What Size Are License Plate Screws? The Perfect Size

Although ‘what size are license plate screws’ sounds like trivial information, it’s important to know because chances are wrong sizing can damage the metal retainer of your car.

But there’s no universal size for all license plates. Still, a 10mm- 15 TPI- 1-inch screw is most commonly seen. There are variations according to the brand and model of your car. For example, while Audi has M6-1.0 x 16mm license plate screws, BMW has M4.8 x 16mm ones.

So, there’s no straightforward answer. However, we’ve covered the most common brands of cars with their size of license plate screws so you can find your car’s information easily.

Also, we’ve discussed information like different types of license plate screws, how you can measure the screw size, and everything you might ask about the topic. So, let’s just get into the main topic.

What Size Are License Plate Screws?

Although commonly a 10mm- 15 TPI- 1-inch screw is used in most vehicles, not all license plate screws are the same in size. They are specifically designed for individual models of cars.

For this, those specifically-manufactured screws are called Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) screws. So, the size, material, and type of the license plate screws will depend on which car model you’re talking about.

Besides, the diameter, TPI, and finally, the length of the screws vary from car to car.

What Type Of Screws Are Best For License Plates?

When choosing screws for license plates, it is important to choose the appropriate type of screw. The most common types of screws used in license plates are flathead screws and hex head screws. 

Flathead screws are less likely to strip the coating off the plate when installed, while hex-head bolts provide a tighter fit and resist looseness over time. 

It is also beneficial to choose a screw that matches your driveway’s surface material- if you have concrete or asphalt driveways, then you should use screws designed for those surfaces. 

If your driveway has some dampness or erosion issues, then using stainless steel fasteners may be a better option because they won’t corrode over time.

What Size of License Plate Screws Do You Need?

As we stated above, the ideal size of license plate screws for your car is different from other car models. So, let’s have a look a the quick table below and know the right size according to your car model.

Car ModelsScrew TypeScrew MaterialScrew Size
AudiSlotted Hex Washer HeadBlack Oxide Stainless SteelM6-1.0 x 16mm
AcuraSlotted Hex HeadAluminumM6 x 16mm
BMWPhillips Truss Head316 stainless steelM4.8 x 16mm
CadillacSlotted Hex HeadStainless steelM6-1.0 x 16mm
VolvoTorx HeadAluminumM6-1.0 x 16mm
GMSlotted Hex HeadStainless steel#14 1/4″ x 3/4″
TeslaPhillips Pan HeadBlack Oxide Stainless SteelM5-0.8 X 8mm
ToyotaSlotted Pan HeadStainless steelM6- 1.0 x 25mm
MazdaSteelM6 14-20mm
NissanSlotted Hex Washer HeadStainless Steel1/4’’-14-3/4″
HondaPhillips Pan HeadBlack Oxide Stainless SteelM6-1.0 x 20mm
MitsubishiSlotted Hex HeadAluminumM6 x 1.0 x 10mm

Audi License Plate Screws Size

Black-oxide stainless steel is the material of Audi’s license plate screws. The screws are pan-head style and their standard size is M6-1.0 x 16mm.

Acura License Plate Screws Size

Acura’s license plate screws are made from Aluminum and have a Slotted Hex Head style. The standard screw size is M6 x 16mm.

BMW License Plate Screws Size

You’ll find both standard and extended lengths of BMW license plate screws that can accommodate the plate frame easily. The strong and durable 316 stainless steel is used to manufacture the screws and they measure M4.8 x 16mm.

Toyota License Plate Screw Size

However, in most Toyota vehicles, the license plate screw size is M6- 1.0 x 25mm. The screws are made from standard stainless steel material and they’re Slotted Pan Head type screws.

Mazda License Plate Screw Size

The size of Mazda’s standard license plate screw is M6 14-20mm. Although the screws are made from high-quality steel, the type of the screws is not specifically defined. It’s because the type may vary according to different models of Mazda cars.

Honda License Plate Screws Size

Honda License Plate screws are usually standard M6-1.0 x 20mm screws. The Phillips Pan Head type screws of Honda are made from black-oxide stainless steel. If you cannot find the correct size screw online, you can typically get it at any hardware store or auto parts store.

Size of Nissan License Plate Screw 

Most Nissan license plate screws are the size 1/4’’-14-3/4″. Now, if you ask ‘what do these size mean?’ below is your answer.

The (¼”) part indicates the screws threaded diameter in inches. Then the (14) indicates the number of threads on screw. Finally the (¾”) means screw length in inches. So, yes, that’s what the numbering means here.

And the type of Nissan license plate screws is Slotted Hex Washer Head and the screws are made from stainless steel.

How Do You Measure License Plate Screw Size?

If you ask for the easiest dimension of a license plate screw to measure, its thread pitch and diameter are what you need to know. How much distance the screw crosses refers to its diameter and the thread pitch refers to the distance between threads.

Let’s start by measuring the diameter of a screw. For this process, you’ll need a calliper. Then, follow the steps below.

  • Find the bottom jaw of your calliper and place the screw on it.
  • Try to close the top jaw; keep trying until it contacts the screw.
  • That’s it, now you should easily read the diameter measurement on the scale.

And, use a thread gauge to measure the thread. Once you know the diameter, thread pitch, and length of the screw, you’ll know its size.

License Plate Screws - The Perfect Size Infographic


We’ve tried our best to give you a clear idea about what size of license plate screws are suitable for your car. Although it’s difficult to cover every car brand and their models’ license plate screw sizes, we’ve tried to cover as many as possible. 

To know more specifically, you need to see the user manual of your vehicle. You may also search on Google mentioning the year and model of the vehicle. Thanks for reading from us.

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