What Is StabiliTrak & How Does It Works–Everything to Know!

Having a new car is a great experience for literally anyone. But suddenly when you find out about the StabiliTrak system, it might feel a little out of the place at first.

Now a great way to start with the confusion is directly checking out a definition. So, what is StabiliTrak? It’s simply a system that controls, adjusts, and monitors the truck’s behavior (steer, brake, and grip) so that you ride in a close-to-straight line.

As it’s a brief answer, and still not enough for a thorough understanding. Join me in this guide that I plan to make for an in-depth explanation on this important system.

Let’s Get Started!

Exactly What Is StabiliTrak & Why Is It Important!

It’s an ESC (Electronic Stability Control) system that controls the engine torque and brake pressure so that you can drive without any problem.

This not only helps a rider to correct the riding but also ensures you properly brake, steer, and get the needed traction.

For that, it uses sensors to detect the state of your steering wheel and tires. The whole system of StabiliTrak analyses the riding path. So that your direction is always set in a straight line by monitoring the truck moving direction. 

It’s Important For A Number of Reasons!

Now that you have a slight idea of the StabiliTrak, I’ll explain why it’s an important system that really helps a beginner driver.

  • Stability: This system helps to get the needed smoothness that you need when trying lane changes.
  • Safety: It is essential for ensuring safety by helping you to get rid of collisions or crashes in harsh road conditions.
  • Ground Support: You’ll find excellent ground support with the StabiliTrak system. It’s due to the boast of control to ride on ice, sand, snow, mud, rock, and other terrains with no downfall.
  • Dependability: To lead you on the right path on the road, this system helps a lot. It as well stops the engine power and braking when needed.

What Is StabiliTrak Service Message?

It’s a blue-type light that pops up to show the message on the dashboard in ‘Service StabiliTrak’.

No need to get tense over this message as it literally means the StabiliTrak isn’t able to initialize now. And it’s a pretty solvable situation.

It can also pop up if the truck’s EBC (Electronic Brake Control) module is facing the issue. To stop the message from the dashboard screen, you might need to enable the StabiliTrak system or change it.

The Working Of StabiliTrak System.

As I have said earlier, this system uses sensors, the following details will be helpful for you to understand the system better.

Know that the sensors are responsible to detect the truck speed and angle to keep the truck in a straight line. I’ll mention some of the sensors that help the system to operate well:

  • Speed Sensor (On Vehicle)– Measure the speed up and down rate.
  • Angle Sensor (On Steering Wheel)– Track the angle of the steering wheel and measure.
  • YAW (Rotation Speed) Sensor– Detect the YAW rate by measuring the truck’s rotation speed.

If talking about their modes which also helps this system to operate, then there are 3 that you need to know about. These are:

  • StabiliTrak ON – Default mode where no message or ECU signal will pop every time the drive turns on the truck.
  • StabiliTrak OFF – Hold for 5 seconds to activate this mode. It’ll turn this system off while popping the blue light on the display.
  • Traction Control On – Special mode that tunes if you hold the StabiliTrak button instantly from the handle.

Find Out How to Turn Off StabiliTrak!

The StabiliTrak system is on most popular vehicles like Ford, RAM, Dodge, Toyota, and so on. In this section, I’ll present the turning-off method based on the truck type.    


  • Turn off the StabiliTrak by hitting the button on the steering wheel and release it instantly.
  • Press the traction control button but release it after 4 – 5 seconds. If that doesn’t work turn it off, then go to the next step.
  • Locate the StabiliTrak sensor.
  • Press the black arrow button (left side of the steering wheel).
  • Scroll to the end and manage all the stuff.
  • Click on the accept button.
  • Additional details will unlock. Select the Driver Assist from the new options (that unlock now). Hit the OK button again.
  • You’ll see the Driver Control option on the screen. It’s a sign of success to turn off the StabiliTrak.
  • Go inspect the steering wheel to click OK and start the drive.


Start by holding the StabiliTrak button for around 5 to 6 seconds. It will disable the VSC and TRAC. You’ll see the short message that is ‘VSC OFF’ and ‘TRAC OFF’ on the screen. Done!

Chevrolet & GMC

  1. Click on the middle button and pass through it to the mainboard.
  2. Similarly, press and hold the traction control button for 5 seconds.
  3. Wait for a few seconds.
  4. Drive the car by reaching the speed of 56 km/h to ensure the StabiliTrak is turned off.

FIAT, Dodge RAM, Jeep, & Chrysler

Hit the ESC button and be like that for around 4 – 6 seconds. You’ll hear a weird noise quite similar to a buzz. It indicates the instrument group is turning off causing the StabiliTrak to shut down.

  • After doing the above steps (based on your vehicle type), it’s time to complete the task. Switch off the truck and let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Insert the key on the ignition key and keep the truck in the ON position but don’t start the vehicle.
  • Click on the gas pedal down button 5 times. It should take more than 5 seconds. For trucks with a manual transmission, you should use the clutch.
  • You’ll see the light is turning off. If that’s not happening, then turn off the truck and rest it for 10 – 12 seconds to try the steps again.
  • Keep on doing the whole steps and ensure the light is turned off.

Ending Notes

Discovering unknown mechanisms can make new drivers overwhelmed especially when its warning messages popping on dashboard. Now that you know what is StabiliTrak and its mechanism, I hope you’ll fix it without worrying over it too much.

However, don’t delay the fix thinking its just a simple error that happens. The StabiliTrak service cost might be around $400 – $500 to repair if you hire an expert (On average). Hopefully, you like this guide and found the information helpful.

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