Diehard Vs. Duralast Batteries: Here’s What You Should Know

Diehard and Duralast batteries are two most trusted brands, with Diehard platinum AGM being the most hyped battery in the market. It depend on the battery type, model, cold cranking amps, output voltage, and warranty to select the best battery for your vehicle.

Diehard and Duralast batteries are two of the most popular batteries on the market. However, because both products are manufactured by the same company, consumers frequently confuse them.

Although their features or specs may appear to be similar to many people, both batteries have several important distinctions that you may identify if you properly compare them.

With the minute differences between these two batteries, it’s hard to choose the right one. Our Diehard Vs. Duralast Batteries comparison is going to solve this problem of yours. The article will tell you every single detail about them too.

Diehard Vs. Duralast Batteries What You Should Know

Diehard And Duralast Batteries Are Different: Here’s How

Let’s now explore the main differences between these two batteries that would determine which one of them performs better.

What’s the Battery Type Used?

The most important thing to do before buying a battery for your car is to check its type. Usually, batteries are of two types; Flooded Lead-Acid Battery and AGM or Absorbent Glass Mat Battery.

Both Diehard and Duralast Batteries have models of each of these two types of batteries, but they differ when it comes to longevity and performance. AGM technology offer maintenance free batteries as they does not required any watering service. This make them highly recommended for all those applications where maintenance is hard to perform. Flooded lead acid batteries are cost effective as compared to AGM.


If you consider the battery type of the two brands, the AGM undoubtedly proves to be better for automotive as they are maintenance free and offer higher battery life.

Variation in Models

There are different models for both batteries, not only depending on their battery types but also on their unique features. You can have about 11 variations of Diehard batteries, like Diehard platinum, gold, EV, silver, Red and more. Diehard as a special battery for your specific application.

Diehard platinum AGM being the most hyped ones in the market But for the Duralast batteries, you will get only two types; Duralast platinum and Duralast Gold.


So, if you are looking for battery brands with many variations to offer, the Diehard batteries are ahead of the Duralast batteries in this field. Although, having variations in models of the batteries doesn’t add to their performances but having a dedicated battery model for your application is always good.

Who Offers More Cranking Amps?

For those of you who don’t know what cranking amps are, they are just the total number of amps that a battery can produce in less than 60 seconds at zero degrees Celsius. 0.1 amps is a standard amount for batteries to hold if they have remarkable performance.

Both Diehard and Duralast batteries have enough amp outputs. However, if we analyze the findings and take into account the cranking amps, Diehard comes out on top. It beats Duralast on every cranking amps marker available to compare.


Engines made by Duralast score between 800A and 700A for standard cold-cranking amps CCA. However, Diehard batteries, with a range of 900A to 550A, have the highest cold-cranking amps score.

Consequently, if we take CCA into account, Diehard batteries always triumph over Duralast batteries.

Who Edges Out In Terms Of Voltage Capacity?

Voltage capacity is another important feature that you should look out for when you’re searching for car batteries.12 DC volts is a standard amount of charge a 12 volt battery should have.

The Diehard and the Duralast batteries both have a voltage capacity of around 12 DC. But a few models of Duralast batteries, like the Duralast platinum, has a voltage capacity of 6 DC.  An automobile battery’s general or standard voltage is 12 DC volts. On a battery, these volts are split into 6 cases, each of which holds 2 volts.


The given voltage capacity of the batteries of these two brands is only compatible with older vehicle models. In light of the fact that both Duralast and Diehard provide 12 DC volts without any problems, they are both winners in the voltage category.   

Which One Offer Better Warranty?

The Diehard batteries have a warranty period of 3 years in most of its models and are also tested to work more than their warranty time. On the other hand, the Duralast batteries come with a warranty card of two years. So, clearly, Diehard wins the battle of warranty years of the batteries.

What’s the Right Battery Option for You?

It would depend on which type of car you are using. An old model of car would need flooded lead-acid batteries, for which Duralast platinum and Diehard Gold are good options. AGM batteries are the best of the new models’ cars, for which DieHard AGM is a better option.

Both the brands provide a quality product to you; now you can compare them by evaluating their details features. Although as an all-rounder Diehard seems to stand out with it topping almost all the features mentioned above.

Diehard Vs. Duralast Batteries Infographic


1. Will AutoZone send professionals to my house to replace battery?

No, they don’t offer service for installation. You’ll need to do it yourself or go to a mechanics shop.

2. Should I Pick Diehard Gold or Duralast Gold?

I’d say that Duralast Gold is a better option if you are living in extremely hot regions. It can resist heat better than Diehard Gold.

3. Is DieHard gold battery maintenance-free?

Yes, Diehard batteries are maintenance-free.

4. How long can I expect a Duralast Gold battery to last?

The average lifespan of the Duralast Gold batteries is 3-5 years. But it depends on the usage and maintenance of the battery to really predict how long it will last in the long run.

5. What’s the max a car battery can last?

I’d say a car battery can be in a good condition for 5 years. It’d be prudent to replace the battery after 5 years as otherwise it may fail suddenly.

Bottom Line

Comparing Diehard vs Duralast can be a bit hectic job to do as both of them are equally compatible and trusted brands in the market. But it is you who would understand what the best option for your car is. So, make sure to do your research properly.

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