What Does STX Mean on a Ford F-150 Truck?

The STX on a Ford F150 truck means Sports Truck Extreme or Sports Truck Extra. Ford F150 STX is an appearance package for their Ford XL models and It’s not a trim level and doesn’t affect the functionality of the truck. Ford also introduced a Ford F150 STX Dark Appearance in 2023 with additional aesthetic features. The Ford F150 STX package costs only an additional $2,585, while the black appearance STX costs $3,770 more.

Still confused about what the What Does STX Mean on a Ford F-150 Truck? Do not worry. In the sections below I will cover all the additional features of Ford F150 STX. I will also be comparing the features of a F150 STX model with the base Ford F150 XL model and a F150 XLT.

What Is The Ford F150 STX?

The Ford F150 STX is an appearance package offered by Ford for their XL trim levels.  The “STX” abbreviation in Ford F150 STX stands for either Sports Truck Extreme or Sports Truck Extra. Contrary to popular belief, the F150 STX itself is not a F150 trim. It simply offers a better interior and exterior finish to give your Ford F150 a more stylish look.  

Is There A Ford F150 STX Black Appearance Package?

Yes, there is also a Ford F150 STX Black Appearance Package. This package is similar to the Ford F150 STX appearance package. But the exterior is darker while the interior and other features remain the same. It is also more expensive than the F150 STX at $49,770.

What Are The Features Of Ford F-150 STX? A Quick Brief

The Ford F150 STX has multiple features that will make your F150  appear much more trendy. Some of these features include:

Eternal Features

  1. 18 inch aluminum wheels with 6 spokes in addition to magnetic painted pockets.
  2. Body colored grille surround along with black colored honeycomb shaped inserts
  3. Bumpers that share the same color with the rest of the body
  4. A privacy glass at the back
  5. Fog lamps
  6. Electronic defroster at the rear window
  7. Box side decal (not available with off-road package) 
  8.  Toe hooks if your F150 STX is a 4WD.

Internal Features

  1. 40/20/40 front seats with manual lumbar support and a massive center console. 
  2. A unique black sport cloth interior as shown in this picture

Souce: www.ford.com

  1.  2 cup holders next to the center console.
  2.  Additional singular cup holders for each front door.
  3.  A large 8 inch capacitive touch screen with swipe capabilities, along with SYNC 4 system. Includes enhanced voice recognition.
  4.  2 USB ports for hooking up your smartphones at the front and 2 more at the back.
  5.  A column shifter next to the steering wheel for shifting gears instead of having a console shifter at the center.
  6.  A 110V outlet plug at the front and one at the back behind the center console
  7.  Ability to lock your rear differentials.
  8.  Remote start using FordPass Connect
  9.  3 seats at the rear
  10.  Plenty of legroom at the back seats.
  11.  Seat back pockets
  12.  Wireless phone connection

Truck Bed

  1. Optional tailgate step
  2. Cargo lights

Still confused about what STX means on a Ford F150 truck? Do not worry. In the next section I will talk about the unique features of the Ford F150 STX which separates it from other F150s.

What Are The Features Of Ford F-150 Black STX? A Quick Brief

There is a Ford F150 STX black appearance package as shown in this image:

Source: www.ford.com

Some of the unique features of the Ford F150 STX black appearance package include:

  1. A blacked out Ford logo on the front grille instead of the typical blue logo as shown here:
  2. Blacked out wheels
  3. No F150 badge on top of the front wheels behind the side mirrors
  4. Matte black side mirror covers and door handles
  5. Black colored side steps
  6. Another blacked out Ford logo and F150 written in black at the rear.
  7. Black colored exhaust tips
  8. Again, blacked out Ford logo on the center of the steering wheel.

The Ford  F150 STX black appearance package will cost you an additional $3,770 along with the cost of the Ford F150 XL.

What is The Difference Between Ford F15 Black STX and F150 STX?

Here is a table demonstrating the difference between the STX appearance package and the black STX appearance package:

Criteria STX packageBlack STX package
Ford logoTypical Ford logoBlacked out logo
Side F150 badgeAvailable Not available
Sidestep color Chrome Black 
Exhaust tipsChrome Black 
Wheels Silver Black 
Price $48,585$49,770

Other than these external differences the STX and the Black STX appearance packages have similar features.

What Are The Features Of The Ford F150 STX? Detailed Overview

In the previous sections we gave a brief description of the features of the Ford F150 STX. Here is a more comprehensive discussion on the interior and exterior features of this appearance package.

Exterior Of The Vehicle

You will see some changes to the exterior of the Ford F150 if you get the STX appearance package as seen here in this picture:

Source: Youtube

A notable feature of the STX model is the blacked out grille at the front with honeycomb inserts, surrounded by body color. You also get blacked out halogen headlamps and fog lights which specially stand out if you buy a white F150.

Source: Youtube

The sides of the STX also get some special aesthetic changes, specially the wheels and the side mirrors. 

What really stands out about the F150 STX are the 18 inch aluminum wheels with 6 spokes in addition to magnetic painted pockets. 

You also get a  blacked out F150 STX badge behind the side mirrors with this model.

The door handles of the STX have a matching black with the housing of the side mirror.

The side mirror gives you a good field of view.

Source: Youtube

A sticker of the STX logo on the side near the tail lamps along with the type of drivetrain.

Unlike the blacked out gorgeous headlamps you get at the front, the tail lamps are not much of a looker. You get 2 very basic looking tail lights in this model.

With the Ford F150 STX appearance package you will still get the Ford logo at the back with a large F150 lettering. The lettering is not optional, unless you get a Ford F150 Lariot.

Truck bed

The STX model brings little change to the truck bed of the F150. You could add a truck bed step option if needed.

Bed lights are not added with the STX package. But there is a housing with pre installed buttons built into the truck bed where you could add LED lights if needed. 

But you will get a cargo light on top of the rear window.

Interior of the vehicle

STX brings many changes to the inside of the F150. Let’s start with the doors first:

With this package you will get a nicely padded armrest on the door for resting your arms. You are also getting a lot of storage space which can be quite handy for a truck.

Unlike the base model of the Ford F150 XL, you will get power windows with the STX package.

The default seat cover that you get is made out of cloth but does not feel cheap at all. The covers have a wave-like pattern near the headrest and at the bottom. 

The seats can also be lifted up which can be convenient when you finally decide to clean out the floor of your car.  

You also get large pockets with the default seat covers.

Behind the center console you get 2 cup holders so that your rear passengers do not spill their drink when you brake. 

Underneath the cup holders you get 2 rear vents. Gone are the times when those at the front freeze, while the rear passengers keep complaining about the heat. This is not a standard feature in the Ford XL models. Along with the vents you get 2 USB ports and a 12 volt charger. You could also throw in an optional 110 V power outlet.

With the front door at the driver’s side you get all the mirror controls, power window controls and the door lock controls. 

This model, however, does not come with power seats. You will still have to manually make seat adjustments like a caveman.

The front seats have the same patterned cloth cover as the rear seats.

Moreover, you will be getting a dial to control your head lamps and, below that, a separate button for the parking brake.

You can manually adjust the steering wheel too.

The steering wheel comes with all kinds of controls to make your ride pleasant and comfortable. You will get volume controls, cruise control, phone controls and all kinds of other controls right on the steering wheel.

You get the typical F150 XL dashboard layout with the Ford F150 STX. The gauges are mostly analog. But there is a screen at the center that can show you bits of information. It is particularly useful if you need to adjust the driving mode in the middle of a drive.

You will be getting a standard combined control for turn signals and wipers.

The Ford F150 STX comes with a cool looking column shifter, also known as the man’s shifter, next to the steering wheel. You can use the “+” and “-” buttons to manually shift your gears. The top button can be used to shift the driving mode on the fly.

Like the other F150s, you can change your drive mode depending on the road conditions. You get the typical normal, slippery, deep snow, mud/ruts, tow/haul, eco and sport modes, just like any other F150s.

Unlike the base model of the Ford F150 XL, the STX package comes with a 8 inch touch screen. The base model comes with only a 4 inch capacitive touch screen display. On top of the screen you have the camera controls, the hazard lights and the stability control.

The infotainment display comes with shortcuts at the bottom tab for quick controls.

Below the infotainment display are the analog controls for your media and for controlling the radio.

Below the media control buttons you get the single zone climate controls.

To the left of the climate control buttons you get the analog drive mode select buttons. You can lock your rear differentials. This feature could really help you out if you are having to drive through mud or if the road is particularly slippery.

Next to the center console you have some additional storage space along with a USB A and a USB C ports. 

You also get 2 glove boxes at the passenger side. The top glove box comes with the F150 logo imprinted in black. It can not be opened with a button like the Ford F150 XLT, unfortunately, and has to be opened manually.

Next to the climate control you get a 12 V charging port. Underneath that, you will find 2 additional USB charging ports to power your mobile devices.


Despite all the bells and whistles, the Ford F150 STX appearance package will set you back by only a mere $2,585. This will bring the total price to somewhere around $48,585. This is cheaper than a $64,000 Ford F150 XLT with the sport appearance. The F150 STX is a good value truck and is definitely worth it. 

Which Models Of Ford Other Than F150 Had The STX package?

Models of Ford other than F150 which come with the STX package are the Ford Ranger and the Ford SuperDuty. The features that come with a STX model depends on the type of the Ford truck. The STX is only an appearance package and does not affect the functionality of the truck itself. 

Many people also ask, since the STX is already so rich in aesthetical features, how does it differ from the F150 XLT. in the next section I will answer exactly that.

What Is The Difference Between Ford F150 STX, XL And XLT?

Here is a quick comparison between the Ford F150 (base model), the F150 STX and the F150 XLT (Sport Appearance):

CriteriaF150F150 XLT(sport appearance)F150 XL (base)
InteriorBlack sport cloth upholstery interiorCloth or Katzkin leather upholstery interiorGray cloth upholstery interior
Wheel18 inch aluminum wheels with 6 spokes in addition to magnetic painted pockets18 inch black aluminum wheels with 6 spokes in addition to magnetic painted pockets18 inch aluminum wheels with 6 spokes in addition to magnetic painted pockets17 inch basic wheels
Side F150 badgeAvailable Not availableAvailableAvailable 
Ford LogoBlueBlackBlueBlue
GrilleBlack honeycomb grille with body colored surroundMagnetic gray colored two bar styled grille Two bar styled grille with matte black surround with rectangular inserts
Painted door handleMatte blackBody colorMatte black
Front and rear bumperBody colorBody colorChrome 
Keypad entryNot availableAvailable Not available
Center ConsoleLarge but no leather coveringLarge and also includes leather upholstery for added comfort when driving. Additional chrome finish.Smaller center console with the option for adding a third flip down seat.
Cup holder at the front2 at the front with 2 additional cup holders at the front doors. 2 at the front with 2 additional cup holders at the front doors. 2 at the front
Cup holder at the rear2 cup holders2 cup holders for the rear seats2 cup holders 
Power seatsNo power seatsPower seats at both front seatsNo power seats
Navigation systemNo navigation systemNavigation system availableNo navigation system
Push button startNot availableNot availableNot available
Remote startRequires FordPass Connect with internet access. But there is an option for remote start using key fob.Can be remote started using a key fob.Requires FordPass Connect with internet access.
Touch screen8 inch capacitive  with SYNC 48 Inch capacitive  with SYNC 44 inch capacitive with SYNC 4
USB A port2 at the front and 2 at the back2 at the front and 2 at the back1 port at the front
Power outlet110V at the back and 110 V at the front110V at the back and 110 V at the front12 V power outlet
Box lighting Not availableAvailableNot available
Tailgate step optionAvailableAvailableNot available
Transmission shifterColumn gear shiftConsole shifterColumn gear shift
Chrome appearanceNot available Available Not available
Rear ventilationOptional Available Not available
Window and door locksBoth poweredBoth poweredManual (you have to actually roll down the windows) 
Power seatsNot availableAvailable at the frontNot available
Flooring Carpeted Carpeted Vinyl 
Price $48,585$49,770$64,000$46,000

The STX model is a bit cheaper than the XLT model but provides a lot of the features that F150 XLT has to offer. It is a notable improvement over the base model of the Ford F150 XL for a small price. No wonder the Ford F150 STX is sold out in many dealerships.


Is the Ford F150 STX a V8?

Yes, the Ford F150 STX has a V8 5.0 liter naturally aspirated 400 hp engine with 410 lb-ft of torque. But it can also be equipped with a 2.7 Liter V6 engine with a maximum towing capability of 7,700 lbs.

How many Ford F150 trim levels are there?

There are 8 Ford F150 trim levels as of the year 2023. The 8 trim levels are XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, Limited, Tremor and Raptor. The XL is the value oriented base model. The Ford XLT model, however, gives you better comfort and appearance for a bit higher price. The Ford F150 Tremor is on the heavier side of the F150s, while the Raptor is more off-road focused.

What does FX4 mean on Ford trucks?

The FX4 on Ford trucks means that the truck is a premium 4×4 Ford truck with great off-road capabilities. They have stronger shocks, greater ground clearance and improved suspensions compared to a typical 4×4 Ford truck.


I hope I have managed to clear all your doubts regarding What Does STX Mean on a Ford F-150 Truck? There are many trims and appearance packages that come with Ford F150 trucks which can easily confuse a person. I expect that you got answers to all your questions with ease by reading this article.

I guess that is it for today. Thank you, good luck and goodbye!

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