Learn How To Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor Yourself!

Keeping the car interior, a comfortable environment is what the AAT (Air Ambient Temperature) sensor monitors and controls. Sometimes this tiny gadget can face some inner issues that requires a basic system reprogramming to fix the bugs. 

But, how to reset Ambient Temperature sensor? Depending on the car brands (Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Kia, and Chevy), the method will be different.

Yeah, the reset procedure is pretty easy but each model will need special methods to do it rightly. In this guide, you’ll learn the whole directions in detail.

Let Me Walk You Through It!

This is How To Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor!

If your truck show weird signs like CEL turning on or improper reading of outside temperature, this simply means the Air Ambient Temperature sensor needs a factory reset. Based on your truck brand, hop into the directions!

Steps To Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor infographic

How To Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor GMC?

Just like Ford and Toyota reset methods, you have to press the Recirculation and A/C buttons on the HVAC control board to reset the AAT sensor on the GMC.

Another reset method is by hitting the Defrost, Rear Defrost, and Mode buttons at the same time for around 2 – 5 seconds.

Then, release it and do not touch any button for a while. If nothing works, you can use the OBD II scan tool to reset the AAT sensor by clearing the fault codes.

How To Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor Ford & Chevy?

  • Look at the LED screen of your truck to check the temperature reading. 
  • Locate the HVAC panel controls which sit in front of the gear knob.
  • After that, click on the A/C button (the 1st one) and Recirculate button (near the A/C) at the same time for a few seconds. 
  • Take off your fingers from the 2 buttons and wait for 1 – 2 seconds.
  • Now, hold the A/C button only and do it for 2 seconds.
  • Check the temperature again on the screen to confirm the simple reset.

How To Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor Toyota?

Strat by, going inside your truck. Press on the A/C button and Recirculate button for around 5 – 10 seconds nonstop. Then, release the 2 buttons. 

Turn off your truck. Wait for 2 minutes. Start your truck and when the vehicle screen shows the temperature read it and confirm the success.

How To Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor Nissan?

  • Find the sensor behind the front bumper grill.
  • Unplug the harness upstream plug of the temperature sensor (vehicle).
  • Detach the top cover to reach the sensor.
  • Clean the sensor using a tiny brush or rag.
  • Insert the sensor back in its place.
  • Mount all the hardware on the vehicle.
  • Go near the battery and disconnect the battery positive terminal for 3 minutes.
  • Then, reconnect it to the positive side and rush inside the truck to ensure the temperature on the screen is reading correctly.

How To Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor Kia?

To reset the AAT sensor of Kia models, it is only possible if you pull out the A/C fuse (just check the “A/CON” label near the lower left to find the fuse) from the fuse box. 

Wait for 1 to 3 minutes. Then, insert the fuse back into its place to complete the factory AAT sensor reset. 

Overall Thoughts

With the above instructions, now you know exactly how to reset Ambient Temperature sensor. TBH, it will take around 5 to 15 minutes based on your speed.

Be sure to check your user manual before trying any of the methods to ensure the procedure is safe on your truck. You can also ask or consult experts to get suggestions if the procedure doesn’t work.

One piece of advice is to replace the Air Ambient Temperature sensor if it has some scratches or cracks in the shell which indicates the part is outdated.

Hopefully, you like my instructions and find it straightforward to try in real world. Start Working!

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