Easy Steps to Clean Your Car Seats With Soap And Water!

Driving in a filthy seat with coffee stains is something I never prefer like most drivers. That’s where cleaning comes into the priority even if it takes effort and patience.

As industrial-made cleaners can eventually damage the leather seat in the long-term application, so the best option is to use basic soap and water when cleaning.  

But, how to clean your car seats with soap and water? Make a solution using these in a 5:1 ratio and dip rag to wipe out the stain from the seat.

It may seem unclear to some and so I think sharing my way of cleaning the seat a bit more detailed will help.

How To Clean Your Car Seats With Soap And Water

How To Clean Your Car Seats With Soap And Water!

Cleaning leather car seats with soap and water will take 15 minutes at max to transfer their look. If you are interested in knowing about the procedure in detail, take a look at the instructions given below:

Step 1: Gather The Stuff That You’ll Need.

Start by gathering all the tools like the liquid soap (any kind), 2 buckets filled with lukewarm and hot water, olive oil (optional), a scrubber, and 2 rags. 

Step 2: Make A Mixture Using Soap & Water.

  • Take the bucket filled with 4 parts of lukewarm water and add 1 part of liquid soap. 
  • Add 1 part of hot water to the bucket. 
  • Mix and match the solution. 

Step 3: Dip The Scrubber & Start Wiping The Car Seats.

  • Soak the rag into the mixture that you just made and squeeze a little. Make sure the rag is filled with soapy bubbles. 
  • Now, keep on rubbing on the car seats until it becomes white. 
  • Wait for 2 seconds. 
  • Take the scrubber and dip it into the mixture to scrub down the seat surfaces. 
  • Again, dip the rag and rub it on other seats with the same effort. 
  • Use the scrubber and soak it to clean the other seats properly.

Tip: Be sure to do the small surface test using the mixture to ensure it doesn’t fade or lighten the original shade of car seats.

Step 4: Take Clean Rag & Dip Into Clean Water.

Once you have done rubbing and scrubbing the seats, it’s time to dip a new rag into fresh water to wipe out the soapy layer from the top. 

Make sure there is no residue left on the seats with a white layer. Never pour water directly on the seat as it can hurt the leather and fabric deeply. 

Plus, it’s hard to remove water that flows inside the cushions. Use a dry towel to clean the above wetness. 

Step 5: Leave It Under Sun Ray For 20 – 30 Minutes.

Next, open the truck door on both the left and right sides. And place the truck under sunlight so that the seats can dry naturally. It would take not more than 20 to 30 minutes to air dry.

In case you prefer extra caring for your lovely car seats, use the olive oil (which I mentioned above as optional) on the surfaces.

It contains natural ingredients like fatty acid which provides shine to the leather nicely without staying on the surface. That’s how to clean car seats fabric yourself.

Note: If your car seat is made out of vinyl then be sure to use a soft-bristled brush instead of a scrubber and soft sponges rather than rags. These will do better to clean the seats nicely.

5 Car Seat Cleaning Hacks With Soap & Water.

  • Clean the chips, donuts, coffee mugs, and other particles which are visible.
  • Use air freshener spray so that the bad smell of sweat goes out.
  • To quicken the drying process, use a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner to squeeze out water from the seat.
  • Check the user manual recommendation on cleaning the truck section to match and ensure the direction is safe for your truck.
  • Attach a good seat protector like the Lyork EH-60002 if your family has a kid. It will help the seat to not catch any stain or filth.

Wrapping Up

It’s okay to spill something on your car seat. However, like everything else, it does need cleaning. As you have ample knowledge of how to clean your car seats with soap and water by checking this piece of content, I hope this won’t give you headaches ever. 

One trick you should try is adding a slight lemon juice to the mixture to get rid of stubborn dirt which works like magic.

So next time when your kid drops any food or drinks in the car seat, just try the above step-by-step technique with water and soap to clean the mess. 

Thank You For Reading This Guide!

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