How to Remove Refrigerant From Car AC? (Solved)

You need not go to an automobile repair shop every time you see an issue with your vehicle, right? You can easily save some bucks by fixing these problems on your own. And doing these things isn’t rocket science.

A faulty AC in your car could make you suffer from heat and hot air. Also, it might cause some damage to your car’s engine. Most of the time, the issue can be noticed in the car AC’s refrigerant. So, you need to learn how to remove refrigerant from car AC. 

Also, the refrigerant might damage the AC system’s other parts. So, you need to remove or replace it eventually and you should know how to do it on your own.

How does a Refrigerant work in a car AC

The air-conditioning in a car works through the refrigerant. It simply works by altering the refrigerant between a gaseous and a liquid state.

The role a refrigerant plays here is vital. When it changes its state, it engrosses humidity and heat from the car and lets the car’s system cool off by drying the air.

If the refrigerant of a car’s AC fails, the AC can no longer absorb the heat due to the refrigerant not changing its state.

Steps to remove Refrigerant from AC system

As we told you earlier that removing the refrigerant from your car’s AC system is no rocket science. You can even remove it from the car without a machine. So, let’s not waste any of your time here and move to the main dish.

Removing the Freon from the car

Wear gloves and safety goggles before you start removing the refrigerant from your car. Always remember to take safety measurements right before you start with something as risky as removing the freon from your car.

You have to use an AC recovery machine to remove the so-called freon from your car. The AC recovery machine can recycle the cooling materials. When you’ve removed the freon, you can drain and also recharge the machine.

Finding the Low-Pressure Service Port

The AC recovery machines have hoses, which you have to connect with the car’s AC system’s ports. Now, you have to find out the low-pressure service port. It will become easier if you follow the AC recovery hose and find the back of the turbocharger near the firewall.

Eventually, you will find the low-pressure service port at the back of the turbocharger along with the low-pressure line. There will be two pressure lines, you have to choose the larger one, and the smaller one is the high-pressure line. Connect the hose with the low-pressure line.

Running the recovery machine

Start the AC recovery machine. It will dispose of the refrigerant air and the gases from the AC system. The recovery machine will drop its pressure to vaporize the liquid cooling substances. It will ease the refrigerant removal procedure.

When the AC system becomes vacant, the recovery machine shuts down itself automatically. Although it will start again if the pressure in the AC system of your car arises. Anyway, the removing procedure of the refrigerant is now completed if the pressure remains under the vacuum for six to twelve minutes.

Removing the recovery machine

Now that you’ve successfully removed the refrigerant from the AC of your car, you need to remove and disconnect the AC recovery machine. First, disconnect the recovery machine’s service hose from the low-pressure service hose. Remember to close all of the valves of the service hose before you disconnect them.

Once you’ve followed every step mentioned above, you successfully removed the faulty refrigerant from your car’s AC system.

Ways to remove Refrigerant from car without a machine

Earlier, you’ve been shown how to remove the refrigerant from your car with an AC recovery machine. But an AC recovery machine can cost you at least 100 US dollars. Let’s see if it’s even possible to remove the refrigerant without that machine.

You can remove it with a refrigerant cylinder instead of the recovery machine. The recovery machine was used because the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) won’t allow you to use any other tools cause other tools cannot handle the toxic substances released while removing the refrigerant. Whereas the recovery machine can save the atmosphere by controlling it.

Cost to remove a Refrigerant from the car’s AC

Well, removing the refrigerant won’t cost you much. It will merely save you like 100 US dollars to 300 US dollars including the labor. Generally, it depends on the automobile mechanic calculating the time and effort they would put on to remove the refrigerant.

The procedure of removing it would take only half an hour to a maximum of an hour. The cost may increase if you have plans to replace your refrigerant with an AC recovery machine of your own. There are plenty of recovery machines out there. 

The Inficon refrigerant recovery machine that comes with 1 HorsePower rating and 550 PSI rating can be an ideal choice for beginners like you. Although it’s not like the 100 US dollars recovery machine we’ve mentioned earlier. It could cost you about 400 US dollars.

Final Words

Maybe in the future, you need to remove your refrigerant from your car’s AC system, but you can’t afford to go to a repair shop. You might not be able to afford a recovery machine, but you can use a refrigerant cylinder while taking enough risks.

But if you feel like you are not capable of doing it on your own, try to learn it from an automobile mechanic. Learn while watching them fixing your AC system, this way they won’t be bothered by you. It’s at least better than you damaging your car’s other components unintentionally, right?

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