How To Reset GM Instrument Cluster? (Solved)

There are several steps to follow to reset the GM instrument cluster. Concisely, first, you need to remove the headlight fuse and then press the reset button. After that, you must turn the headlights and ignition key on simultaneously keeping the reset button pressed. Then you have to turn the lights off, on and off within five second of ignition. At last, you have placed the 15A fuse you took off at the beginning.

Like each and every vehicle out there in the world, all General Motor (GM) Vehicles also have an instrument cluster. As early as 2005 various GM vehicles models were supplied with a faulty instrument cluster.

There was even a law suit involve in this that make GM company to pay compensation to all those vehicle owners who have that faulty instrument cluster. GM do work to replace and compensate for all faulty instrument cluster but still some of their vehicles owner do face issues with their instrument cluster.

Today, we shall disclose to you the answer to how to reset GM Instrument cluster? Without further delay, let’s dive into the dip. 

GM Instrument

In all sorts of automobiles, there lies a cluster or panel of digital instruments on the dashboard. That includes a digital readout of the speedometer. Along with the speedometer, there are odometer, tachometer, oil pressure gauge, and fuel gauge- all these belong to the panel indicator, and it helps to operate the vehicle that is indispensable for the driver to manoeuvre it.

How To Reset GM Instrument Cluster

The instrument cluster of your GM vehicle provides you with the necessary information while manoeuvring it. Having a faulty cluster results in several problems as; you won’t know the speed, gas levels, oil pressure, temperature of the engine, and so on. 

There is a certain speed limit on different roads or W\we need to know the amount of gas left and the oil pressure. This information is crucial for driving. 

Noticing the malfunction, one must not leave the panel unsolved but reset it by taking the vehicle to a mechanic shop or reset it oneself following the steps mentioned.  

1. Removing The Fuse Of Headlights

The process of to reset the instrument cluster of GM motor involve multiple on and Off of vehicle headlights. So first step is to remove the fuse of the headlights from the car. A fuse of 15A can easily be seen on right and left of the headlights.

A headlight fuse box can easily be find at fuse box at the position one and six. It may be located differently in different vehicle and you may need to consult the vehicle manual for this.

2. Press the Rest Button

The ignition key is to be inserted in the lock and kept in the position 0 or I. Afterward, push and hold the set/reset button present on the front of a fuel gauge.

3. Turning The Headlights & Ignition Key On

After that step, you need to turn on the headlights while continue holding the reset button. Then you have to turn on the ignition key or move it to position 2 without releasing the reset button.

You will notice that the lights of some of the instruments are on, and if you are not wearing seat belts, you can hear the warning chime sound.

4. On And Off Process

When you see the lights on, you need to turn off the headlights then turn back on and off again. All this on and off of the headlights should be done in less than five seconds of starting the ignition.

Not to forget that reset key has to be remained pressed during all this process.

5. Final Step

After that five seconds, release the set/reset button and repeatedly press it three times. The headlights do not have any part in this step. That is, you do not need to turn it on or off. In this phase, the instrument cluster begins the self-test. Successive pushing of the button initiates new cycling of the panel.

At last, turn the ignition switch off. There is an alternate way to end the rest process. Start your vehicle and cover some distance at a constant 1.5 mph speed. Then it will end automatically.

7. Reinstall The Fuse 

The fuse of 15A we took off at the beginning, we need to reinstall it again. 

Steps To Reset The GM Instrument Cluster Infographic

The Idea Of Malfunctioning Of The Panel 

When the cluster starts malfunctioning, it creates more problems as the days pass, and if we do not fix it. For the maintenance of the panel, it requires knowledge of how to reset the GM instrument cluster. 

It is a very common problem for the gauge cluster to malfunction. For instance, if the battery is dead, it may lose the ability to retain the trip mileage. Owing to these commonly faced disturbances, the operator needs to know the step-by-step guide to reset the panel. 

To identify malfunctioning, we should know which issue is related to malfunctioning. They include fluttering needles, loss of LCD, and not showing accurate numbers on the screen.


1. How do you reset a car cluster?

Answer: First, you need to remove the headlight fuse. After that, you must turn the headlights and ignition key on simultaneously. Then you have to turn the lights off and on. At last, you have placed the 15A fuse you took off at the beginning.

2. Why is my instrument panel lights not working?

Answer: There might be several reasons behind this, but the prime and prevalent reason is the blown fuse. Replacing the fuse will run the instrument panel lights again. If there is another problem, that will be detected after the fuse replacement.


The above mentioned process will guide you step by step, and you must follow them accordingly. And this is how to reset GM instrument cluster quickly and safely. Not ensuring safety, like buckling the seat belts, can worsen the risk of accidents. 

There are times when the panel gives inaccurate readings. Such issues are faced when the instruments are malfunctioning. When doubts arise regarding the meter readings and other tools, a self-reset is required if the problem is not huge or the battery is in a stable condition. 

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