Will Ford F-150 Wheels Fit A Dodge Ram 1500? Explained

Ford F150 wheels will fit a Dodge Ram 1500 without any issue if the wheels belong to pre 2000 F150 models. However, if the wheels belong to F150 models that came after 2000, you will need to use a wheel adapter. The process of installing a wheel adapter is very easy. But using such adapters can have several drawbacks.

Are you still confused about whether Ford F-150 Wheels Fit A Dodge Ram 1500? Do not worry. In this article I have answered all your questions. Let’s read on and find out.

Will Ford F-150 Wheels Fit A Dodge Ram 1500?

Wheels of Ford F150 models pre 2000 models

Early Ford F150 wheels will fit a Dodge Ram 1500 without any issue. Wheels of pre 2000 F150 models share the same 5×5.5 lug pattern with Dodge Ram 1500. So they can be easily swapped without needing any modification.

Wheels of Ford F150 models after 2000

Newer F150 wheels after 2000 will fit a Dodge Ram 1500 but you will need to install specific wheel adapters on the Dodge Ram 1500 for this purpose. This is because the Dodge Ram 1500 has the same 5 lug bolt pattern that it uses on its different types of wheels but the Ford F150, on the other hand, uses a 6 lug bolt pattern on their wheels.

You would need to use a wheel adapter to make the F150 wheel fit on a Ram 1500.

Method of installing a wheel adapter to your Dodge Ram 1500 to fit a Ford F150 wheel

Estimated cost: Roughly $210 for a set of 4 billet aluminum wheel adapters.

Tools required: You will be needing the following 9 tools to install Ford F150 wheel adapters to your Dodge Ram 1500.

  1. A wheel adapter with a 5×139.7mm/5×5.5″ vehicle bolt pattern and a  6x135mm wheel bolt pattern. This is a picture of the required wheel adapter:
  1. A calibrated torque wrench
  2. A wire brush
  3. A lug wrench
  4. A car jack
  5. 4 jack stands
  6. A long pry bar or a breaker bar
  7. Thread locker
  8. Lug nuts if the nuts that come with the wheel are not long enough to pass through the wheel adapter

It is best to get a professional to attach the wheel adapter to your Dodge Ram 1500 for safety. But if you still want to fit the wheel adapters by yourself then you may follow these 18 easy steps:

Step 1: Check that the wheel adapters will fit both the Ford F150 6 lug bolt pattern and the Ram 1500 5 lug bolt pattern. To determine the bolt pattern of your 5 lug Ram 1500 wheel hub follow this diagram:

Take a measuring tape and measure the distance from the one hole to another hole right across it on the Dodge wheel hub. The measurement should be from the center of one hole to the furthest point of the other hole as shown in the diagram. 

Measure the bolt pattern on the wheel adapter in a similar fashion. The measurement should be 5.5 inches for both cases. To determine the bolt pattern of your 6 lug Ford F150 wheel, however, follow this diagram:

Similarly, measure the bolt pattern of the studs of the wheel adapter. For both cases the measurement should be 135 mm.

Step 2: Park your vehicle on solid level ground.

Step 3: Use a car jack to lift up the vehicle.

Step 4: Use jack stands to keep the vehicle elevated while you remove the wheels.

Step 5: Use a lug wrench to remove the lugs from the wheels. 

Step 6: Grab the wheels from the side and remove them. 

Step 7: Clean the wheel hub and the back of the wheel with a wire brush.

Step 8: Remove all the rust and corrosion from the wheel assembly to avoid vibrations when driving. The adapter should sit perfectly flat on the hub.

Step 9: Apply thread locker to end of the threads on the bolts sticking out of the hub.

Step 10: Place the wheel adapter on the hub, where the Dodge Ram 1500 wheels were previously connected. 

Step 11: Wedge the long pry bar into two of the bolts to prevent the hub from rotating to make the installation easier. This is what that would look like:

Alternatively, you could ask a friend to sit just in the car and press on the brakes. 

Step 12:  Tighten the 5 lug nuts that came with the wheel adapter by hand as much as possible. Tighten them in a criss cross pattern. Do not use any tool to tighten in this step.

Step 13:  Use a calibrated torque wrench to tighten the nuts. Use the torque range that is recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. You will find the recommended torque range on the door jamb or the car owner’s manual. 

Step 14: Apply thread locker lightly to the ends of the bolts of the wheel adapter.

Step 15:  Place the wheel on the wheel adapter. The wheel must make full contact with the wheel adapter. The rim will pass through the studs sticking out of the adapter.

Step 16:  Insert the lug nuts into the slots of the wheel.

Step 17:  Tighten all the lug nuts by hand in a criss cross pattern. Do Not use any tool in this step.

Step 18:  Use the calibrated torque wrench to screw in the lug nuts. Use the torque range provided in the car owner’s manual.

The Ford F150 wheels have now been installed to your Dodge Ram 1500 successfully.

What To Do After Installing Wheel Adapters to Your Dodge Ram 1500?

After installing Ford F150 wheel adapters to your Dodge Ram 1500 you should perform multiple checks and actions. Here are the things you should perform after installing the wheel adapters:

Check If The Wheel Is Rubbing Against The Fender

Firstly, rotate the steering wheel to an extreme position. Then check the wheel well of the tire that is facing outside. After that determine whether the wheel is rubbing against the fender. This could be a sign of improper wheel offset. 

Here are 4 possible solutions to fix this problem:

Use A Thinner Wheel Adapter

Using a thick wheel adapter will cause your new wheels to rub against the inside of the fender. Using a wheel adapter with less thickness will reduce the offset of the wheels.

Install Smaller Wheels

If the Ford F150 wheels that you are using are too big for the Dodge Ram 1500, they could rub against the fender. Use smaller sized wheels instead.

Put On Smaller Tires

If the Ford F150 wheels are simply too big, replace the tires. Tires with lower tread width or sidewall height will help you compensate for the larger wheels.

Adjusting The Suspension 

Various issues with suspension components can cause your tires to rub against the fender. Your shocks or struts can get worn off over time. If your tires rub against the fender particularly when you are driving on a bumpy road, the problem probably lies with your suspension.

Installing A Fender Flare

You could install a fender flare to your Dodge Ram 1500 to accommodate for the increase in wheel offset. A fender flare is an aftermarket accessory which can be installed to the wheel arch of your Dodge Ram. Here is what a fender flare looks like:

A fender flare could cost you somewhere between $300 to $400.

Alternatively, you could watch this video on how to install fender flares on Dodge Ram 1500, 1994 to 2002 models: How to Install Fender Flares 94-02 Dodge RAM 1500

Check If The Wheel Is Rubbing Against The Suspension

Also check whether the wheel is rubbing against the suspension components. However, solving this problem will require you to go to a mechanic as adjusting suspension requires a lot of expertise.

Perform A Wheel Alignment 

After changing the wheels you should do a wheel alignment. This is because the new wheel adapters could throw off the alignment of your new wheels. Correcting the alignment of your wheels will increase the handling of your Dodge and improve tire life expectancy.

Retorquing The Lug Nuts

Go for a 50 to a 100 mile test drive. While driving the wheels may compress slightly, loosening the lug nuts. Use a calibrated torque wrench to retighten them. Use the recommended torque range provided by the manufacturer to avoid damage.

Disadvantages of Using A Wheel Adapter To Fit The F150 Wheels

Wheel adapters let you use Ford F150 wheels on your Dodge Ram 1500. But using a wheel adapter on your Dodge Ram 1500 can have many setbacks. This includes:

  1. Your steering will feel heavier because of the widening of the track. This will depend on how thick your adapters are.
  2. A wheel adapter will offset the wheels and make the track wider than what Dodge designed on their Ram 1500s. This results in additional stress on the components of the wheel assembly and axles, causing them to fail prematurely.
  3. You can not replace just one wheel. You would have to install all 4 Ford F150 wheels, which is time consuming and costly
  4. The F150 wheels will stick out of the Dodge, making driving on narrow places difficult.
  5. Cheaper wheel adapters made out of cast aluminum can fail over time. This is because of the weaker crystalline structure. Get more expensive billet aluminum adapters instead. 
  6. Defective wheel adapters could put additional stress on the wheel studs of your Dodge Ram 1500. If the adapter’s holes are not completely round they could damage the studs over time.
  7. If you do not clean the Dodge’s wheel hub or the F150 wheels properly, the wheels will vibrate when driving.

Although using a wheel adapter to fit the wheels of your F150 on Ram 1500, some of them could be easily alleviated. Try to use wheel adapters that are thinner, made out of billet aluminum, and machined properly. Ensure that the adapter sits flush against the Dodge’s wheel hub and the F150 wheels.


Will Jeep Wrangler Rims Fit On A Ram 1500?

No, Jeep Wrangler rims will not fit on a Dodge Ram 1500. This is because the bolt pattern of  Jeep Wrangler 2007-2018 models is 5×5, while earlier 1987 to 2006 models used 5×4.5. This is in contrast with the 5×5.5 bolt pattern of the Dodge Ram 1500. But you could install a wheel adapter for this purpose.

What Is The Difference Between A Wheel Spacer And A Wheel Adapter?

A wheel adapter is used to mount wheels with a different bolt pattern than the vehicle. A wheel spacer,on the other hand, is used to increase the offset of a wheel. Wheel spacers have the same number of holes and studs and are generally thinner. A wheel adapter, in contrast, is thicker and has an unequal number of holes and studs.

Is Dodge And Ram The Same Company?

No, Dodge and Ram are not the same company. Dodge and Ram are two different companies under the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Group (FCA). Dodge and Ram used to jointly produce trucks until 2008. Afterwards the two companies were split up so that they could focus on their individual fields. Dodge, now, builds primarily performance vehicles, while Ram has a more commercial fixation.


I hope that I managed to answer your question: will Ford F-150 Wheels Fit A Dodge Ram 1500? This is a commonly asked question among many Dodge Ram 1500 owners. In this article I tried to solve this question in the easiest way possible. I expect that you did not face any difficulty when trying to get a solution to your query.

Well, that is it for today. Goodbye and goodluck!

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