How to Turn Off Service Tire Monitor System Light Chevy Silverado?

Service tires always need to be monitored to ensure they are properly inflated and in good condition. With the proliferation of electronic service tire monitors, it can be difficult to know which system to turn off. Are you trying to troubleshoot a service tire monitor light on your Chevy Silverado, but don’t know how to turn it off? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll teach you how to turn off the service tire monitor system light on your Chevy Silverado. We will also provide precautions to turn off the service tire monitor light and also give the correct tire pressure so that you do not have to face this problem in the future.

How to Turn Off Service Tire Monitor System Light Chevy Silverado?

The TPMS will alert you when your vehicle’s tire pressure is too low and unsafe driving conditions occur. When this warning light comes on, it means that your car’s tires are affected, meaning that they are leading to failure and decay. To turn off the service tire monitor light you will have to go through certain processes. Let’s take a look at them.

Steps to Turn Off Service Tire Monitor System Light Chevy Silverado infographic

1st Solution: Pump Up the Tire

Even the best tires in the world deflate over time and use. Whenever your Silverado’s tire pressure drops below 25 PSI, the service tire monitor light comes on. So first check the tire air pressure and inflate if necessary.

2nd Solution: Reset the Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensors

If you deflate or flatten the wheels of your car or change the wheel tires, you must reset the TPMS. This is because TPMS sensors do not sync properly with each other in some cases. In such a situation the system warning light comes on. Below is how you can reset TPMS by following a simple method.

Step 1:

Place your Silverado somewhere in the park.

Step 2:

If the truck’s engine is off while parked, turn the key and bring it to RUN. It will keep your truck in reset form and you will hear two beeps on the horn initially when the TPMS light comes on.

Step 3:

To activate it, switch the truck headlight ON and OFF exactly four times in a few seconds. Do the task as soon as possible.

Step 4:

Now take out all the air pressure from the onward wheels of the car where the driver’s seat is.

Step 5:

During this time the horn of your truck will sound more than once. Don’t worry because it’s normal and you’ll need to take some time to stop the sound of the horn. It is important to know when and how often your truck’s system has been reset because if you have had a problem with your tires before, it will take quite a while to complete.

Step 6:

This technique must be recounted on each of the four wheels of the Chevy Silverado. When you finish blowing the final tire, you will hear a double beep. This means that your process is complete.

Step 7:

Now turn off your truck and refill each tire with the correct PSI. Use an air compressor if necessary.

Step 8:

Now start the truck and survey the TPMS warning light.

3rd Solution: Change the Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensors

This sensor is a wonderful discovery in the automotive world. It is currently installed in almost all vehicles. TPMS sensors become defective in some cases. Then these cannot work properly and cannot send the correct data to the computer system. As a result, the service tire monitor light came on unintentionally. In this case, you may need to change the TPMS sensor. You can pursue the phases below for a proper TPMS sensor replacement.

Step: 1

First, the valve body must be removed from the sensor. In this case, be very careful. Let the sensor valve deflate.

Step: 2

Now, disconnect the sensor and remove it. Use sockets and a ratchet in this case. Some sensors have a washer mounted on the bottom of the grommet in order to avoid leakage.

Step: 3

You should recess the sensor valve in the middle of the rim. If you want the sensor to automatically slide under the tire, then into the hole, you need to snap the bead on the tire changer. Do it naturally.

Step: 4

When you apply this same method on both walls of the tire rim, you can use a simple tire changer to make the task easier.

Step: 5

Now put the tire above the changer table. Clamp it so that it does not slip.

Step: 6

Since you need to discard the wheel out of the car tire, lift the sensor by lifting a bead on the wheel. When replacing your wheel with a new sensor, the same process needs to be repeated for another bead on either side of the wheel.

Step: 7

Now it’s time to initiate the new sensor. You must install it properly. Note that the kit comes with a rubber gasket with which the sensor must be mounted on the valve.

Step: 8

To attach the tire to the rim, first, hold the sidewall of the tire front-facing of its valve hole. Then push the valve first down and again up into the hole. If a washer is present, hold it and also the grommet with one of your hands and screw with the other.

Step: 9

Suppose you do not know how much pressure the sensor grommet has to tighten or what torque wrench set to use for this task, then what should be done? The simple solution is to look at the vehicle’s manual and use the right tools to tighten it at the right pressure.

Step: 10

Your work is complete. Now you just pump up the tire with the right pressure.

Cautions for Resetting Tire Monitor System Light

There are several things to keep in mind when you reset your Chevy Silverado service tire monitor light. Such as:

  • Check the battery level in the tire monitor system. If it is low or discharged, install a new battery. 
  • Make certain all cables are correctly routed and connected. 
  • Ensure that no debris or foreign material is obstructing any sensors on the monitoring unit. 
  • Clean any visible dust or dirt from around the sensor area with a cloth moistened with denatured alcohol (90%). Wipe away until no residue remains present.

What Is the Recommended Tire Pressure?

The recommended tire pressure of a Chevy Silverado varies depending on the type and size of tires that are being used. The general rule of thumb is to seat your tires at 35 psi (pounds per square inch), but this number may change depending on the driving conditions and weight of the truck. Always check with your local gas station or dealership to get an accurate reading for your specific make and model car.


If you are experiencing any difficulty with your Service Tire Monitor System Light on your Chevy Silverado, you must take corrective measures as soon as possible. The light may indicate a tire in need of replacement, but more often than not, it’s just indicating that your pressure is too high or too low. 

In this blog, we guided you through the steps needed to turn off the service tire monitor system light on your Chevy Silverado and provide you with a recommended tire pressure for it. Additionally, we wanted to remind you of some precautions that you need to take before resetting the service tire monitor system light.

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