Finally, the fastest shifting dual clutch transmission is the Lamborghini Huracan. It comes with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. It’s created to ensure immediate car adjustment setup.

With the dual-clutch transmission, manual and automatic transmission advantages are incorporated. It has two input shafts with improved NVH levels. Electric motors automatically carry out dual clutch gear changing by controlling the actuators. (2)

Thus, the seven-speed transmission in the Lamborghini Huracan ensures smooth driving with maximum power. Even its compact size and gear ratio help to achieve this performance. 

One of the best features is that it doesn’t interrupt the force of driving while changing gears. Rather the lightning-fast gear change provides the rider with a smooth experience. Also, it has excellent fuel economy, which surpasses manual transmission.


Cadillac CT5V wing can deliver more power and acceleration using its sixth. Camaro Zl1 uses a ten-speed automatic transmission allowing its unbeatable speed. Lamborghini Huracan ensures a smooth experience with a fast gear shift. 

Transmission Comparison

As we’ve seen, different cars are the best relating to their transmissions. Thus, there are significant differences among their characteristics.

We must learn about them properly to understand what we are dealing with. Thus we have prepared a short table depicting their distinctive features.

ManualAutomaticDual Clutch(DCT)Automated Manual (AMT)
Control Easy control over acceleration in any type of roadNo control over gearEasy control because of preferred option- Manual and Automatic Traditional versions need manual gear shifting
Modern versions are completely automatic
Ease of OperationComfortable for skilled driverHaving advanced tools in possession, they are easy to work with.Comfortable to drive because of shift shock removalModern versions with automatic shifting are more comfortable


Whether driving on smooth roads or bumpy hillsides, drivers may prefer a manual transmission. That’s because it’s easy to control acceleration. 

Automatic transmissions change the gear ratio automatically based on acceleration. So, you have practically no control over the gears directly. The gears can’t be used to slow down the car as one can do with manuals.

As for dual clutches, they have two different drive modes. One can choose between manual or automatic as he/she pleases. However, the automatic mode is preferred for unskilled drivers.

In the case of automated manual transmissions, two types can be found. The modern ones can automatically shift gear. Although, in the older semi-automatic versions, it needs to shift manually. So you’ll have more control over the older ones.

Ease of Operation 

When it comes to operation, it greatly depends on how a driver controls the acceleration. The manual transmission is easy to control. Thus, it’s not likely dangerous. Although changing the gears manually might be tough for an unskilled driver. 

Since automatic transmissions possess advanced equipment, it leads to easier motion with driving. And with better acceleration power, one doesn’t need to use every hand or foot. Yet, they can still have a relaxing and safe drive.

DCT removes the shift shock that comes with gear shifts in manual transmissions and even some automatics. Thus, it undoubtedly provides smooth acceleration. But while launching with these transmissions, don’t hold the break for too long.

As discussed before, modern automated manual transmissions are completely automated. Thus, they are easier to drive with. 


The manual transmission offers the most control to the driver. On the other hand, the automatic transmission offers the most safety. While the DCTs excel in both safety and control to a certain extent. And AMTs have more control in the previous versions and more safety in the modern ones.

Which One to Choose?

By now, you most probably have a transmission of your choice. If you want a safer experience, then the automatic transmission can be your first choice. If you prefer more control, then your choice could be manual. On the other hand, if you want both advantages to an extent,  go for the dual-clutch. 

Cars with Fastest Transmissions Infographic


Which Gearbox is Smoother?

If you’re looking for the smoothest gearbox experience, a DCT transmission is what you’re looking for. Its specialty lies in its great amount of gear ratios. The DCT enables your engine to be at its best. As you don’t have to change any physical gear, it provides a smooth experience. 

Is There a 7-speed Manual Transmission?

Yes, like the Tremec TR-6070. Its seven-speed manual transmission symbolizes outstanding shifting technology. It was specially designed for North American premier sports. Although it’s based on the six-speed transmission, a triple overdrive gear was added to enhance fuel economy.

What is the Fastest Reverse?

The fastest record of driving in reverse is 48 mph. This was able to mark its spot in the Guinness World Record. But usually, for gas-powered cars, it’s about 30mph. This is the benchmark where the engine hits the redline. Thus the speed is limited by the reverse gear. Also, it’s very dangerous.

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