How To Turn Off StabiliTrak? [Complete Guide]

StabiliTrak is a feature that helps to keep your car in the correct lane and avoid collisions. By default, it is turned on when you first start your car, but over time, this can cause problems. And then you may need to turn this feature off.

But do you know how to turn off StabiliTrak? To turn off StabiliTrak, you need to press and then hold the traction controller button of your car. If you want further information about this process, read the next section of the discussion. We hope you will learn this with fun. So, let’s start the valuable discussion.

How To Turn Off StabiliTrak?

Let us show you the process of turning off your car’s Stabilitrak. So you’re probably familiar with some buttons that are located in your vehicle’s dashboard, steering wheel, and other front parts. We are mentioning so many places because different brand and model has different locations to place these buttons. 

From these buttons, you have to find the Tractions Control button. This button has the following icon. Though the icon may vary but it should be almost the same as given in the image.

How To Turn Off StabiliTrak

First of all, just hit this button and it turns your traction control off but hit it again and hold it. Now it will turn your Stabilitrak off. Now you are all done. Your vehicle’s StabiliTrak is now off. The main challenge is finding the location of that button. Because in different brands, models, and years, this button gets a new place.

The procedure we have shown here are very common. In most cases, you need to follow this method to turn off the StabiliTrak of your vehicle. But do you also need to know how this method works on different models? Let’s see them below.

How To Turn Off Stabilitrak On Chevy Equinox?

If you are a user of Chevy Equinox and you want to turn off your car’s Stabilitrak then you have to follow the process that we have shown above. But the main challenge is finding the traction controller button.

If you can find the button then your half task is done. So, let’s see where this button is located in Chevy Equinox. In Chevy Equinox, just look at the center table. In this part, you will get many things including the traction controller button. You just have to press this following the main method.

How To Turn Off Stabilitrak On Camaro?

In Chevy Camaro, the traction controller is located in the center table. If we mention the exact location of the traction controller, you will find it in front of the gear shifter. Just press that key and release the key. Then again press and hold the button for 3 seconds. 

You will find the dashboard is showing the StabiliTrak is turned off. Now your vehicle is free from StabiliTrak. This you can turn off  StabiliTrak on Camaro. If you can follow this process, you will be able to turn off  StabiliTrak permanently. But the main challenge is finding the button location on your vehicle.

Why Do You Need To Turn Off StabiliTrak?

StabiliTrak is a safety feature that uses forward-facing cameras and sensors to monitor the movement of your vehicle. If it detects any abnormal or unexpected movements, such as sudden braking, turning too sharply, or jumping a curb, it helps to control.

Moreover, if you drive your car on the muddy road and your car is stuck, you need to turn the feature off to take your car away from this. In these cases, it is best to disable StabiliTrak so that you drive on your own will.

Is It Good To Turn StabiliTrak Off Of A Car?

StabiliTrak is a feature that many drivers use to improve their driving performance and prevent accidents. Should you turn StabiliTrak off of your car?

There are pros and cons to turning StabiliTrak off of your car. The main pro to doing so is that it can increase the speed at which you drive, making it easier for you to stay in control on winding roads or intersections. 

On the other hand, if you love random driving, and enjoy racing then leaving StabiliTrak on may be boring for safety reasons. So, a direct answer to this question will be a wrong answer. Ultimately, it’s important to decide what works best for your own driving style and needs.

Some Bad Sides Of Turning Off StabiliTrak On A Car

It is safe to turn on StabiliTrak on every car. But many people turn off this feature for many reasons. Among them, the following reasons are the main.

  • This feature will create a hard situation for your vehicle on muddy roads.
  • You may not be able to negotiate turns or make sudden changes in direction.
  • You may have a difficult time stopping in a hurry.
  • Disabling StabiliTrak can make the car less stable and lead to accidents.

Besides the so many good sides of turning on stability, some cons are there for some unique drives. But based on the situation everything depends. So it is best to consult a professional if you are not sure about whether or not StabiliTrak should be turned off.


You need to know what StabiliTrak is before you decide to turn it off. This is because there are so many bad sides of turning it off. But if you still want to turn it off, then the above method is enough. One suggestion for you, if you are not in a special situation and are an expert driver then avoid doing this. 

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