5 Most Common Automatic Transmission Problems & Solutions!

As an essential component, the automatic transmission plays a big part of a vehicle. And sometimes it can show some errors due to number of reasons. When there’s some problem with the part, it would fail to work continuously to shift gears in a proper way.

By knowing the most common automatic transmission problems, you can handle the situation and fix them in no time. Here are the most common 5 of them:

  1. Leaking fluid.
  2. Making a humming noise.
  3. The transmission gets hot.
  4. Gear shift delay.
  5. Oil filter tube leak.

Yeah, it might seem hard to fix but don’t panic. I’ll share the solutions.

Keep On Reading To Find The Common Auto Transmission Problems & Solutions!

The Most Common Automatic Transmission Problems & Fixes.

Once you successfully locate the causes, it would be easier for you to fix the problem. You can have a better understanding if seeing the given automatic transmission troubleshooting chart and then I’ll explain the solutions. 

automatic transmission troubleshooting chart
automatic transmission troubleshooting chart

Problem #1: Leakage Of Fluid.

If the pan gasket is broken, then open the hood. Locate the automatic transmission (under the engine areas).

Find the pan gasket that is attached between the transmission pan and housing. And remove the bolts to reach it. Detach the pan gasket with a new one. Put everything back in its place.

Then, check the filler tube. If it seems loosely fit, then just tighten it out using the right tool. Similarly, you have to go to the filler tube which holds the bolt. If the screw seems loose, then tighten them out.

The last reason why your transmission is suffering is due to the leakage in the converter housing area. Locate the part (go inside the transmission pump) and simply check the sealing condition. If it seems damaged, then repair it by adding a strong adhesive.

Problem #2: Humming Noise On Transmission.

The noise from the automatic transmission usually occurs due to 2 reasons which are either the fluid level is low, or the torque converter is broken.

To correct the fluid level, switch the car to idle in ‘P’ (Park) on an even and flat road. Open the hood and locate the dipstick (yellow in shade). Pull it out and simply clean it slightly. Then, check the fluid level and add the appropriate amount of fluid.

If the issue is with the broken torque converter, then keep the truck in ‘P’ Park mode. Look under the hood and locate the area of the torque converter and take out the bolts to reach the part. Remove this part and insert a new one. Put all the bolts back in their place.

Problem #3: Transmission Gets Super-Hot.

Locate the area of fluid cooler lines to fix the heat issue. After that, drain the line to remove the smoke-like fluid until it gets clear. Then, fill the new fluid in the right level.

If the transmission gets hot due to improper cooling, then you might need to find the oil cooler.

Locate the oil cooler lines (in front of the engine’s cooling system). Then, simply remove it by unplugging it. Next, install the new one.

Still not working. Then, go to the oil pump (inside the gearbox). Unbolt the screws and detach the oil pimp to install a new one.

Problem #4: Delayed Shift Issue.

The automatic transmission problems shifting gears usually happen due to a broken vacuum line or valve body issues.

Check the vacuum line which is mostly fit to the large tube (back of the transmission). If it seems dirty, then clean it using a small brush without harming tiny accessories. However, you need to repair or replace if it seems bad or has a burn-like smell.

Now, focus on the valve body. If it seems to burn or wear out, then you have to replace it and add a new one.

Problem #5: Fluid Flow Through Oil Filter Tube.

Sometimes when the fluid level is high it can cause the automatic transmission to face severe problems.

Just go to the dipstick to check the fluid level. After confirming the level, you have to drain fluid and add fresh fluid to a proper level. 

Next, locate the breather vent (mostly on the top of the gearbox). And take pair of pliers to yank it open. Now spray on the WD40 penetrating oil to make it look new-like. Then put it and other parts back. 

After that, inspect the oil filter or screen. If you see it dirty badly, then simply hold it on top of the pan and use some good-quality cleaner like the finish line bicycle disc brake cleaner to clean it deeply. Then, attach everything. 

The Most Common Automatic Transmission Problems Infographic

Overall Thoughts

Improper maintenance habits can cause the automatic transmission to get worn out over time even if it needs replacement once in 7 years.

If the above 5 most common automatic transmission problems seem hard to fix, be sure to go to a technician before it’s too late. You might need to pay around $500 – $3,000 based on the difficulty of repair.

Hope you find this guide easy to understand the issues, and solutions. Don’t Give Up Until You Solve The Problems!

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