Ford Fx4 vs 4×4- [Detailed Comparison!]

The Fx4 has an automatic transmission while the 4×4 has a manual. The Fx4 suspension comes with improved rear shocks than the 4×4. It provides more ground clearance than the 4×4. The Fx4 has rear-locking axles, fuel tank skid plates, and additional safety features. But, the 4×4 is more affordable.

So, do you want to know more about Ford fx4 vs 4×4? Keep on reading to find out all the details necessary. 

Ford Fx4 Vs 4×4 Differences

Before addressing their differences, let’s get to know a bit about them.

The Fx4 is simply an updated version or package to the existing 4×4 system. Various enhancements were made to the vehicle’s performance. Some new features were also added. Although the 4×4 and Fx4 versions of the same model might have similar dimensions. But, surely the Fx4 is better expected to catch the customer’s eyes. 

The FX4 package is only available in some models. For example, XL Mid, XL High, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum 4×4, Tremor, and Raptor.

Here, these enhancements have been listed briefly in the table below:

Gear shifting (Transmission)AutomaticManual
SuspensionAdvanced with shocksStandard
Ground Clearance10.1 inch8.4 – 8.9 inch
Locking Differential3.31 Electronic-Locking Rear Axle (Comes with 5..0L V8 or 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine)
3.55 Electronic-Locking Rear Axle (Comes with 2.7L V6 EcoBoost engine)
Only specific models and trims are equipped with RLD
Skid PlatesHas fuel tank skid platesDoesn’t have fuel tank skid plates
Drive ModesRock Crawl Mode is availableRock Crawl Model is unavailable 
Car Safety FeaturesAdditional safety features:Hill Descent ControlToggle shiftNo additional safety features
PriceStarts from about $31000Starts from about $29990

Now, let’s talk about these factors in detail. 


In the same models, the transmission changes from manual to automatic in the Fx4 models. Thus, everything becomes more convenient. 

In all models, the transmission is developed by the passing years. For example, the 2014 F150 uses a 6-speed transmission while the 2023 F150 uses a 10-speed transmission. 

But, in the Fx4 models, this transmission is automatic while it’s manual in 4×4. Thus, it’s less complicated. When the vehicle senses traction loss, more power is automatically sent to the other wheels. 

An added torque converter also works as a manual transmission clutch. Thus, you’ll have a more efficient and smooth ride with an Fx4. 


The suspension is also improved in the Fx4 with additional Rancho rear shocks. The Fx4 is built to better handle off-road travels. Thus, the shocks are a great help. 


The 4×4 models also had shocks but the suspension was rather standard. The rear shocks in the 4×4 are attached to the rear side of the frame. They’re attached to the axle and come down, declining forward.

But, in the Fx4 models, the shocks are more improved. They’re a bit tighter than the 4×4 shocks. They’re also attached to the front side of the frame and decline backward. Thus, they’re built for a tougher road experience. 

Ground Clearance

The minimum distance between the chassis’s lower end and the road is called ground clearance. 

Ground Clearance

More ground clearance helps a vehicle navigate through rough terrains. The driver gets a better view of the road because of the higher driving position. It also enables the vehicle to approach and depart obstacles at steeper angles. 

The Fx4 has done just that. The 4×4 package comes with a lower ground clearance of 8.4 to 8.9 inches. But, in the Fx4 it’s increased to 10.1 inches or 256mm. The front and backtrack clearance is approximately 62.4 inches. 

Thus, you’ll get all the mentioned benefits in the Fx4 package. 

Locking Differential

Unlike the 4×4, the Fx4 package is equipped with an electrical rear lock differential (RLD) system. It can divide the torque equally between the rear wheels. Thus, the two wheels rotate at the same speed which especially helps in off-road driving. 

Due to it, the Fx4 has improved transfer with a fly-on shift. One of the vehicle’s wheels might get stuck in the ground while the other is free. In this case, the grounded wheel will have traction and get free in no time.

Although, the ratio of the RLd depends on the engine bay of the model. While 3L trucks get a 3.31:1 axle, a 2.7l truck gets a 3.55:1 axle. 

Skid Plate

Skid plates protect essential components in your vehicle from harm while off-road driving. The 4×4 package doesn’t have the skid plates for the fuel tank. Thus, the Fx4 package has decided to meet up this lacking. 

However, the new skid plates aren’t too durable. In severe conditions, they can get damaged. But still, they’re able to provide minimal protection in less drastic conditions. 

Drive Mode

Drive modes adjust different vehicle performances like acceleration, handling, and fuel efficiency. The 4×4 and Fx4 both have drive modes like Normal, Eco, Sport, Tow/Haul, Snow, and Mud modes. But, the Fx4 has an exclusive mode called Rock Crawl mode. 

It’s a special off-road drive mode designed to handle rocks, boulders, and other obstacles. Here, the lower gear ratio allows more torque to the wheels. Thus, it allows more low-speed control and crawling capability. Here, the suspension and traction system can also be optimized for more ground clearance and grip. 

With this drive mode, the Fx4 has clearly outweighed the 4×4 as an off-road vehicle. 

Car Safety Feature

The Fx4 package has also introduced some new safety features that were unavailable in the 4×4. These new features are hill Descent Control, Toggle-shift, and Rock-Crawl Driving Mode. 

Hill descent Control helps vehicles to drive up or down steep hills and declines. It uses sensors to detect the hill decline and adjusts the vehicle’s speed accordingly. It helps the vehicle’s TC system to maintain traction and prevent slipping. 

Car Safety Feature

The toggle shift refers to a manual shift mode feature in automatic transmissions. The driver can manually control the transmission. In the Fx4 package, this feature is placed on the steering wheels. It reduces the clutter and enhances the ambiance of the vehicle. 

The Rock Crawl driving method ensures maximum traction while driving on rough and rocky terrains. It adjusts the vehicle’s transmission, throttle response, and TCS to provide maximum torque and low-end power. It can also adjust the suspension system. 

All of these features combined, make the Fx4 a far better option for off-road driving.


This is the only case where the 4×4 has a lead. 

Because of the modifications, the Fx4 is more pricy than the 4×4. Different models are priced differently. But, the lowest starting price of the F150 4×4 is approximately $29,990. Again, depending on the model, the Fx4 packages will cost you more. But, the pricing starts at about $1000 more than the 4×4 packages. 

Thus, if you want to save some money, 4×4 is the better option for you. 

Which Is Better? Fx4 Or 4×4?

If you want better performance and rugged off-road capabilities, of course, the Fx4 is the better option. But, if you’re not an off-road driver and need to save some money, the 4×4 can also be a good deal for you. It’s also more fuel efficient and performs better in low-mid range power. 


Is Fx4 Better Than The Raptor?

The Fx4 is better than the Raptor for daily use. It’s easier to drive and park. But, in case of performance, the Raptor outweighs the Fx4 package. The Raptor has better articulation, suspension rebound, and speed than the Fx4. 

Is Fx4 Better Than Sport?

The Fx4 is better than the sport only in off-road conditions. It has a more powerful engine, better suspensions, and powerful brakes. While the sport is better in handling and acceleration. Its lighter design is more efficient for the streets. 

Is Fx4 Max Better Than Wildtrak?

The Fx4 Max is better than Wildtrak in off-road capability and utility. But, Wildtrak comes with more features for comfort and convenience. The 6-way power driver seats, ambient lighting, heated front seats, and leather seat trim adds value for Wildtrak. 

Bottom Line!!

Hope you got to know everything about fx4 vs 4×4. Still, here’s one last piece of information. If you want adaptive suspension for better performance in the Fx4, you’ll have to pay for it separately. Thanks for being with us till the end.

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