What Is O/D OFF On Dash Board & Other Details To Know!

Seeing the yellow or orange light beam on the dashboard for the first time which says ‘O/D OFF’ can give sudden panic out of not knowing what that message means.

I can understand at this point you desperately want to know what is O/D OFF on dash board. Well, it’s an indication pop on the screen when automatic transmission turns off to prevent switching to other gears in harsh road conditions (hills, rocky, snow, muddy, and so on).

All truck owners should know about this, from its meaning to its usage. If you are interested to know about it more, keep on reading!

Learn What Is O D OFF On Dash Board With Additional Facts.

Under this section, I’ll explain all the essential topics, so you have a broad idea of exactly what O/D OFF light on dashboard mean. Here I go! 

The O/D OFF Meaning.

If you look at the OD OFF, its full meaning is O/D OFF. This light on the dashboard appears when you click on the OD button (the last gear of the transmission).

As you are seeing the dashboard show ‘OFF’, it gives you a warning that the gear won’t change no matter how many times you try.

Now, what does this means? It literally means your overdrive devices change the automatic transmission shifter to lower gear (1 gear < current top gear). And this is why the truck informs its driver with this signal to tell a sudden change of OD.

Usage Of O/D OFF Mode.

In the O/D OFF on dashboard mode, you can only enjoy the 3rd gear acceleration speeds even if your truck contains a gearbox with 4 forward acceleration speeds.

Here’s how you’ll experience it in the O/D OFF mode:

  • The automatic transmission gearshift will run in slow RPM in this state.
  • The truck will automatically set up its settings so that you can go downhill or uphill in any terrain.
  • You will not need more braking effects to improve the riding on certain roads.
  • React differently by increasing the speed of the engine and acceleration.
  • Spends less gas or fuel than the OD ON or normal mode.

The OD OFF In Car How To Fix.

By taking the right steps, you can simply treat the blinking or vibration of the OD OFF light which is big trouble for your truck when driving in daily life. Let me show you how to fix it:

  1. Locate the OD button on the gearshift (the last gear). It looks like a small push-like button that is on the side of the gearshift. If you are clueless about the location, be sure to check the user manual of your truck model.
  2. Click on it to turn it on and then wait for 2 seconds. Turn it off to ensure the OD is working fine. Again, switch it on.
  3. In case you still see the light (OD OFF) in the dashboard after clicking the button, then hit the same button to off and on.
  4. Keep on doing the same thing until the light turns off from the dashboard.

Should OD Be ON Or OFF?

To put it simply, the automatic car or truck needs to be turned ON for around 96% or more so that you can normally drive just like you do.

When it comes to the OFF mode, you only want this when need to drive from the hilly area or haul a big trailer. Other than this, you’ll find fewer RPMs and speeds.

However, if you prefer going to the down and upshift to climb the hill at 40 – 50 MPH (miles per hour), then it’s wise to use the OD OFF mode.

Overall Thoughts

As you know what is O/D OFF On dash board, turning the light off will be easier. I’ve given a bunch of information in this guide related to this so that you don’t panic when seeing the light beam on your dashboard.

Hopefully, you like this guide and find it handy to get all necessary details. Have A Wonderful Day Ahead!

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